2018 classic sentence quotes
  1. You are very promising, and Sao is not foreign enough.
  2. Persistence is victory. Victory is not important, it is important to be able to persist.
  3. Be a safe person, don't overestimate yourself within two years, and don't underestimate yourself after ten years.
  4. I have two memories, one is memory and the other is amnesia.
  5, I can not be defeated by reality, because I still have a very strong dream .
  6, how can I forget the long clothes and long clothes.
  7. If you didn't meet at the beginning, wouldn't you have the pain today?
  8. If I think of you every time I get a flower, then I will always linger in the flowers.
  9. I have enough ambition to bear your wildness.
  10. I have missed enough. If I have loved it, I can spend my whole life together.
  11. Don't be unscrupulous with tolerance. Some people seem to be forgiving you, but it's because you are not that important.
  12. Maybe we can't do anything today, but tomorrow we can also dominate the country.
  13, you can ignore my feelings, but also arbitrarily squander my enthusiasm, even ignore my frustration, but one thing you have to understand, everyone can pay a limited amount of love, whether it is a friend or a lover If you make me feel powerless, sooner or later I will leave you, and I will never come back forever.
  14. You gave me a betrayal and still hope that we don't mind. Don't expect me to treat you as a dog.
  15, forget the hatred, spring blossoms. How big is the heart and how big the stage is.
  16, the wind can blow a large piece of white paper, but can not blow away a butterfly, because the power of life lies in non-compliance
  17, love and freedom in your life, you and gentle.
  18, love, until after the injury is forever sorry, even if you can not feel me.
  19. In life , there is a person who can mourn, is a fate; one person mourns himself, is happiness.
  20, memory does not mean forever, now does not equal the original.
  21, thousands of miles across the mountains, the winds and clouds are bearish.
  22, to be a ignorant, but there is a sea of ​​people in my heart.
  23, the eyes are raining for her, but the heart is holding an umbrella for her.
  24, I thought that you are only the number between 1 and 3, I did not expect you to be a combination of 1 and 3.
  25, a trip, the most beautiful is not the scenery but the people who accompany you to see the scenery.
  26, I can tell you with confidence , the reason why I am with you is because you are like me.
  27, we went to the streets, memories made me suffocate.
  28. How happy the past is, how long the regrets of the world are.
  29, only after the displacement, can re-examine the traces of time left in the heart.
  30. Everyone who loves with heart will get the gentlest care of his destiny.
  31. If you don't care, even if you have more money, you can only be a Kay in the end; even if you look good, if you don't care, you can only use it as a vase.
  32. If you have not experienced my journey, don't criticize my life.
  33. If you want to do it a thousand times, it is better to do it once. A gorgeous fall is better than nothing.
  34. Your world has nothing to do with me. In my world, you only have to watch.
  35, time will bite, you will not be covered with scars.
  36. If you are not happy, take a nap and let it pass. Some sad, Shang Wei bad.
  37. There are ninety-nine things that are unsatisfactory in life. The remaining one or two are particularly unsatisfactory.
  38. Ten thousand beautiful futures can't match a warm present
  39, I want to be determined to be a temperamental hooligan, to be a tasteful pervert, to be a knowledgeable illiterate!
  40. Delete yesterday's troubles, you can make today a happier life.
  41, a person's life is destined to meet two people: a stunning time, a gentle time.
  42. Sometimes, we don't think too much, just follow your own mind.
  43. Forget the years, forget the pain, forget your bad, we will never say goodbye.
  44, can not hold the sand, put it down, can not hold him, let go.
  45, use my little smile to cover my scarred wounds.
  46, time will harvest the most true emotions, the wind and rain will test the warmest companionship.
  47. What love is, it is just a game. Everyone is an actor. It is good to see who is disguised.
  48. Happiness is just an excuse to find a tear and a tear in the wound; happiness just wants happiness to have a reason to exist.
  49. As long as it is a sunny day, my sorrow will not spread in the sun.
  50. The two hearts used to be so close, but now they have to give up.
  51, a person's life may not need much, a glass of water, a bowl of rice, a sentence I love you. But I hope that the water is yours, the rice is what you do, I love you, you said it to me.
  52. Maybe I don't have any talent. I only have to fight, I will never lose to anyone.
  53. Don't slam the door too much when you leave, maybe you still have to come back.
  54. Unable to control the sorrow that spreads in the blood of the bone marrow .
  55, the best, not necessarily the most appropriate; the most appropriate, is the best.
  56. Toss the past, there may not be a good start, but it will not be worse than the past.
  57. Every time you are not satisfied, there is a time when you have not worked hard.
  58. Every minute and second seems clear and precious. Only you can give me this feeling. No matter how tired you are, how far your dreams are, it doesn't matter if you are with you!
  59. I hate you, but I can't think of you. We used to swear by each other, but we can't get rid of you.
  60, the world always let the loved ones separate, I do not believe that the fate is destined.
  61. How far is the thought, how far you will roll;
  62, brave, not necessarily have results, but weak, will only be miserable.
  63. Who is the embarrassment of feelings, and some people like it to worry about it.
  64. No one is who's treasure, only who is who's sin.
  65, there are no one like me, willingly will wait for you from the encounter.
  66. When people are tired, they will rest. If they are tired, they will be calm. Lose yourself and only slowly come back.
  67. When you want to be jealous, you are happy and happy.
  68. Sometimes the enemy is more real than the so-called friend, at least he said that your bad words are in front of you.
  69, I don't understand what is just right, I just don't want to disappoint who and be disappointed, I don't retreat when I hug, I will never cry when I laugh.
  70. Don't be a fat man who can only play mobile phones at your best age.
  71, I am not funny because the person standing in front of me is not familiar with me.
  72, don't love me, don't ink, hurry up and keep rolling!
  73. Really noble, not superior to others, but better than the past.
  74, I can't give you the world, but I can give my world to you.
  75, people do not have to learn how to go to know the report, at least know that you can not forget this.
  76. Even if no one applauds you, you should gracefully call the curtain and thank yourself for your serious efforts.
  77. If you have the courage one day, please be brave and look at me and say loudly to love me.
  78, single journey will not be lonely, because I have been walking with my own shadow.
  79. Some mistakes. Once you have committed one, it will be enough. You will never make a second time.
  80, the other side of the shore is like a happiness that can't be grasped. Sometimes it flies away as soon as it is released.
  81. It doesn't matter if you lose you, but the sun is no longer warm, and the excitement has nothing to do with me.
  82, our memories are not wrinkled, but you have to leave to burn the next period.
  83. On top of people, you must be able to see others; under people, you must be able to see yourself.
  84. No one can help you for a lifetime. If you want to go wonderful and open, you will be independent and strong.
  85. May you be like a child in the sun, like an adult in the rain.
  86. There is nothing in life. The more you encounter difficulties, the more we should fight hard.
  87. People will meet three people in their lifetime. One is the one who loves you the most, the other is your favorite person, and the other is the person who lives with you. I hope these three people are me.
  88. I hope that the money in my wallet will love each other and then have a lot of children.
  89. Knowing the time, no matter how long or short, feelings are not easy to develop.
  90. If there is no such thing, then everything will disappear without end.
  91, because I really care, so I have been pretending not to care.
  92. Don't care about the private affairs of others, don't intervene, allow others' morality, lifestyle and self, which will eliminate more than 90% of the troubles in the world.
  93. Don't say that it is too shameful to be tired of being old and new.
  94. Although I can't satisfy your biggest material life... but I can satisfy my heart with you.
  95, too late to be young, to be understood, can only be seriously old.
  96. What kind of tone do you have for me?
  97, the beginning of prosperity, prosperous interpretation, low-key quiet end.
  98. In the past, don't regret it; in the future, there is no need to worry; now, double cherish.
  99, I thought that you are my only attachment, and now I find out that you are really my only attachment.
  100, you said that you don't have to live in the world, as long as you can still read your name in the night.
  101. May you and me have no sorrows and joys in the future. The tears that flowed out are sobbing because of joy.
  102, overdraft of tears, we will have no heart and laugh. If someone can rely on, who will be willing to be independent.
  103, I want to talk about a love that never breaks up, walk around, the sun sets, the whiteheads are old, and each other.
  104. Please don't look back when you leave me. If you die soon, you will stay away from me.
  105, we are all making the same mistake: quarrel with the people we like, and talk to strangers.
  106. The thoughts that have been given to me have become routine and bearish.
  107, inch inch of Acacia are all blood, Gong Shan Shanhe reported Jun En.
  108. We are all busy and busy dramas. If we don’t concentrate on it, we will not be able to end.
  109. In the aggression of time, you have corroded my heart and made my heart out of his orbit.
  110, who is behind the innocent people, who is behind no one.
  111. I once dreamed of taking the sword to the end of the world and woke up busy with rice and oil.
  112. A life without explanation is a truly powerful life. Some songs can't be listened to, because the lyrics are in line with the former.
  113. The reason why I dare to ask you to roll is because I firmly believe that you will definitely come back.
  114, the world is a huge doll machine, I stand outside the glass, just want you.
  115. When the time passes, the people are no longer in the air.
  116, people with strong temper, but the softest and longest heart is most afraid of losing you.
  117. Do you rub your eyes and see if anyone is talking or not.
  118, think, are problems, do, is the answer, stand still, always the audience.
  119, the heart is slightly moved, the feelings are far away, the things are not, the people are not, everything is not, the past can not be chased.
  120. I have always believed that the shadow can be beautiful, because it is the gift of light.