2018 classic love philosophy sentence
  1. I hope that I won't have to send you home in the future, but we will return to our home together!
  2, love is a matter of wind and snow, frustrated people can not afford to play.
  3, if I do not love you, I will not miss you, I would not envy your side of the opposite sex, I would not lose self-confidence heart and fighting spirit, I will not be painful. If I can not love you, then how good.
  4, the worst way to lose someone, he is close by, but as if far away,
  5, two people together for happiness, break up is to relieve pain, you can not make me happy again, I only leave, when I leave, it is also very painful, but you must be more painful than me, because I say goodbye first The first thing to pursue happiness is me.
  6. I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.
  7. It is hard to love someone. It is even harder to give up your loved one.
  8. If you can't forget him, don't forget it. Really forget, there is no need to work hard.
  9. It takes an hour to like someone, and it takes a day to fall in love with someone, but it takes a lifetime to forget someone!
  10, the most extreme distance in the world is that the two people are far away from each other, and they don't know each other. Suddenly one day, they met, fell in love, and the distance became very close.
  11. If someone who loves you doesn't love you the way you want, it doesn't mean they don't love you wholeheartedly.
  12, some people will always be engraved in the memory, even if he forgets his voice, forgets his smile, forgets his face, but the feeling when he thinks of him, will never change.
  13, love is not complicated, come and go but three words, not "I love you", "I hate you", it is "forget it", "How are you?", "I'm sorry."
  14. Love fire, or should not be rekindled. Rekindled, the beautiful memories of the past will be turned into nothing. If we don't reunite, maybe I will follow him with deep thoughts until the body decays; but at this moment, I hate him. All the good days are gone far away.
  15. One day, there will be a person who will read all the diaries you have written, read all the articles written, see all the photos from your childhood, and even go elsewhere to find information about you, try to listen to you. The song, go where you have been, see the book you like to read, taste what you always say good, just want to make up for, your youth, the time it is late.
  16. On the way home, I cried, and my tears collapsed again. I couldn’t help but walk and never dare to be proud. What else can I say, what else can I do? I hope that you will hear, because I love you, I let you go...
  17. Some people are destined to wait for others, and some are destined to be waited for.
  18, in this sad and bright March, I passed through my thin youth, through the purple sable, through the kapok, through the hidden sorrows and impermanence.
  19, hiding at a certain time, miss the palm print of a period of time; hiding in a certain place, miss a person standing on the road and standing on the way, let me care.
  20. Don't waste your time on those who don't want to spend time with you.
  21. Do you love me? You have already loved the danger. To what extent is it dangerous? It is no longer possible to live alone.
  22, my after all is mine, I will be a passerby of you, you always do not love me, doomed me and you are nothing will happen, destined, destined to be doomed. No matter how I cross, no matter how I want to get close to you, you will still leave me. I miss you so much, I miss you so much, I really want to see you.
  23, you ask: "If there is only love, without yourself, will it be too heavy?" If there is only love, no one, it is not heavy or light, but a humble blank, you will eventually lose that paragraph without yourself love. You can't always bite up your true self to accommodate each other. Without yourself, what else can you use to love and be loved? There is no love in the world worthy of losing yourself.
  24. When they can't meet, they miss each other. But once they can meet, once they walk together, they will torture each other.
  25, true love needs to wait, anyone can say love you, but not everyone can wait for you...
  26, the leaves leave, is the love of the wind, or the tree does not retain,
  27. Before meeting a dreamer, God may arrange for us to meet other people first; when we finally meet the person, we should be grateful.
  28, I forgot which year of the month, which wall I carved a face, a smile, sad , staring at my face.
  29, your heart is my cape and the end of the world, I can not go further. We have traveled to the ends of the earth in this life, not to travel half a globe, but to be accompanied by people.
  30. Love makes people forget time, and time makes people forget love.
  31, years, can not afford to wait too long. Because some people are absent once they miss it, and some things, once they happen, there is no later. Since there is no later, then how many loves can come back?
  32, love, the original is a laughing drink poison.
  33. With you, I lost myself. Lose you, how I wish I was lost again.
  34. Things that I thought I would never forget will one day become unrecognizable. Time does not teach us anything, but teaches me not to believe in a myth easily; and the most memorable place of myth is that it is not credible!
  35, the most touching love sentence.
  36. I thought that love can overcome everything. Who knows that she sometimes has no power. I thought that love can fill the regrets of life. However, it is love that creates more regrets. The yin and yin are lacking, and they are repeated in a period of love. If you change someone, it won't be blue.
  37, love but can not fall in love, love but not love.
  38. You have never been loved by others, and you will cherish the person who loves you in the future.
  39, can not abide by the love of life, but people on a long journey, come and go in a rushing transfer station, no matter how long stay, always have to leave another flight.
  40, slowly know that many things can only be once; slowly know that two people together are not necessarily friends, there may be nothing; slowly know that the mobile phone is something others have to find you Not to exchange feelings; slowly realize that happiness often comes from memories, and pain often comes from the gap between memories and reality.
  41, a kiss; a hug; a phone call; a shoulder; a love for me; a date; a bowl of fish eggs; a box of lunch; a seaside; a heavy rain; a cold winter; a summer; a road; a road; A little noisy; a bus; always holding hands; always trust; always tolerant; always understand, one you, single-minded. Love is as simple as that.
  42. We may be able to love two people at the same time and be loved by two people. Unfortunately, we can only stay with one of them.
  43. I only care about you, just like a bird needs wings, a fish can't leave water, and no spring breeze can't be opened. Cherish every day you walk with, care about every year you spend with you.
  44. The only thing in the world that can be eternal is not time, not love; not life , not hate; not wounds, not pain; not memories, not tears. The only thing that can be eternal is the past that happened. Because it happened, it will not change. When life is getting calm because of this truth, I finally know that I can no longer pay deep respect to every distant place I desire.
  45. If I am a tear in your eyes, I will gently slide down your lips along your face, because I want to kiss you if you are a tear in my eyes, I will be this life. Don't cry because I am afraid of losing you.
  46. ​​Going to a place and missing a place is because of the people there, not the scenery there. A city will connect with itself, because there are people who are the same as themselves, people who can’t let go, many times. I like other people, but she doesn't know; more often, I hurt others, but I don't know.
  47. Why do you forget a person so painfully, time will naturally make you forget. If time doesn't make you forget people you shouldn't remember, what's the point of our lost years?
  48, the happiness of the face, others can see. dog.
  49. In this world, there is no such thing as having to break up because of love. When a person says such a thing, you can go to his mouth, because this is the most despicable and excuses. The important trait of love is selfishness and possession. When a person loves you, it will only take you for yourself, and it is impossible to give up. Therefore, it is just awkward to say that you like you and can't be together. It is a small three to say that you love to leave.
  50. Can the phone at that time still be opened? Is the qq still in use at that time? Still living in that place? I remember all of this. Just, is he still yours?
  51, the distance of the space is helpless and beautiful, testing each other's firmness towards love. The distance of the soul is a sad mistake, measuring the love that goes away from each other.
  52, sincere is always valuable. The truth is always the most beautiful. Sincerely worth paying. True love does not have to regret. After the pain, I cried.
  53. If you think about your memory in your mind, use a dot to express it. Then I can probably write an ellipsis that is long enough to extend to the end of the universe... but I missed the full stop.
  54. After all, one day, your hand will hold the other person's hand. And standing by my side is no longer you.
  55. In fact, the sky is very blue, the clouds are always scattered; in fact, the sea is not wide, the other side is connected to this shore; in fact, the dream is very shallow, everything is natural; in fact, the tears are sweet, when your heart is so wishful. Seeing the world with emotions is a tragedy. Seeing it with reason is a comedy!
  56. I just want to find one that can withstand my tears when I am frustrated; when I am happy, I can bite my shoulder.
  57. In fact, everything has already been smashed in the sea, I am like a parrot Luo hiding in the shell, when I explored a large number of the world, in the sea where I originally lived, it has become an unattainable mountain. Oh, it is a fossil that is dead on the cliff.
  58. When you fall in love with someone, you will always be a little scared, afraid of getting him; afraid of losing him.
  59, I love you, for your happiness, I am willing to give up everything -- including you.
  60. When others ignore you, don't be sad. Everyone has their own life. No one can accompany you all the time. When you see others laughing, don't think that only one person in the world is sad, in fact, others are just more than you will cover up.
  61, like, is a touch of love. Love is deep love.
  62. Many times, we said that we put it down. In fact, we didn’t really let go. We just pretended to be very happy, and then we touched the scars alone in the still corner.
  63. Being alone is not born, but the moment you fall in love with someone.
  64. I never know that I will meet you one day. Do you know that one day you will leave me. Your story is written about your departure, and my story is horrible from this blank. Sadly, when I met another woman, I only care about her shadow on her body.
  65, the cold was originally a very sad disease.
  66, even if you are sad, don't frown, because you don't know who will fall in love with your smile.
  67, I would like to turn into a stone bridge, with five hundred years of wind blowing, five hundred years of sun, five hundred years of rain, just waiting for you to walk through the bridge.
  68. The most difficult thing in the world is the feelings. The hardest thing in the world is love. The hardest thing in the world is the human condition. The most difficult thing in the world is friendship. The most difficult thing to distinguish in the world is family. The most difficult thing to find in the world is true feelings. The most uncomfortable thing is ruthlessness. The most difficult thing to guess in the world is the mood. The most difficult thing to report in the world is kindness. The most painful thing in the world is self-love. The most lovely thing in the world is the expression of your smile.
  69. At least once in a lifetime, forget about yourself for someone, not asking for results, not asking for peers, not asking for possession, or even asking you to love me. Just ask for you in my most beautiful years.
  70, we can never go back! We can't have another childhood; there can't be another junior high school; there can't be another first love; there can't be happiness, happiness, sadness , or pain in the past . Yesterday, the previous second, it is impossible to go back. Life turned out to be an out-of-print movie that could not be played back. So cherish everything you have now.
  71. Not every effort will be rewarded, but every harvest must be worked hard. This is an unfair and irreversible proposition.
  72. Pursuit and desire, happiness, and depression and disappointment. After frustration and disappointment, we learned to cherish. You have never been loved by others, and you will cherish the person who loves you in the future.
  73. I can't tell what love is. It may be the simplest and most natural emotional expression between men and women; it is a concept of our understanding of happiness. Love and loneliness always follow, and we are eager to love in loneliness.
  74. I know that I am not a good recorder, but I like to look back on my own way than anyone else. I not only look back, but I am still rushing forward with my hands.
  75. There used to be a smile in my life, but in the end it was dissipated like a fog, and that smile became a rushing river buried deep in my heart. I couldn’t cross it. The sound of the river became my daily. Desperate singing every night.
  76. When the snow seals my heart, my world is the tears of ice!
  77. If you like someone, you will not have pain. Love a person, maybe a long pain, but the happiness he gave me is also the greatest happiness in the world.
  78. No one deserves your tears. People who are worthy of doing this will not make you cry.
  79. For the world, you are a person; but for someone, you are his whole world.
  80. If one day, your heart will never touch you again, let your anger no longer irritate you, let your sadness never let you cry, you know this time, what life has given you, What have you paid for growth?
  81. Don't cry because it is over, smile, for what you used to have.
  82. We probably can't be irreplaceable with each other as before. We probably can't ever use the same kind of love as before, until we cry out.
  83, once met, always better than never met.
  84, meet, not hate late, it is hate early.
  85. After leaving, I think you should not forget one thing: don't forget to miss me. When you miss me, don't forget that I miss you too.
  86, smile is still the most beautiful! People always have to be injured on one side. Learn to be strong
  87. Love is not a refuge. If you want to go in for refuge, you will be driven out.
  88, do not leave, is to reunite.
  89. Don't worry, the best will always appear in the most casual time.
  90. Maybe the kind and ordinary Cinderella is not kind. She is just ordinary but perhaps proud and vicious little princess is not vicious, she is just proud.
  91, a person always has to take a strange road, look at strange scenery, listen to strange songs, and then in a casual moment, you will find that the things that you have tried to forget are really forgotten.
  92. If emotions and years can be shredded and thrown into the sea, then I am willing to be silent at the bottom of the sea, and your words, I love to listen, but I don’t know, my silence, you want to see, but do not understand.
  93. This is the case in life. You will hit a person in one second, pay attention to this person in one minute, hook up this person in one hour, and fall in love with this person in one day. The final outcome is to forget this person with a lifetime. .
  94, and then one day, no longer fall in love, the two people who are very close, have become very far, even farther than before.
  95. When love comes, of course, it is also happy. However, this kind of happiness is something to pay, but also to learn to accept disappointment, hurt and parting. since then, my life is not pure any more.
  96, you are here, I will not go when you go, you are gone, I will not be here. I can't let go of you, but I can't let go of what we have. After many years, if you are not married, if I am not married, can we be together?
  97, memory wants to fall in the palm heart of water, whether you spread it or hold it, after all, it will still drop from the fingertips.
  98, the same person, can not give you the same pain. When he repeatedly hurts you, the wound is used to it, and it feels numb. No matter how many times he is hurt, it is far worse than the first injury.
  99. I also believe that love can rule out all odds; just after all difficulties, there are still many difficulties. This is what I believe more.