Life classic statement 2018
  1, unable to bear the ability to look at people to force, have the ability to force people to force
  2, there is no hurdle to go, nor a person who can't die.
  3, not to pay attention to every minute of learning , but to learn every minute of learning.
  4, June 7 and 8, is a golden day, the beginning of success , because I have a clear heart and have a good mind.
  5, the college entrance examination is the sea, we have been afraid of it, try it. However, when we understand that the growth of life is a leap from the shore to the other side, we can touch it, embrace it and surpass it. Looking back at the bleak place, every sunrise, every layer of 涟漪 is beautiful and moving; every storm, every cloud is worthy of gratitude.
  6, I am confident , I am outstanding: I am fighting, I am successful!
  7. Conscience is the fairest interrogator for everyone. You deceive others, but you can never deceive your own conscience.
  8, not bitter or tired, high school three tasteless; do not fight hard, high three white.
  9, more hard work today, a few more laughter tomorrow.
  10, both of adversity do not be troubled, and do not imagine a miracle, down to earth, adhere to the relentless, go all out to win.
  11, people who know how to know, my loved ones love me.
  12. When should you not abandon your hopes? The more sinister the environment, the more it will ignite the will of desire.
  13. When you have money, you will worship when you lose money without money.
  14, Xiao Bian recommended: those soul chicken soup that can make you strong sentences must see
  15. I wrote my thoughts on you in a drift bottle and sent it to the warm winter.
  16. People are alive to breathe. Caller, take a breath; sucker, sigh of relief.
  17, a few brothers, have money to win, no money is too poor, anyway, have to be sorrow.
  18, men do not have the ability to say no woman reality, women can not bear the man can not worry!
  19. Take responsibility for your own responsibility and marry your own daughter-in-law.
  20. There are no people in the world who are not suitable for learning. Only some people have not found a suitable learning method.
  21, affecting our lives is not just the environment, it is the mentality of the control - personal actions and ideas. At the same time, the mentality also resolved a person's vision career and achievements, and even - students.
  22, not bad in debauchery, just smashed in silence
  23, calm down, cast my strength; fight up, brighten my style.
  24, not meeting does not mean not missing, not contacting just to cover up the attachment.
  25, love can create a miracle. If we love mountain climbing, we can go forward without regard to the danger and hard work of the journey; if we love literature, we can sleep and forget the night, the night light is bright; if we love the college entrance examination? Then everything will be simple and harmonious!
  26, you let me take the initiative, but I am tired today.
  27. Do a little more every day and stick to it.
  28, do not want to wash your hair without going out, do not wash your hair and do not go out
  29, give yourself a proper confidence.
  30. Persistence requires courage. Those who persist in the end are often people who are full of courage in life. There are always endless accusations of suspicion and ridicule around them, and the relative voices of these positions are the discordant notes that hinder the advancement of human society. Those who are accustomed to persistence will surely defeat them with the final result.
  31. Facing the goal, I have a lot of confidence. How many times can I fight in life? In the face of achievements, I am open-minded and lead all the way to Rome.
  32. The night gave me a pair of black eyes, but I used it to roll my eyes.
  33. No matter what goal you pursue, you should persevere.
  34. Behind every successful man, there is a woman who is guilty.
  35. The only difference between a successful shooter and a poor shooter is that the successful shooter insists on shooting, while the poor shooter has long since given up.
  36. I generally don't look at the wrong person, because I don't see anyone wrong.
  37. The seeds of dreams have been sown, and sweat is its growth power.
  38. How many times can life be beaten?
  39. Check your body regularly, don't wait for someone else to send you. Three Gorges Online really reminds you.
  40, I want to be in the same year, the top wind is ten feet; sigh now, down the wind and wet shoes
  41. Health comes from the heart. The positive attitude is like the sun. Where is the light shining? The negative mentality is like a virus.
  42. Truth is more important than looks, but sincerely, it’s so easy to see.
  43. To be persevering, the most important thing is to stick to the end.
  44, graduated; reluctantly is the crazy crazy and stumbled in the past few years
  45, others are good to you, not that you have more people like, but you are really stupid people feel bad...
  46, ticking, ?? One minute and one second? I palm, escaped.
  47. Positive people see an opportunity in every worry, while negative people see some kind of worry in every opportunity.
  48. Sometimes you will feel desperate, but not giving up is the best way to deal with difficulties!
  49, can be very assured that the Russians will stay in order to pretend to be pitiful.
  50. People learn to be strong between falling and climbing. They are all along the path of growth between the wind and rain and the sun. What failure can bring to you is only some lessons, some calm thinking, not despair. Decadence. Overwhelmed.
  51, next life I want to be your heart, at least without me, you will die
  52, time to catch up is gold, can not catch up is water.
  53. There is no secret to success. If there is, there are only two: the first one is to stick to the end and never give up; the second is when you want to give up, please come back and follow the first secret. Go and do it. If you want to succeed, you only have to persist.
  54. Stand at a new starting point, meet new challenges, and create new achievements.
  55. Success never likes to meet a lazy person, but wakes up a lazy man.
  56. Many people are seeking the perfect ending of life. They do not know that beauty is basically not in the end, but in the process of seeking.
  57. Every time when you look at me, I am pretending to look elsewhere. When you turn around, I am watching you...
  58. Diligent efforts and confidence, brilliant achievements belong to you.
  59. The happiest thing in life is hard work, not success. The most painful thing in life is laziness, not failure.
  60. On the road to entrepreneurship, only when you are in a group can you drive away the cold; only if you are full of passion, you can warm the hearts of the people; only by persistence can you see the light!
  61, love me, it will be better for me, don’t always fool around, consider thinking about my feelings.