2018 the most brilliant sentences
  1. The most urgent thing to take is the most beautiful scenery. The deepest hurt is the most true feelings.
  2. The reason why you are too tired is mainly because you are too sensitive and too soft.
  3, the hero is saddened by the beauty, I am not a hero, the beauty let me pass.
  4. There is no feeling in the world that can go back. Even if you really go back, you will find that everything is beyond recognition. The only thing that can go back is the memory that exists in the bottom of my heart.
  5, should not look at not see, should not say not to say, should not listen to not listen, should not think about what to do, what to do what to do
  6, knowledge is like underwear, can not see but is very important.
  7. Life is our own thing. Where to go in the future, we need to make our own choices. Others are just passing guests.
  8. If you have a pain, you will understand it; if you cross it, you will mature. You always have to touch the wall and learn to change and give up.
  9. If you experience more, you will know that if you don't have the skills, more social activities are also dusty.
  10. If you see the shadow in front of you, don't be afraid, it is because there is sunshine behind you.
  11, the real bad guys are not terrible, the terrible is the fake good guys.
  12. There are only people in the world who can't figure out what to do. There is no way to go.
  13. Your regret, your apology, your painful change, it is your own practice, nothing to do with others.
  14. Some things can be changed without hard work. The RMB design of 50 yuan is good-looking, and there is no such thing as a hundred yuan.
  15. Life can be done, life can be stressful.
  16. People have nothing to do, and they will do nothing. There is nothing to gain from the heart. Your own path is only to go by yourself, and your heart must go to your own.
  17, in fact, there are many people you can not stay, and finally will find fewer and fewer people around, distance from there, time is there. Everyone is growing and changing, and the years have made us more and more silent, how many friendships, and only to be praised in the end.
  18. One day, you will look back at the people and things that you have experienced; the big things at the time seem to be no different. You may even feel that you were too small and too naive at the time, there is nothing that can't be done, and no one can't live without it. But you have to admit that it is because of what happened that it makes you become what it is now.
  19, living is a mood, poor or rich, good or bad, everything is over the eyes, as long as the mood is good, everything is fine.
  20, no one can really understand you, the stone is not on his feet, he will never experience much pain. On the road of life, we are all lonely walkers. If people drink water and know themselves, what can really help you, you will always be yourself.
  21, holding hope, will inevitably be disappointed. Looking forward to the miracle, it is inevitable that it is not satisfactory. Many times, not how cruel life is, we always like the hope of death.
  22. We only have one earth, so you have to protect the earth; there is only one me on earth, so you must also love me!
  23, a person has at least one dream , there is a reason to be strong . If the heart does not have a place to live, it is wandering everywhere.
  24, the heart is the wings of a person, how big the heart is, how big the world is. Many times people are restricted, not the environment, nor the words and deeds of others, but themselves.
  25, humor is a person who wants to cry when there is a smile.
  26, the most beautiful state is that after seeing the darkness and pain of the world, still believe in its simplicity and beauty.
  27. If you really want to wait for you, he will always wait for it. If you don’t want to wait for you, you will always take someone else’s hand when you turn around.
  28, sometimes miss a friend who has not been in contact for a long time, turned over and over to look at the phone book, after all, give up. There is no intersection in time and there is no reason to contact.
  29, I am small, but not lacking, I have a good temper, but not no!
  30. Not every effort will be rewarded, but every harvest must be worked hard. This is an unfair and irreversible proposition.
  31. When people are there, they think that there is an opportunity for the Japanese to come. In fact, life is a subtraction, one side, one side.
  32, the right person, nothing more than knowing cold and knowing the heat, hungry for you to cook the noodles, tired to help you carry a back. Women always pursue romance in this life, but life does not have so many plots. There are not many men who are reliable, but they can accompany you to live a plain life.
  33, want to fully understand a man, it is best not to be his lover, but to be his friend.
  34. The time that the time has been stolen is always the preciousness that you can't see under your eyes, and the good ones can't stand our forgotten.
  35, men have smoke, with wine, there is a story; women have money, with a sense of color, there is a tragedy.
  36. Slowly, grow up, but feels silent, understands more, but is not happy. Everyone is like this?
  37, I can choose to give up, but I can not choose to give up!
  38. Psychology said. Most people only lose their temper to people with safety. Because it is within that security. You subconsciously know that the other will not leave you. Noisy is a kind of dependence.
  39, you do not have to deliberately perfunctory, false and sincere, I have not been alive for 20 years, whether I really treat me, I am still barely able to see through.
  40, the test can use fire, try women can use gold, try men can use women.
  41. The first person who thinks of the morning and the last person who thinks of the night are not the ones who make you happy, the ones that make you suffer.
  42. A woman's tears are useless liquids, but you make a woman crying to show that you are useless.
  43. Sometimes life makes people separate. Then they know how important the other party is to themselves.
  44, life is like a cup of tea, will not suffer for a lifetime, but always suffer for a while.
  45, good horse does not eat back grass, because there is no grass when turning back
  46, there will always be unexpected warmth, bringing you endless hopes.
  47, rich money holding a money field, no money to go home to take some money to hold a money field.
  48. There are always some songs that make us sad and let us cry. But what actually makes us cry is not the songs themselves, but the people hidden in the memories.
  49. You don't work hard. There will never be someone who is fair to you. Only if you work hard, have resources, and have the right to speak, you can fight for fair opportunities for yourself.
  50. Don't forget what others said when they were angry, because often that is the truth; don't hate people who say this, because this is another way for you to see yourself.
  51, bow your head with courage, look up to have the confidence.
  52, squatting young, when you fall in love with someone, even if you love, one day, you will find that you can no longer love someone like this.
  53. There are only two kinds of tragedies in the world: one is that you can't get what you want; the other is that you don't cherish it.
  54. As we grow older, trust begins to get harder. It's not that we don't want to believe, but there are so many things that we can't believe.
  55. There should be a better way to start a new day instead of waking up every morning.
  56. People who like you, how can you do it. Those who want to send you home, the southeast and northwest are all along the way. Those who are willing to accompany you to eat, are so sweet and bitter.
  57. Don't waste new tears for the old sadness. If there is a gathering, there will be parting, and the life will be filled with thousands of times. It has been filled with stations one after another.
  58. Don't indulge in the past, don't be afraid of the future, the past. Success or failure, success or failure, whether it is happiness or pain, has passed, you can only remember, and can not go back.
  59. There are so many assumptions in life, the reality is a real slap in the face, hitting your face, calling for pain is meaningless, but there is no way to go.
  60. No matter how bad things happen today, you should not feel sad. We don't have a long life, we forgive all people and things before going to bed every night.
  61. There are many possibilities in the world, but don't make conclusions before you do your best.
  62. After growing up, the reality dilutes all the embarrassment of childhood, and also dilutes his childishness and innocence.
  63, there is such a moment, because a person's words , like being poured a cold water, awkward, from the head to the feet, language, when expressing love is so weak, expressing harm It was so sharp at the time.
  64. If you can get what you want in the end, it doesn't matter if you suffer bitterly.
  65. It is not necessary to be picky about life's disappointment. All of this is nothing more than the innocence of your own society. Stereotypes are better than understanding, and complaining is worse than letting go.
  66. In each person's character, there are some unacceptable parts, and the same is true for the good people. So don't demand others, don't blame yourself.
  67. Don't see one love one, love too much, your love will depreciate.
  68. God will not be a child with a simple mind.
  69, life, the best state of mind is calm, the best feeling is freedom, the best mood is childlike.
  70, stupid and not stupid, depending on whether you will be stupid.
  71. Remember to make progress for yourself, not to satisfy who, and who to please.
  72. No matter how hard the road ahead, as long as the direction is correct, you must be closer to happiness than standing in the same place.
  73, the right shoes, only the feet know, the right person, only the heart knows, take thousands of roads, only one fit, meet thousands of people, get one person enough.
  74, don't blame them for being too indifferent, don't envy them very decisive, don't say they don't pay, just you don't know.
  75. Who are you who will meet you; who you are will choose who. Never rely too much on one person, because of dependence, so expect, because of expectations, so disappointed.
  76. If all the goals you have set for yourself have been reached, then your goal is not big enough.
  77. Gold is always shining, but when the earth is full of gold, I don't know which one I am.
  78, I will give you a candy, you are very happy, when you see me give two others, you have a view on me, but you do not know that he also gave me two sugar, and you did not give anything Pass me.
  79. If you know the ending of this story clearly, or you choose to say it, or pretend not to know, don't stop talking. Sometimes it is much more painful to choose to be silent than to choose to be honest.
  80, a friend is to see you through, but also people who like you.
  81. The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.
  82. The more you want to know if you are forgetting, the more you remember.
  83. When you become a better person, you will definitely meet a better person. Whoever you are, you will meet someone.
  84. A lot of things are like the weathe. It is slowly getting hot or getting cold. When it comes to awakening , it has passed a season.
  85. Don't envy other people's lives. What you see is not what they have experienced.
  86. The biggest difference between doing and not doing is that the latter has the right to comment on the former.