2018 life sentiment sentence
  1. If death can make people understand a lot of things, why don't you think about things when you are alive?
  2, lonely people will always remember every person who has appeared in his life, so I always think of you still remembering my loneliness over and over again in every starry night.
  3, the more you grow up, the more you realize that the most inseparable is the family. Do not ask for more wealth, as long as the family is painless, disease-free and disaster-free, good health is good. After all, I will understand that true happiness does not come from power and benefit, but from the family.
  4, the secret of people's growth is to constantly eliminate themselves and find the perfect road. There are always too many helplessness, complexity, sadness in life, too many regrets in novels, too many realities in TV dramas, too many sadness in movies, and too many sadness in songs. These are the refractions of life. So after understanding it, let us know better about cherishing certain things in life.
  5, when the spring rains, the vegetation is angry. A rain, moistened the soil, irrigate the buds; once sunny, sprinkled with vegetation, nourishing the leaves; a hurricane, bringing visitors, scared the flowers; flowers meeting sometimes, people go on the spring . Life is unique, and visitors are thinking hard. A person is also like a flower, and when the conditions are up, it grows sometimes.
  6. You are right, someone is jealous of you. Something you did wrong, someone laughed at you. You do less, someone despise you. You do more, someone blames you. You are tall and some say that you are not grounded. You are amiable, some people say that IQ is not enough. You are alive, they say they are dying. You are dead, they have to squat on the tombstone. "Negative energy people" are everywhere. The best way to deal with them is to take your own path and let others say it!
  7. Sometimes, we live very tired. It is not that life is too harsh, but that we are too easily infected by the outside world and are influenced by the emotions of others. Walking in the crowd, we always feel that there are countless eyes that pierce the lungs. There are a lot of cold words that are short and long, and finally they are confused and gradually tied to a mess of their own weaving. In fact, you are living to see for yourself, not many people can leave you in your heart.
  8, the heart is stronger, it will not listen to the wind is rain. If you know a little more, you won’t be able to make a difference.
  9. Life is like a story. What is important is not how long it is, but how good it is. The preciousness of life lies in things that can't be done, only the feeling of not going through; some things we must give up, we have energy to meet a better life. Give a light back to the time, give the heart a faint warmth; fragrance in the past, the years are quiet.
  10, the person who lives the most beneficial, that is not the person who lives the most, but the person who feels the most about your life. Some memories are never long, and some people will never forget. Important things are often the most difficult to talk about, because words will narrow down their importance; it is not easy for people who are so close to care about the perfect things in your life.
  11. At this age, no one wants to please, and whoever is comfortable with whom, including friends, is too far away when tired. It is better to please others than to be happy. It is better to be lonely and not to be against it. I would rather regret it than I will. Those who can enter my heart, I am waiting for the king. If you don't get into my heart, don't bother to perfuse. The past is dark and the color is as clear as it is light. After years of sorrow and joy, the net is like a mirror, it has been quiet.
  12. Don't expect big hugs in cold weather. Don't expect boring life surprises. Don't expect sudden emotions, don't expect to say the urge to go away because many things you expect will fall into a bubble because of one sentence or one thing. If you disappear, you will only be wronged and disappointed. Remember that you will not be wronged without expectation.
  13. Let go of depression and live happily. Plainness is true, health is blessing.
  14. Saying something is like setting a nail on a wooden board. Even if the nail is finally pulled out, it will still leave a hole.
  15, the violent and fierce as the past, the faintness is true.
  16. You must work hard to be comfortable in front of people.
  17. I am not amazed at the hardships given by life, nor do I complain about the hardships given by life; perhaps, it is the duty of being a human being ; perhaps, the ups and downs are the episodes of time; we have always wanted to pursue this life. The security is stable, and perhaps waiting for the next decade, health and well-being can be easily achieved. When you are younger and squander your body in exchange for money, it is better to go through the whole life without any pain and no pain.
  18, use your own mind to think about life, use your own hands to create life.
  19, life like climbing a mountain, and looking for a mountain to find a way, it is a process of further training, it should be in this process, training and calm, how to learn from the panic to find negative hope.
  20. Take the morality as the foundation, learn and comprehend to be a human being; adapt to the basics, learn and comprehend survival.
  21, know how to enjoy life, life will be more fun. If we have happy thoughts, we will be happy; if we have pessimistic thoughts, we will be pessimistic. Time is a thief. He came quietly when he came. He lost a lot after he left, and so did the opportunity.
  22, climbing more than fame and fortune will only increase troubles, and climbing the business will definitely increase ambition.
  23, fate when you grow up, there will always be some people or things that make you not happy to stimulate you.
  24, the so-called fate, people in this life, living is not for face, not for others, not for money, not for material, not for enjoyment, not for possession, not for work. It is for yourself, only you are enriched, happy, and happy, then you will not walk into the dust with regrets when you are old.
  25. The person who creates the opportunity is a brave man, a humorous joke between husband and wife. People who wait opportunity is stupid.
  26, junior high school, you cried, the entire class around to ask you what happened. High school, you are sad, a few dead parties touch, telling you and we are okay. University, no one cares about you. Work, people will only think that your acting is great. In fact, growth is forcing you to be strong .
  27. When a person can't have it, the only thing he can do is not forget.
  28, don't expect, don't imagine, don't force, let it go, if it is doomed, it will happen. Peace of mind is the best state of living.
  29. Don't argue with important people about things that are not important.
  30, if you are emotional, try to stay in your heart. If you are bright, you will be glad that you have not said it.
  31. John Lennon: The teacher asked me what I want to do when I grow up. I say "happy people." The teacher said that I don't understand the problem. I told the teacher that he didn't understand life.
  32. Don't ignore those who are hot and cold to you, they will only think of you when they are not accompanied.
  33. Every time you fall back and stand up again, people will become stronger and stronger. Life, half is memories, and half is to continue.
  34. One day, when I was old, someone asked me which part of my life was the happiest. Maybe, I would not hesitate to say that it was when I was in my teens. At that time, love had not come, the days were carefree; the most painful, but also the test and examination. At that time, I felt a lot of pressure, and then looked back and forth, but how small.
  35, don't look back, don't hesitate, too urgent, no story, too slow, no life.
  36. There are two major misunderstandings in life: one is to show life to others, and the other is to look at other people's lives. As long as you feel happy, you don't need to prove anything to others. Don't look at other people and go wrong with your own path.
  37. People are often reluctant to admit their mistakes. They always defend themselves, but at the same time they cannot tolerate the faults of others. Once someone has done something wrong, the onlookers immediately blame, and cannot do things with a normal heart; With a normal heart, we will not feel that we have no way to go, we can be flexible and flexible. Just like the running water encounters the stone, it will not be annoyed, but it will naturally circumvent it.
  38. Praise us, praise ours, this is not a famous teacher. We will tell you, tell us, this is good knowledge, and with them we will make progress.
  39. After breaking up, I can't be brothers and sisters. Because I have hurt each other, I can't be an enemy. Because I love each other deeply, we become the most familiar strangers...
  40. Happiness is not the end, but the road that has been fought, and the wind and rain setbacks encountered on the road constitute this road. It is also because of them that we understand the true meaning of happiness.
  41. Forgiving others is to be kind to yourself.
  42. A wise person can see through, so it is not contending; a person who is open-minded, wants to open, so does not fight; a person who has a way, knows God, is not in a hurry; a person who is rational, puts it down, so he is not crazy; a confident person Ken is hard to work, so it is not wrong; people who are righteous, who are in the world, are not alone; people who are passionate, notorious, so not alone; quiet people, far-reaching, so do not fold; contented people, often happy, so Not old.
  43. People who have no ability to do things, say that the wind is cool.
  44, there is no barrier to the reef, how can there be a wave of agitation; there is no antelope fast, how can the cheetah's heroic posture; with the wind hug, the sail opened the chest; with the snow against, Mei Yue plus cool and clean. On the way to life, we are often frustrated and surrounded by failure. Let us be more and more frustrated, more and more defeated, as long as we do not fall down, as long as we do not collapse, failures and setbacks are like stepping stones, increasing our height and thickening our lives.
  45. The calmness of the mountain lies in its heavyness, and the liveliness of the water lies in its depth.
  46. ​​What you have now will become others with your death, so why not give it to those who really need it at this moment?
  47, the people who do the work, the caring person of the boss, the caring person of the colleague.
  48. We do live hard, and we must bear all kinds of external pressures, and we must cope with the inner self-confidence. In the struggle, if someone casts a clear eye on you, you will feel the warmth of a life, perhaps only a short glimpse, enough to make me feel excited...
  49, idlers have no fun, praise to be vigilant.
  50. It is a pity that you finally choose the way you want to go. You have become the embellishment of other people's lives for a lifetime, and I only have a period of passing through each other. It is distressed after I put it down, but I will still love you forever, even if I am lonely.
  51. The process of endurance is painful, but the result is sweet. When all the dust settles, when all the old things are played back, when everything is calm, we will really understand the deep benefits of being laid down. In fact, it is a kind of thick and invaluable harvest.
  52. Dharma has taught him to live, but he does not have to worry.
  53. Life is actually a choice. If you give up, you can live a full, full, and vigorous life in a limited life. Without bold courage, there is no brilliant choice. Abandonment is a spiritual awakening, a manifestation of Huigen, like releasing birds to the forest and putting fish into the water. Learning to give up will make a difference. When all the dust settles, when everything is calm, we will truly know that giving up is actually another beautiful harvest.
  54. In reality, feelings are always so pale in the face of reality. Don't think that Cinderella's things will happen to you. It is something you can't ask for.
  55. Never waste your minutes and seconds, think about anyone you don't like.
  56, learn to maintain a certain degree of loneliness in the crowd, do not have any ideas to immediately tell others. In addition, don't be too serious about what others say. Can't have too many expectations for others, whether moral or ideological. For others' opinions, an indifferent and indifferent attitude should be exercised, because this is the most practical means of cultivating commendable tolerance.
  57. “Why don’t you let others see your good side?” “Because if they saw it, they would expect me to be kind.”
  58. Do you think she is beautiful? No, but she is kind and not a girl who has a beautiful appearance. What is more important is whether their heart is as clear and transparent as water.
  59. Life is a long journey. You can't see the end. Life is like picking up the wasteland. If you want to go far, you can't carry it too heavy. You must clean up your backs often. You should not hesitate to throw it. As long as there is a calm and indifferent heart, it will calmly face our lives.
  60. When you are unlucky, don't scream in the past, otherwise you will leave a laughing stock.
  61. In fact, no matter what age a person is, it is ok to pursue the life they want. Life should not be controlled by age, the environment, and the public opinion of the people around you and the success or failure of peers. You are the master of your life. There are countless possibilities in the future. Maybe we can't see its appearance with our current cognition and insight, but everything is possible, so please don't let the eyes smash and destroy the future. confidence.
  62. In the depths of time, in order to seize this possession, we have suffered many losses and losses, but my heart is reluctant to let go, and suffer from pain and pain. In the dead of night, I remembered tears. When we have too many times, we don’t know how to cherish it. After the noise, we feel bad. I always think that we are young, there are too many years to squander, and when we look back over the years, we realize that what we lost is the first good.
  63. Repeat the path that others have gone through because they have neglected their own feet. Greed is the most real poverty, and satisfaction is the most real wealth. Only those who have experienced severe cold know the warmth of the sun; those who have experienced the hardships of life can understand the value of life. Fate is a wonderful thing, we have met, but did not know, then turned a big circle, and returned here. Everything is a chance, or a fixed number.
  64, probably this is the case, the higher the value of your use, the better the popularity.
  65. There are many unfair things in life. Life is also ups and downs, which is a complete life. It is in the plainness that we feel the true meaning of life, and exercise our strength in the wind and rain, life is precisely because of the sour, bitter and salty soaking into a deep, more rich connotation.
  66, what you like may not be suitable for you, and always be the best around you. I hope someone will treat you as you have, hurting you into the bones, and since then, you will not be disappointed.
  67. We are all like children. It is because of dependence; politeness is because it is strange. Take the initiative because it cares. I don't contact because I feel that I am redundant.
  68. Life is a long and arduous trek. Different life attitudes, different life tempered, will harvest different fruits of life. Infinite scenery along the way, blue sea and blue sky, flowers and green grass, may make us stop and stay. In the end, holding the rose, or the line is empty, it is important not to leave regrets and resentment for this long-distance trip.
  69. People will meet many people in their lifetime. Some people will become friends. Some people will become enemies. Some people will bring happiness. Some people will bring pain. When others change, they will also change. Friends will become passers-by. Passers-by will become confidants, and everything in life will rise and fall with the fate, and we can only maintain ourselves as much as possible to cope with this world.
  70. Feelings that do not love will never deteriorate. Therefore, we flirt, we are embarrassed, but we never love each other.
  71. Maybe some people are very hateful, some people are very mean. And when I set it up for him to imagine, I realized that he was more pitiful than me. So please forgive everyone you have met, good or bad.
  72. Don't bother those who come back with your words, don't bother someone who doesn't want to care about you. It's always your own.
  73, no one will always go well, may you be stronger, and then one day you can smile and tell the moments that made you cry.
  74, I don't forget the dream when you left school. Although after a period of work, you are sometimes very tired, very confused, and even pessimistic, but I don't forget that when I was on a meal, you drank the last glass of wine and gave it to you. Self commitment.
  75. Dreams, like youth, are a kind of faith. The life with dreams is that the flowers and plants that are always watered by rain and dew, the vitality that radiates from the inside out, so vivid, the color is the brightest and brightest. The person who pursues the dream is consistently firm, even if there are too many difficulties and obstacles on the road, the thorns are bumpy. The person who pursues the dream is always judged by the mediocre people who do not believe in the dream. It doesn't matter, because dreams are always dreams, not dying.
  76. People who hate you will always hate you. People who like you may hate you one day, so staying in the eyes and speech of others is not tired all day long!
  77, people are such a lifetime, happy is also a day, unhappy is also a day, so you must be happy. People are so for a lifetime, they can't come back to do wrong things; broken hearts can hardly heal, so you must not regret it afterwards. People are like this for a lifetime. After today, there will be no other one today; one minute and one second will not look back, so you must cherish every minute. Please remember to face any setbacks in your life.
  78. The world of love is so large that it can be filled with a hundred kinds of grievances; the world of love is also very small, and as small as three people will suffocate. There are only so many places around you, and you can only give so much. In this small circle, some people have to come in, and some people have to leave.
  79. Don't say that life is unfair, there is no absolute fairness in the world. We should devote more emotions to the perception of life, rather than repeatedly complaining. I think, Helen. Keller lives in optimism and happiness. We also have a life that touches us. What matters is that we have a heart that appreciates life.
  80. The more mature, the harder it is to fall in love with a person, but the more mature you are, the more you can tell if it is love.
  81. Regret is a mentally consuming emotion. Repentance is a greater loss than loss, a bigger mistake than mistake, so it is not regrettable.
  82. A multi-hearted person is destined to work hard because it is too easy to be influenced by the emotions of others. People who are multi-hearted are always thinking about it, and the result is that they are trapped in a mess of thoughts and let themselves move. sometimes it is better to not overthink. The real life is to do a good job in what you do every day. Do not ask for love and vision that are not currently relevant to you. Don't think about it, don't let yourself get drunk.
  83, you can not climb a mountain for a lifetime, but you must have a mountain in your heart. It makes you always climb to the heights, it makes you always have a direction of struggle, it allows you to look up at any moment, you can see your own expectations.
  84, a lot of things in life, just like wisdom teeth, the best solution is to unplug, not tolerate.
  85. What is the key moment in life is a decision; it is a choice; whether it is to the left or to the right; it is to continue, or to let go; it is the moment to say goodbye to the past; the moment of bravely wiping the wound; it is a choice The moment of the future. To be happy, you must first "open" your heart.
  86, you live in the eyes of others, you are lost in your own heart.
  87. Don't miss the last bus, and a person who loves you deeply.
  88, life is like the same box of chocolate, you will never know what you will get.
  89, sadness hurts, both physical and mental fatigue. Some people can shorten the sorrow and extend the happiness. It is a kind of open-mindedness, not restricted by bad mood, knowing how to adjust, looking for more pleasure in life, companionship with happiness, sorrow and sorrow, and being in a warmth, the heart gives birth to a happy mood. Maybe life has sorrow and sorrow, it will not be out of balance, sorrow and joy are intertwined, and life has an aftertaste.
  90, the small fire does not change, the big fire; the small disease is not cured, the big is difficult to heal.
  91. Pick up your toes, can we get closer to happiness?
  92. Nowadays people always feel that their other partner can't bring them some romance and surprise. In fact, I feel that some people are holding and can go anywhere; some people respond and say anything. Because it is a matter of two people, even if it is boring, it will become very happy.
  93, floral, often in the night; endeavor, often in loneliness; success or failure, often on the road. It is difficult for people with inner impetuous to have an open mind, a calm state of mind, and no real strength and courage. A person's self-confidence in the future is not in his rhetoric, not in his crazy chase, but from his inner indifference and tranquility. Only with frequent reflections and courage to blame yourself, you will have no fear.
  94. Any restrictions are started from the heart of the self.
  95. When you encounter something, deal with emotions first, then deal with things, your emotions are not handled well, and things will get worse.
  96. Regardless of the ups and downs of the outside world, no matter how the world changes, the life is a little calm, give life a true, and give yourself a gratitude. You meet someone, you love him a little more, then you will always lose him. You meet another one, he loves you a little more, then, you will leave him sooner or later. Until one day, you meet a person, you love each other, and finally you understand that this is what you are looking for.
  97, the days between the ages of 20 and 30, may be the most difficult days. You leave school, take off your studentishness, and the infatuated idols disappear one by one. The friends around you are far away, build a social circle that you don't like, and gradually disappear in the communication of reality and dreams. Life is not a flat road. It doesn't matter if you want what you want. Be sure to remember what you don't want.
  98, diligence can be a good training, a hard work! There are no absolutely intelligent geniuses, no absolute fools. Geniuses and idiots are relatively speaking. Only those who work hard can become geniuses, and only lazy people can become fools. What kind of person are you smart to be? If you want to be a genius, study hard!
  99. Twelve kinds of wealth in life: positive spiritual attitude; good physique; harmony of interpersonal relationship; freedom from fear; hope of future success; capacity of faith; sharing of happiness with others; love of their work; All things have an open heart; strict self-discipline; understanding human ability; economic security.
  100. Everyone's life time is an understanding of life, combing the beliefs, feelings and feelings, accepting the pain brought by life, including those of adversity. Of course, it is also necessary to use wisdom to accept those complicated conflicts instead of being bothered by Self-sufficiency, the passage of life becomes a kind of help for thinking, or the ability to resolve troubles, can make people lively and touching, instead of making people angry and alive.
  101. When I was young, I wanted the toy to speak, and I grew up with the heart that most wanted people.
  102, the success of life is not to get a good card, but how to play bad cards, when the mind is calm; the spirit will be eternal; give yourself a smile, the sun is new every day!
  103. Be a loyal messenger of marriage, always ready to step into the marriage hall, and be prepared to be a good husband, a good wife and a good mother.
  104, maybe your heart is uneasy, our heart has already been boiling. In the past, the long runway left you a deep footprint. Can't wipe the sweat that you ooze, can't pull your heavy feet. For the class, you don't care about your exhaustion, don't care about tears and sweat, because you have a firm belief in your heart. For the class, I can do it.
  105. When we start to enjoy a person's life, we begin to understand how to use reading, work and eat movies, or insist on some small hobbies to fill our own lives, instead of simply pinning the way we are alone to another person. Really feel the comfort and freedom of life, I will not try to use the loneliness, the effort to impress each other, and bind each other in the face of the loved one, but should support each other and fulfill each other.
  106, speak well, but don't be too kind, don't leave room for you.
  107. Please consider your efforts as a habit, not a three-minute heat. Persistence is the way to success. Every harvest you envy is hard work!
  108. Everyone has this experience: lying in the night, but how can I not sleep, there will be many pictures in my mind, once you, once me, once us, or sad or happy, Or worry or pain, many people, you don’t really want to be with you all the time, many things, not what you want to be, what you really do, you can’t do anything, when you change things, things can be very good. Reasons.
  109. Some people appear in your life just to tell you, don't be someone like her.
  110, happiness is a day, unhappy is also a day, why not fast every day?
  111. Every choice in life is like a gambling game. Winning or losing is your own. The difference is the size of the bet. If you choose, there is no chance to repent.
  112. Instead of chasing the sunset, it is better to wait for the stars.
  113. Life always makes us bruises, but later, those injured places will become our strongest place.
  114, life is not easy, do not have to be eager for other people's understanding and recognition, quietly live their own lives. If the heart does not move, the wind is no different. If you don't hurt, you will be innocent.
  115, life, is a grand encounter, in this diverse group of people, each performing a different life role. You will always be the protagonist in your own life, but not necessarily there will be thousands of spectators cheering for you. At this time, you have to know that at the end of life, there are still many people who need to adjust their instinctive mentality to step on. A solid life.
  116. When you know a lot of real, false things, there is not so much acidity. You are getting more and more silent, and you don't want to say more.
  117. You must know how to learn happiness in your life, not to live with life, let it be natural, have a leisurely heart, and slap yourself from time to time, not letting it grow old so fast, no matter how emotional The lack of life, or the entanglement of life, there is no hurdle to go through, there is no knot to solve, follow the feeling, let your heart relax, happy not to look for it in the distance, just beside, in simple life turn up.
  118. Communicate with smart people, fall in love with reliable people, work with active people, and accompany humorous people. If life can be like this, it is enough.
  119. When a person is young, the most troublesome thing is to decide what to do in his life.