Meeting the short sentences of 2018
  1, 2018, the new year, the new beginning; the blessing of the heart, the beginning of the heart.
  2, health is the best gift, contentment is the greatest wealth, confidence is the best character, care is the most sincere greeting, concern is the most selfless thoughts, blessing is the most beautiful words. I wish you a happy New Year in 2018! Peace and happiness!
  3, 2018 is coming, I will send you away the old year, but also send away the gloom of the year, when the new spring is ushered in, it also ushered in new hopes, Happy New Year in 2018!
  4, my concern is nothing but your humble appreciative, why do you have no regrets for your youth?
  5, the festive season to 2018 New Year! Pig you have a smooth sailing, the second 2018 New Year soars, Sanyang Kaitai, four seasons safe, five blessings, six six Dashun, seven stars high, eight parties to the wealth, ninety-nine concentric, perfect!
  6. If you are a person now, I wish you a happy New Year in 2018; if it is two people, then Happy New Year in 2018; if it is a group of people, please tell me where you are.
  7, your new year: the business is just in the afternoon, the body is as strong as a tiger, the money is endless, the work is not hard, leisurely like a mouse, romantic like music, happy and happy in the Year of the Horse!
  8. Annual blessings are sent every year. This year, I wish to exchange text messages. Just a few warm words, I hope you are warm and happy. In 2018, the New Year’s Eve is safe, and luck is always with you. I wish you all the best, the whole family is more happy. Healthy, Happy New Year 2018!
  9. Spring Festival arrives, early New Year's greetings: one worships the whole family well; two worships less difficulties; three worships troubles; four worships remain old; five worship children are filial; six worships happiness; seven worships sadness; eight worships high income; Worship the hood; ten happy.
  10. May you pay "new" for your annual salary, do less "new" hardships, and get more new tickets; life is updated, buy a new house, drive a new car; feel "new", listen to new songs, see New film; 2018 Happy New Year is a wish.
  11, flower blossoms thank you, this is a long-term, Yunjuan Yunshu, is another year. I hope that the time will bring you a beautiful mood, and send my blessings to your side. I wish you a happy New Year in 2018! Happy every day!
  12, happy, but to find an excuse for a tear and a tear in the wound; happiness, just want to have a reason for happiness.
  13. The sun and the moon are in love for the 2018 New Year, and the mountains and rivers are unstoppable to celebrate the 2018 New Year. In the snow, the plum blossoms are in the snow, and the dreams are missed. A bunch of happiness with the winter snow, very good luck with the spring rain, all the success of your intentions, all kinds of happiness by you.
  14, more than one happy, more than one happy. May the joy of the holiday, the joy of the New Year in 2018, always with you.
  15, wonderful music around you, hearty laughter accompany you, warm life to follow you, sweet blessings close to you, healthy and happy to rely on you, take care of you safely, good luck always guard you, sincerely wish you, 2018 New Year's Year Wishful.
  16, the wind and rain to return to the spring, flying snow welcomes, has received thousands of text messages, still people have not arrived. Afu does not contend, just wait for the Kyrgyz newspaper, until the praying is realized, and the firecrackers laugh.
  17. The bells of the spring ring, the footsteps of the New Year in 2018, wishing the bells of the New Year in 2018, ringing the happy notes in your heart, luck and peace, such as the footsteps of spring closely follow! Chunhua Qiushi, I will always be with you in!
  18, 2018 New Year's bells sounded leisurely, waving my blessings, haunting you!
  19, deep friendship and blessing, full of thoughts and peace of mind, on this beautiful day, I wish you a warm greeting with the card, I hope you can always think of me, I hope you can know, no matter the end of the earth, I am I wish you a deep heart! Happy New Year in 2018!
  20, you guide me out the first step, help me find the way, thank you, mother! I wish you a happy New Year in 2018, good health, always happy.
  21, January 1st, 2018 New Year, a moon, a sun, composed of the 2018 New Year; bless you, the new year, every day has the same beautiful opportunity of moonlight; bless you, the new year, every day A good mood like the sun!
  22. At the beginning of the year, information is transmitted. Good nature, thanks to the New Year. There are not many words and unlimited love. The cause is prosperous and the family is happy. Good health and more money. Dedicated to the elders, love the teenager. More friends, good relationship. Laughter, forever.
  23, will soon meet the 2018 year of the morning glow, the days of the red fire, into the (Orange) career, gold rich, green life, the music of the Blue Devils, the happiness of electricity (靛), will come to the purple. Happy New Year in 2018!
  24, the distance between the distance does not mean separation, neglecting the connection does not mean to forget, can not see each other does not mean indifference, all because we are living in the busy years, but I still remember you, I wish you 2018 New Year happy!
  25, meet is the first melodious song, acquaintance is a cup of mellow wine, get along with the geese of Nanfei, knowing is the root of the ancient vine. When you are quiet, you will always bless you silently. May happiness and peace accompany your sweet life. Say goodbye to 2017. Welcome to 2018 sad short sentences. Say goodbye to 2017 to meet 2018 sad short sentences. Happy New Year in 2018!
  26, a little bit of slack and lazy, you must have a mature psychological quality, you must suddenly face the many unsatisfactory life, but also learn to release, tolerance and gratitude , be kind to others, be kind to everything.
  27, a little bit of snacks, a little bit of love, information, fax, love, blessings, greetings, non-stop, I wish you good mood every day, family love, everything, work, business, banknotes every day to earn non-stop, life happy smile!
  28, the new year is coming in 2018, the beginning of the new year in 2018, the need to move the thumb. Sending WeChat to relatives and friends to pass the blood circulation to heat the blood, this is a great measure for the health of the people. In this warm, happy and beautiful moment, special blessings are given to you, I wish you a happy New Year in 2018, everything goes well!
  30, I let the wind take your troubles, let the rain wash your mourning, let Lei Zhen be your spirit, let the electricity stimulate your motivation. I hope that you will use your heart to create a wonderful sky in the new year. Happy New Year in 2018!
  31. People are still, things are still, another year; think or forget, this is ordinary; today is good, better, and sincere wishes; love is true, meaning is also cut, resident in the heart. I wish you a happy Spring Festival!
  32, 2018 New Year's Day does not receive gifts, to collect only RMB, cash red envelopes plus benefits, all belong to you; 2018 New Year's Day is not a gift, to send only send short messages, healthy and happy to add, all follow you; Happy New Year 2018!
  33. If the stars know that they are carrying all their wishes, then they must work hard to shine. When you see the brightest star, that is what I promised for you. May you be happy, may you be happy, may you The new year is safe and sound!
  34. It is also the year of New Year in 2018, and the New Year’s greetings in 2018 are indispensable; send you a green grass, may you never live in life; send you a lucky number, wish you a step by step in the coming year; send you a happy new year in 2018, May you be lucky when you are lucky. Happy New Year in 2018
  35. Happy and happy to welcome the 2018 New Year, all the year round, the year of the year, the dreams come true, the business is brilliant and successful, and the year of the year is good!
  36, do not move! Raise your hand, know the station to the left, do not know the right side of the station, want to laugh in the middle of the station. Say you! Let's put down the phone, hold your head with both hands*, stand up, listen carefully to me: I wish you a happy New Year in 2018.
  37. Make a happy circle for you, make a happy side, set the wishful petals, put on the silk of friendship, embed the string of pearls of wealth, and then point the halo of good luck for your happiness of the year. Coronation. I wish you a happy New Year in 2018!
  38, 2018 New Year, means that your troubles last year will be complete; 2018 New Year, means that your wishes this year are all complete, a happy New Year in 2018, can not represent my heart, then I will say more, Happy New Year in 2018, Happy New Year 2018!
  39. At the end of the year, follow the coming of the year... The end of the year leads the end of the year. Let us put down our tired body to listen to this silent pace. Those cheers and tears that have passed, let them come to an end here. Happy New Year in 2018!
  40. The night is very deep, when we are immersed in sleep; the New Year of 2018 has come silently, bringing my sincere blessings, when the first morning light falls in the 2018 New Year, I wish all Friends 2018 Happy New Year and happiness!
  41, 2018, happy new year! May you have a world of your own!
  42. Hold a sunshine, sprinkle it on the road that must pass by life, cut a miss, and hang in the chest of the years. When the 2018 train whizzes past, your life will be brilliant! Dear, if you are willing to be so freehand, then bring my blessings and catch the 2018 spring shuttle!
  43. The Spring Festival is coming, ask you a good question; the body is healthy and the mood is particularly good; good luck is good every day, the taste is wonderful; the family is out of gold, the wall is long.
  44. To my best friend, when you are happy, you are the first person I want to share; when you are sad , you are the first person I want to rely on; during the festival, you are the first person I want to bless, 2018, Happy New Year in 2018, be happy!
  45, snowflake dance, red plum, the beginning of the year in the year 2018 New Year; Dongfeng blowing, flowers laughing, the scenery is bright spring; firecrackers, 2018 New Year, auspicious words are sent,
  46. ​​The old age has been exhibited in thousands of brocades. In 2018, the new year has entered the 100-foot pole. Comrades, the 2018 sails full of opportunities and challenges have already risen. A beautiful annual ring will be presented to us. Let us accompany this melodious 2018 New Year's bell and celebrate the 30th anniversary of economic change and openness. Let us join hands, shoulder to shoulder, and go forward, let us bless the future of the motherland better! The company's tomorrow is more brilliant!
  47. Elegant people, knowing the back, you know; those who are advancing will know when they listen to their feet; those who are kind , you will know when you smile; if you are confident , you will know when you look at your eyes; if you are auspicious, you will know. Happy New Year in 2018!
  48, air conditioning can not cool the youth of fire flame, color TV can not play the young color, MP3 can not play the sound of the years, the film is far better than the life, the text message can pin my sincere blessing: Chinese New Year happy!
  49. Sometimes, there is no next time, no chance to come back, no suspension. Sometimes, if you miss the present, you will never have a chance forever.