The latest classic talks in 2018
  1. It is helpless to give up the waiver. It is ignorance that does not give up the waiver. It is incompetence to give up what should not be given up. It is the attachment that does not give up.
  2, let's go, my heart has no place for you.
  3. Why do you prove anything to someone who is not worth it, and live better, for yourself.
  4, instead of suffering from such a loss, it is better to put hollow, let it be natural.
  5. The world is so imperfect, you have to lose something if you want something.
  6. If everything goes with him, it is a free person in the world.
  7, always have to go through some betrayal of some sadness, in order to understand the people.
  8. Sometimes listening to songs is not because of the good singing, but because the lyrics are like themselves.
  9. If you have not walked the path of others, don't point to others.
  10. Instead of waiting for someone to love you, it is better to learn to work harder and love yourself more.
  11, in fact, you do not know. I have been paying attention to you silently, but we are never going to be close again.
  12. Anything, as long as it is willing, can always be simple.
  13, people are only the things they like, they will be especially good, so it is obvious that one person loves you or not.
  14, life is always very tired, you are not tired now, will be more tired in the future.
  15, I want love , a you, a heart, a lifetime, single-minded, just like this, no other.
  16. When you live in the eyes of others, you are lost in your own heart.
  17. The process of love is hopeful, gradually disappointed, and completely desperate.
  18. Sometimes you want to give up the teacher, and at the same time the teacher wants to give up on you.
  19. Time will eventually lead us to take a big step towards the best or the worst.
  20, born in this world, no feelings are not riddled with holes.
  21, I want to be an obstacle in your life, stop you, you only love me.
  22. Don't hate people who leave you. What you have to do is to let him regret leaving you.
  23, two people because they are happy together called like, if you are not happy, you still want to be together is love.
  24, sleep in class, sleep in the class against the handsome guy, sleep in the bedroom with the girls gossip, one day, hurry up.
  25, some things, when we are young, we can't understand, when we know, we are no longer young.
  26, when you are in a bad mood, harass the phone in the middle of the night, wake others up, then sleep
  27, people who want to know my temper, when you touch my interests, I will tell you.
  28, people have good, but the degree of bad is not the same.
  29, don't think that you are rare, we should be rare.
  30, mind this thing, you pouted, it will run out of your eyes.
  31. A wise man will pamper his wife, so that all men can't stand it.
  32. Don't pursue what results, everyone has the same result, that is, death.
  33. A person who smokes will never smell the smell of smoke on his body, just as a person who is loved never knows how hard it is for those who love you.
  34. Why don't you be serious about being taught by the teacher, and we can't marry him if the teacher doesn't come to class.
  35. The most precious thing is not what you can't get and what you have lost is what you have.
  36. If you don't understand, just say it. If you understand it, don't say it, just smile.
  37. I am most afraid of desperately trying to get away from me and then I will be cold to me.
  38. Thank you for making me sad and embarrassing me to let me learn to give up.
  39. You are leaving, but you have to live this life. Just like a broken heart, still still have to live.
  40, what is the use of crying, this world will never be gentle to anyone.
  41. My wealth is not because I have a lot, but I rarely ask for it.
  42. You think the most sour feeling is jealous, no, the most sour feeling is that you have no right to be jealous.
  43. One of the most wonderful things in the world is that when you embrace a person you love, he actually holds you tighter.
  44. Sometimes, not the other party does not care about you, but you see the other party too heavy.
  45, I am kind, but not as angel, I am guilty, but not the devil. I am who I am.
  46. ​​It is a pain to breathe when you start school. It lives in all corners of me. It hurts when you cut your hair. It hurts when you wear a school uniform. It hurts even when you see a teacher.
  47. When you don't know what to say to him, then don't say anything. Silence has infinite meanings.
  48. Whenever you attempt to retaliate, you are tearing your wounds.
  49. I have never avenged this person. I usually report it on the spot.
  50. The current state is that you can't learn, you can't play well, and you can't sleep well.
  51, courtesy and upbringing are not just dry and thin, but also thoughtful and considerate. This test is not only about emotional intelligence, but also your kindness.
  52. Don't make any decisions when you are crying. When you have negative emotions, talk as little as possible.
  53. I wanted to give the world a warm hug, but ushered in the slap in the face.
  54. I don't know if I can meet you in the next life, so I will be born in this life, then try to give the best to you.
  55. The most regrettable thing in life is to give up easily and should not give up, stubbornly insisted that it should not be adhered to.
  56. Fault is a temporary regret, and miss is a regret forever! Don't be afraid to miss it and miss it...
  57. Don't use your dirty thoughts to insult me. You can't understand me. You can roll.
  58. If one day I die. You suddenly see me in the street, you will scare your head and run away, or you will fly and hug me.
  59. Life can stand the calm, and the square is indifferent to the tranquility. Love can withstand the flow of years, the hand in hand in the plain, only happy and precious.
  60. If you like it, you will fight for it. If you get it, you will cherish it. If you miss it, you will forget it. Life is so simple, why bother to make yourself so tired.
  61. Maybe when a person is really helpless, in addition to smiling, they have to smile.
  62. Anything, there is always an answer. It is better to let it go with its troubles.
  63. Don't be afraid to do something, don't be afraid to touch the scene, don't be afraid to say the wrong words, don't be afraid to think of the past, don't be afraid to face the future.
  64. Sometimes, you only stop giving, others know how important you are.
  65. To deal with hypocrisy, not to marry her, not to dismantle her, but to let her continue to sorrowfully hypocritical, and then pretend to know nothing. So slowly, many people will take the initiative to tell you how hypocritical she is.
  66. When we moved away from the stumbling blocks of others, perhaps it was just paving the way for ourselves.
  67. I don't tell you that I didn't want to hear what you said when I was unhappy.
  68. Don't think there is better behind, because now you have the best; don't give up because the distance is too far, love can take the train with you.
  69, always betrayed by several monks, deceived by several people, only to learn to grow up.
  70, I want to give you a heart, but you can only give me a dream. I want to spend the rest of my life, but you can only give me a love. It turns out that love is just a sleepwalking.
  71, I am a fool, an insane silly child.
  72. I don't know if it is right or wrong to meet you, but I know that I am happy when I meet you.
  73. Perhaps, he never loved you as much as you think. Habits are not like, dependence is not love, it should be a little more self-aware, less self-satisfaction, separate, and each is well.
  74. After the warmth of the deposit, you gave me the pain of unforgettable pain.
  75, the old man is always the most vulnerable, like to spend the rest of his life to wait for a sentence, no matter how old you are, but you can remember how long you have. A lot of things are like the weather, slowly getting hot or getting cold, waiting for the realization, has passed a season.
  76. Lost things have never really belonged to you, and you don't have to regret it.
  77. Everyone is born with originality. Sadly, many people have gradually become pirated.
  78. Whether it is friendship or love, you come, I am passionate. When you leave, I let go.
  79. For you, I used a stalker, even if you end up hating me, I don't regret it.
  80, you think that your mother is within the four seas, you have to let you everywhere.
  81, the real man, is to identify a woman is to identify, do not go to the grass, do not go to the three to take four, refuse to seduce, refuse the third, the wife of her wife, give happiness, give it a safe Feeling, don't let the wife be sad, don't let the wife worry, the rest are forced!
  82. People always cherish what they have not got, and forget what they have.
  83. Keep your loved ones, no matter how much value is not worthy of being wronged, don't let go.
  84, you have to believe that some people you can not find, some people you can not find.
  85. Be a bad person, good people have no future, except crying is to count the pain.
  86, I am a good person, why run to someone else's life to be an episode.
  87. The flowers on the balcony are withered, so go to the nearby hills to pick some more beautiful. If the theater that I used to go to does not operate, I will go home and sit on the sofa to watch the old movies I like. People who have been around are leaving, just leave the past and study hard to earn money. There are thousands of ways to make yourself happy. Why do you hang on to old memories and refuse to let go? People will grow up. Things that once regarded as treasures will slowly become indifferent. Just like for you, nothing is lacking. .
  88. Desire is a blood flow that grows in my body, and I can only move forward.
  89. I really hope that it will start on February 29 and open in four years!
  90, baby, you can be wronged, you can cry, but don't let everyone see your vulnerability.
  91. Now, we can't get the results, the weight is not going down, the chopsticks can't be put down, and the bed is not able to get out.
  92. If you can't forget him, don't forget it. The real forget is that you don't need to work hard.
  93, I love you, you love her, she loves him, we all love others, but we don’t love ourselves.