2018 sad statement
  1. The bell of the level crossing sounds and stretches back in the direction.
  2, the sky, the nostalgia of Baiyun is also silent.
  3. Youth is the most extravagant luxury, because people who own it don’t care about it.
  4. When you are tired, just tell me, I will chase you back.
  5, the lying silhouette of the drop of vanilla, along the wall into the wick, burning into a flower-like appearance.
  6. Stand on the dark ground like a matchstick and wait for life to ignite.
  7, feelings, always looking for an excuse that is reasonable and not hurting, the distance is right
  8. The crystal ball is transparent and clear, and the line of sight that passes through becomes distorted.
  9, life will change every day, expectation is a worthwhile thing
  10. This time I have calmed down a lot and hope that you will take care of yourself.
  11, the scent of meditation, surrounded by all directions, shallow wading, stepping on the shell, dividing the tide.
  12, writing memories in his hand, his eyes are broken and broken, his heart is hidden in uneasiness
  13, it is the wind, stopped the instant pain.
  14, time proved, falling in love with you is always a mistake.
  15. Today, a handsome guy told me to let me go to the square at night. I said that my mother would not let him go back and bring your mother.
  16. Suddenly found that your emotions can still affect my mood?
  17, can't play the game you gave, this ending is destined to be crying
  18, gossip in the alley, who's scars have been picked up.
  19. The word lives in a position that represents wear and tear, and advances on the ground with the chin and belly.
  20. The temperature of the sea surface determines the wildness of the wind, and the frequency of the flow of the gas flows.
  21, people are like music, some speak truth, and some are just noise.
  22, not meeting does not mean not missing, not contacting just to cover up love
  23, life, is born can not help but live, earth-shattering.
  24. Do you do what you should do before I growl?
  25, I feel bad about your heartache, I want to hold you tightly,
  26, sometimes, the best comfort is a silent companionship.
  27. In fact, we are all drawers under the night, and we can't put in the sun during the day.
  28. There are only people in the world who can’t figure out what to do.
  29, using the whole life to show our entanglement
  30. Sometimes, we don't fall in love with him, but memories.
  31. Don’t meet again after the end of the day, I’m afraid to wake up every day and think about you several times.
  32. Sometimes it's better to do everything for one person than to do nothing.
  33. Time is like an earthquake. It’s like a young man, and the road is far away. Let’s be together.
  34. This relationship has gradually faded. I am afraid that I will be scattered one day.
  35. Foraging from the light of the sun passing through the moon, time is carefully cut, and some people know that it will rain tomorrow.
  36, I don't believe in life, but just want to ask for a sign of happiness for you.
  37, you will never imagine that I will cry so much when I laugh.
  38. Kneeling down, letting the pooled water clear the truth after a hundred years, we have not evolved, but we must grow up.
  39, we can endure the temper of the object, why can't stand the temper of the parents
  40. Some things are gone before I know that it is really gone, and I can’t come back.
  41. I love you, still in my heart? I can’t keep it but I can’t forget it.
  42. Don't let the sad reminders of the past, or the worries of the future, ruin the happiness of the moment.
  43. Because you are not there, even the memories are lazy, so forget it.
  44, you are almost my cold dinner.
  45, love , is when you fall in love with someone, but hurt a person
  46, I am not cold-blooded, not slow, I am just afraid that I will be sad when I put too much to leave.
  47. The butterfly flying over the Bohai Sea will also want to fly back, because there is no imagination in the other shore.
  48. Because the wound was exhibited arbitrarily, it has lost pain.
  49. People who are breathing difficulties will die, not the air, but the suffocation of love.
  50. The blue sky is in the sand, filled with many protests.
  51. Only after the displacement, can we re-examine the traces of time left in the heart
  52. Only after waiting for things to be human, people will know how to miss.
  53. Looking at the mirror, I can't change the expression of the number one. It is like a stubborn stone. It is the smile mask that you forced to bring in those years.
  54. In fact, the eyes are not tears, but water.
  55. For happiness, it never belongs to me.
  56. The sky is dark in the body, and the night begins to be bright on the grave.
  57. We are all nearsighted and blur the most real emotions from us.
  58. The sky is still clear, and a group of lonely and intelligent people are calculating in the clouds.
  59. The rising darkness, with the ups and downs of the sea, floats a layer of gentleness, without adding sorrow .
  60. Everyone who says that he doesn't want to fall in love has an impossible person in his heart.
  61, I will not forget the summer we gave each other happy
  62, silent as snow, roaring like a funeral flower, the fog at the bottom of the valley? Become a closed fan?
  63. Nothing is warmer than the sun in the woods.
  64. The heart is tired to a certain extent, and even the strength of anger and care is gone.
  65. Am I the object you want to promise? Will everything affect me?
  66, five pieces and a piece of money are getting hot, and some people are talking about people without words.
  67, the scars of love will never fade, hate is the only anesthetic.
  68, don't use your love lies, go and ask for the money?
  69. I always understand that after a stumbling, many things cannot be forced.
  70, gaze gradually faded, you must replace the golden ribbon to let the wind start the hearing of spiritual diving, let the midnight come over.
  71. There is no love that does not break up, only the ending that will never come together again.
  72. Cracks in the wall, mottled mottled, intermittent, witnessing the growth of one person witnessing the old age of another person.
  73. You are the scenery I need to look up and the fireworks that I can only watch.
  74, gave up thinking and action, lost in a moment of eternity.
  75, spring out of the street lights, vitality everywhere, the lost fog grows legs, so that their footprints hurt each other.
  76. I used to think crazy, but now I am forgotten, if life is just like first sight.
  77. What is the distance between heaven and earth, and how much distance between you and me?
  78. Nothing is screaming and can't afford to hurt. What you can't really hurt is just silence.
  79. Love to be like a silent mime, silence those words that are slow and slow.
  80. The grievances that can be said are not grievances, and the lover who can steal is not a lover.
  81, can not let go, can not forget, one person's persistence , only left behind
  82. I hate to go forward, but I keep going back.
  83. I have no time to participate in your past. I want to be closely related to your future.
  84. In the hourglass, time repeats to make up for another emptiness with one emptiness, while getting and losing at the same time.
  85. I dreamed again last night, and then repeated in the new dream, recalling, the details are clearer than frost, and the result of frost blossoms seems to be a person's life.
  86, the last drop of tears. Still flowing out, my eyes finally dried up.
  87, love does not stop, want to go to the land of old days need to be brave.
  88, I am willing to be the same as the original, only the husband is poor.
  89. Shake the rat tail, cut the picture text, and hang the heart of the city's vicissitudes and thirst in the air.
  90, some pain, can not say, can only endure, until can slowly fade.
  91. Time sneaked away from a glass, and the cactus gradually grew to our palms.
  92, you said that I was laughing, but my shadow was crying.
  94. There is no deep feeling of the first sentiment, which can not lead to the sorrow and grief of the heart.