25 golden sentences from the four famous works pointing directly at people's hearts
  Four masterpieces, Honglou writes love, Water Margin writes meaning, Three Kingdoms writes contest, Westward journey writes enlightenment.
  Here are 25 touching words from different stories, characters and situations.
  But aside from the original circumstances of these words, what does it point to, isn't it a kind of integrated human business?
  I. A Dream of Red Mansions-Love
  1. Even if there are three thousand weak water, I only take one scoop to drink.
  Red dust billowed, but why not be affectionate. People want to flow, but they simply don't want to be confused.
  2. Gold is easy to get, and one who knows it is hard to find.
  This has been the case since ancient times, and the sigh has never stopped.
  3. One is Xianyuan Fairy, and the other is Meiyu. If there is no fate, then this life will encounter him again; if there is a fate, how will the mind end up faint?
  The world is unbreakable. The reason why fate is fate is to be scattered.
  4, dripping endless lovesickness, tears of blood throwing red beans, endless spring willow spring flowers full of paintings. Unstable sleep. After the wind and rain twilight, I can't forget the new and old sadness.
  A word of love is the most grinding.
  5. Coquettish, you sing me on the stage, and I believe that the other country is my hometown; It is ridiculous that in the end, I make wedding clothes for others.
  We have gone too far to forget why we set off. Can't make the future, can't go home.
  6, the metropolis is a marriage of Jin Yuliang, I only read the wood and stone alliance. The air is facing the crystal clear snow of Gao Shi in the mountains, and he will never forget the lonely forest of immortals. Sighs, the United States and China are not good enough for today's letter;
  There is more life than regret. A few people can do it and look at it.
  Second, "Water Margin"-righteousness
  7, wine disorder, charming color.
  Wine and wealth are fascinating. Why rely on wine and color?
  8. A gentleman asks about disasters and does n’t ask for blessings.
  The Buddhism said: "The Bodhisattva fears the cause, the ordinary man fears the fruit."
  9, happy entertainment is too short, loneliness and hate longer.
  The emptiness under my heart is always inevitable, and it grows short and long. Joy is not medicine, it is poison.
  10, the wind does not come, the tree does not move; the ship does not shake, the water is not muddy.
  People have to reflect more on themselves and never slap them.
  11. The matter of Jingmu is still unreal; the words behind it can be fully believed.
  With the naked eye, you must use your eyes; within your eyes, you must think twice.
  12, life does not cultivate good fruit, only love to kill and set fire. Suddenly he opened the golden bow, and Yu Suo was broken here. what! The letter from the tide on the Qiantang River came, and today I knew I was me.
  The thickest Lu Zhishen, the most thorough understanding. Sincerely is the dojo.
  3. The Romance of the Three Kingdoms-Contention
  13. How can my eldest husband live in the world for a long time!
  With pride, he pushed people towards the sword and mountains.
  14. When the eldest husband lives, he should strive hard to build his career and be the first to whip. If you do n’t take it today, it will be taken by others.
  Be enterprising, be enterprising.
  15. The eldest husband lives, and meets the Lord who knows himself, entrusts the righteousness of the monarchs and ministers, and the grace of the flesh and bones.
  Zhongjun is obsolete. What is not old is faithfulness.
  16. Shuzi bullies me into old age! The sword in my hand is not old!
  The only thing in the world that can stay old is the heart in the cavity. To hold on.
  17. Since ancient times, there must be prosperity and ruin, prosperity and decline. Is there an undead country or an undefeated family?
  You can see it, but you cannot escape. Human understanding always comes from bitterness and bloodshed. Don't hit the south wall and don't look back.
  18, the general trend of the world, he will be divided for a long time, will be divided for a long time.
  Before the old Wang Xietang swallow, flew into the home of ordinary people. Many things, ancient and modern, are being laughed at.
  Fourth, "Journey to the West"-Wu
  19. Why do you need to work hard to read the scriptures if you are charitable?
  "Heart flattering, how to practice meditation." What is not done is never called empty talk.
  20. For survival and wealth, you must work hard.
  Cause and effect are always present, virtue is accumulated everywhere.
  21. Ning Lian loves a twist of soil in his hometown, but never loves another country.
  People, frustrated and homesick. Because that's the direction of home.
  22. Doing good in thousands of days is not enough;
  One is far to the sky, where is the foot? How can one go without losing everything?
  23. The emperor took turns and came to my house next year.
  The world is impermanent, why is the heart desolate.
  24. Life is a lifetime, and all plants are in autumn.
  Between the heavens and the earth in life, if Bai Ku's gap has passed, suddenly it is gone. Always thinking about death can make life better. Soon after knowing prosperity, you can live in the present.
  25. Bodhisattva and fairy are always thinking. Heart is born, all kinds of demons are born; heart is gone, all kinds of demons are gone.
  Hell heaven, what you think is what it is.
  The above 25 sentences are either small words or straight to the heart, all talking and deeds in life. It ’s up to you to realize a little.
  If you realize a lot, you will be more comfortable; if you do n’t understand much, you will be confused about life without scenery.