Good sentences in 2018
  1. The blessings come with the disaster, and the evils follow the blessings!
  2, the heart is cold, it takes time to get hot again.
  3, just want to find a place where you can vent your mood.
  4, fortunately have you, gradually happy.
  5. Don't wait until you leave, knowing you regret it.
  6. I am afraid of myself. One day I will be tired.
  7, because I don't want to say, this is the gap between you and me.
  8. Never underestimate the pig's appetite and your ability.
  9, like you, is a love that can not be achieved.
  10, no desire, no desire, just want you.
  11, get up early and return to the night, real life.
  12. Who told you that I can do it without you?
  13. The most shining thing is not the sun, but the stars.
  14, the best description, is the common fate of breathing.
  15. I am not alone in my life.
  16. I am coming because of you, because you are here.
  17. Not everything is destined to succeed , but everything is worth a try.
  18, I am in the snow, watching you drifting away.
  19. Don't do your best, but do your best.
  20, hurt her heart, your heart is not painful?
  21. What are you afraid of? Love is not more than me.
  22, use my life to be smart, protect your glory.
  23. The meaning of the past is to turn the future into the present.
  24, put on a mask and camouflage, and you can talk about words.
  25, because I love you, so how can you not be too much for me.
  26, a group of thorns on the innocent fields.
  27, rather than believe in the afterlife, it is better to live this life.
  28, the left is a thousand dollars right, it is better to be drunk in life.
  29, the encounter is only to cherish, this is the fate.
  30. Don't be afraid of the future, cherish the present.
  31. My first love has already been used up in my crush.
  32. If you take a detour, you will miss the scenery. In any case, thank you for your experience.
  33. Only after waiting for things to be human, people will know how to miss.
  34, I am not missing you, roll it.
  35, born and ignorant, rarely love you.
  36. Absolutely the road, lost the way out, can not find a way.
  37, the wound is like me, is a stubborn child, refuses to heal, because the heart is a warm and humid place, suitable for anything to grow.
  38. If this is the case, then go back to love.
  39, the gentleman's words and deeds, fall and generous.
  40, no matter what, for a long time, it will be tired.
  41, the same kind of hard to find, regardless of friendship or love .
  42. Awkward youth, rebellious years, fermented into a bowl of green grass juice, poured into the heart.
  43. It is better to be a bad guy than to be a bad person.
  44, people are warm and cold, relying on others, I am not at ease.
  45. In the wind, in front of your eyes, passing by, the warmth is like spring water, I have no hope, I only want you to be happy, don't be sad.
  46. ​​Think too much and stop.
  47, I have stood here for a long time, waiting for the king to look back.
  48, life and life, life can not be said.
  49, how can you understand if you don't love it.
  50, the wind blows like a flower-like flow, and your smile shakes and shakes, becoming the most beautiful embellishment in my life .
  51, at night, close your eyes and think, have you forgotten it?
  52. I have said frankly that I miss you.
  53. Love is a willingness to pay.
  54. The pain of missing is a painful thought.
  55, sorry, I am bothered.
  56, if the sky is old, I want to be your hand warmer.
  57, love and like, in parallel.
  58. Occasionally, there is a star-shaped light in the darkest part.
  59. As long as you see each other's smile, you feel very good. This is probably the first look of love, no pain, no disappointment.
  60, do not work hard, you must have achieved others!
  61. There are not so many in this world. Sometimes, what we lose in a moment is eternal.
  62, the weather is so cold, we don't want a cold war.
  63. Only stupid people will use language to hurt their favorite people.
  64, you can rest halfway, can not give up halfway.
  65, 05, the heart of the soul, after all, the heart is as gray.
  66, I forgive you, knowing is not easy.
  67, rubbed shoulders on the broken bridge, tears like broken beads.
  68. Like a swaying dandelion, it is home everywhere.
  69. The sound of the cello is like a river. The left bank is a memory that I can't forget. The right bank is the time I want to hold on. The middle of it is the sadness of my years.
  70. When I have enough to disappoint, I will leave.
  71. In order to hope for things, I would like to cover the liver.
  72. We are all trying to be the best one.
  73, the starting point is not appropriate, the words are too early.
  74. Don't ask for a rich family name, just ask the family to be well-being.
  75, can't sleep, think of a person.
  76. When you look back, everything has been embarrassed.
  77, Jun Ruoan is always in the spring, I am not old.
  78. Life is like a stage. Without a curtain call, you will never know how wonderful you are.
  79, the night is very cold, but I can only continue to hold the wind.
  80, the next year, under the wisteria tree, you and me.
  81. Even if I am broken, I don't want to lose.
  82, butterflies have always belonged to the flowers full of branches, the goshawk should have soared in the clear sky, whales sleep and the sea tide.
  83. Even if people all over the world think that you should be together, then what, people who don't love you, never love.
  84, one should be the strongest thinking!
  85. The actual question is whether the problem is practical.
  86, those warm, and innocent, under the erosion of the years, have become illusory. The only gratitude is the moment we met at the beginning.
  87, life must be colorful, but must not be messed up.
  88, like to listen to you singing, like to see you stupid.
  89. If you miss it, you will have a new meeting. The fate is that it is not too late or not, just right.
  90, constant farewell, constantly meet.
  91. Different circles, why bother and waste time.
  92, the best time, that is, you like me, I like you, but we have not confessed .
  93, let you follow the tide, and finally drown in the sea.
  94. When I was young, I used to be so persistent, or because of one thing, or because of a relationship.
  95, always have to go through some betrayal of some sadness, in order to understand the people.
  96, singing their own songs, the tears of others.
  97, my memory, your diary!
  98, I live in the past, I can't find directions in the future!
  99. It is more important to see yourself than to read others.
  100, easy to lose is not worthy of nostalgia.