The most sad talk in 2018
  1. No one dared to say it to me after that day, and no one knows that I want to hear about you in the past.
  2. Until today, you are still the reason why I refuse others. In fact, I am not waiting for you. I just can't like others.
  3, you gave me love, my heart gave her, and said to me cruelly: I love you!
  4. If you like, then go ahead and I will let you regret giving up on me!
  5, a smart woman will let the man fight to protect her, silly woman will fight to protect a man.
  6. Even if no one applauds you, you should gracefully call the curtain and thank yourself for your serious efforts.
  7, a person's life to be crazy once, whether it is for a person, a love, a journey, or a dream .
  8, the reality is really cruel... it can change a lot of things we don't want to change
  9. How do you get used to without me, and so happy, tell me, I want to be so free and easy.
  10, we are all deeply loved. I am not the shadow of anyone, not even a replacement for anyone.
  11, some things I don't see through, not that I am too stupid, but I am too kind.
  12, losing a person is like cutting off a pair of hair, habitual touch to the end but caught the air, even if the heart clearly understands that there will be new alternatives, there will be a loss of the day.
  13, the street is too busy, the car is too flashy, the crowd is too crowded, the love song in the headphones is too affectionate, the weather is too deserted.
  14, must be lemon to eat more, so it will be sour, it must be that the eyes fly into the sand so it will cry.
  15. Every one you hate now has a hard time.
  16, the time is quiet, and the language of the king; the water is flowing, with the same; the prosperous, and the old.
  17. I don't bother to fight with anyone. Love me, don't fight. If you don't love it, it won't work. - Anything, there is always an answer. Instead of worrying, why not let it be.
  18. If you don't meet each other, you will not see each other. You will always be, what I remember.
  19. Everyone is selfish and no one is selfless.
  20, if the heart is concerned, everywhere is a complaint; if the heart is relaxed, always spring.
  21. The best response to life is to live happily.
  22. The world is too complicated. You say it is simply difficult.
  23, useless things, no cheaper to buy; people who don't love, don't rely on loneliness.
  24. Sometimes, what you say may hurt others, but sometimes your silence can make you hurt even deeper.
  25, at that moment, there is a tsunami in your heart, but you stand still, not let anyone know.
  26, do not know when to become so mature, but so embarrassing.
  27, do not expect, lost will not be sad, it is a surprise.
  28, the son does not have to feel embarrassed, how to say thank you, so I am giving you a happy time.
  29, there will always be one day you will find that I can not replace anyone.
  30. No matter what happens, don't give up, stick to it, there will be unexpected scenery.
  31. When you step out of my world, I find that I am more happy and relaxed than ever.
  32. When a relationship does not belong to you, it does not have any value to you at all, so you don't have to think that it is a loss.
  33. Sometimes, indifference is not ruthless, it is just a tool to avoid being hurt.
  34, others are envious of your own freedom, only you know that you are helpless.
  35. You are the person I don't want to see the most, but I am the person I miss every day.
  36, I will read the book seriously, eat on time, will be very busy, may not have time to miss you.
  37, sentimental, can not be tied, try to let go, go and not go, stay and not stay, I do not want to understand.
  38. When you look at everything, you know that the original loss is more practical than possession.
  39. We kept flipping through the memories, but we could never find ourselves back.
  40. Who is not injured while learning to be strong .
  41. Sometimes you think that the sky is going to fall down. In fact, it is your own standing.
  42. Companions, you don’t have to go to the end. On a certain road, the other party’s laughter is enough.
  43. You are clamoring for the brilliance to live, but in the end, you are just ordinary.
  44, everyone will be tired, no one can bear all the sadness for you, people always have to learn to grow up.
  45. Don't ask others why, ask yourself what you are.
  46. ​​It doesn't matter how slow the pace is. As long as you are walking, you will always see progress.
  47. Memory flows into the river. I pass by on the shore, close my eyes, and sorrow and joy. My world is pale and has no color.
  48. Don't love too much, two wrong people break up, maybe create the happiness of four people.
  49. Some hurts, what can be said, what can you say, what words, when to say; some secrets, can not be said, can not say, do not have to say, do not have to say.
  50. Sometimes, forgetting is the best relief; sometimes, silence is the best statement.
  51. Since love, why not say it, some things are lost, and you can’t come back!
  52, your splendid youth is packaged with glamorous colored sugar paper, thank you for your wonderful performance!
  53. It’s funny that you say love me, play is play, how come your feelings can be said?
  54. Inadvertently, people always miss a lot of real beauty.
  55. Sometimes, not the other party does not care about you, but you see the other party too heavy.
  56. When you are injured, you know that the world can only warm yourself.
  57, love to the point is precious, many people do not know how to cherish possession. Only when you lose it, you can see it. In fact, the most familiar one is the most precious.
  58. The direction of the wind is more suitable for flying.
  59, knowing that they will not be together, or stubborn, I still like you very much.
  60, a smart person like me, has long said goodbye to the simple, how to use a love, to change a scar.
  61. Youth is like a container filled with uneasiness, incitement, youthfulness, and occasional madness.
  62, I am not a sentimental person, but why do you always let me violate my personality?
  63, the most beautiful in the world, is the smile that broke free from tears.
  64, the world is too big, life is so short. I want to live it as much as I want.
  65. There are two major misunderstandings in life: one is to show life to others, and the other is to look at other people's lives.
  66. Those who have not stood in the same place will not know how long they can not bend their legs.
  67, time will tell you, with you to the end is not the old man's hand, but the throat of the wine.
  68, no one can take your pain, so don't let anyone take your happiness.
  69. See others too seriously, and the result is nothing in the eyes of others.
  70, you are like a breeze to make me feel comfortable, but unfortunately I can not keep you.
  71. You can be alone, but you are not allowed to be alone. Can be lonely, but not empty. Can be depressed, but not allowed to fall. Can be disappointed, but not allowed to give up. Remember, children without umbrellas must work hard.
  72. Let me obsessively and bravely go on in my own world.
  73. I can't put all my experiences as if they were movies, so you don't know me, I don't blame you.
  74, how to endure your words, how to get used to your undeclared? Sorry, I can't do it, I am not wood.
  75, young is really thin, everything is very light, the wind blows, we are scattered.
  76. There is no follower on the Anhe Bridge. There is no gentle township in the fairy tale town. There is no whale on the shore of Lake Baikal, and there will be no more in my world.
  77, you sleep late, people who don't want to find you will still not find you.
  78. In the future, every time we meet unexpectedly, it will be a long time to reunite.
  79. Growing up is not an easy task. Some people don't grow up. Some don't want to grow up. Some people pretend not to grow up.
  80, the happiness of the face can be seen by others, but you can feel the pain in your heart.
  81. People who are particularly concerned about neglect, will be very upset, and even more sad is that you have to install nothing.
  82, crossroads, we are separated. You take my tears, I walk your hate.
  83. Not everyone can make waves in my heart.
  84. Later, if a glass of wine can be solved, I don’t want to waste any more tears. It’s really uncomfortable to like someone who doesn’t belong to you. Even eating a vinegar is not a good name.
  85. Don't grow up in the wind and rain like a cat. If you meet a little love, you think it is home.
  86, keep you in the first tender position in your heart, but you never know that I can't put you down.
  87, life is just a trip, you pass me, I pass you, and then move forward, each practice.
  88. Sometimes the other party ignores you, but you are too busy.
  89. You stand in the distance, it is a distant place that I can't reach.
  90. Fear is too active to be perfunctory, so I have to converge my own thoughts and enthusiasm.