2018 sad sentence Daquan
  1. If the flowers are open, if the flowers are separated, the flowers will fall apart. Get the flowers full of clothes, and spend the night.
  2, sometimes people are so strange, won the grievances of Tianda, but they will not cry when they hear the comfort. The tears that are hard to give back are often lost to a simple comfort.
  3. I once had a sincere love in front of me. I didn't cherish it. If I can go back to the past, I will tell you the three words I hate you!
  4, these two days are uncomfortable, some people are sick, there are many girlfriends, friends, switch, heart, comfort, I am used to it, I have to endure it, this is the reason for my feelings.
  5, noisy, do not go, that is called love . As long as the ending is with you, the process makes me feel painful.
  6. Some fate is destined to be lost. Some fate will never have a good result. Love a person does not have to have it, but if you have one, you must love him.
  7. It is said that a boy likes you, he will never call your name.
  8, how many high-school online children's paper, fantasizing to find each other after graduation, but often have not graduated to disperse.
  9. As soon as you leave, take away the warm colors of every touch in my life . The rest is exhausting.
  10. The most painful kind of goodbye is never said, but my heart is clear that everything is over.
  11, I am full of whimpers telling you about the old days, how ridiculous I thought you will be moved.
  12. You are already away from me, but there is still your existence in my heart. I can't forget you, and I can't forget everything about you. I have you in my heart!
  13, the natural coming, will not leave. Do not go against the heart, do not deliberate, do not care too much, let go of obsession, follow is the best life.
  14. If you can't go back, it's not me, but us.
  15. We are like needles on the surface, constantly turning, turning around, watching time hurried away, but powerless.
  16, that faintly lingering, inadvertently recalled when you appear.
  17. When knowing that it is irreparable, the only way to compensate is to miss, and also to punish yourself with her nostalgia.
  18, miss a person, do not need language, but the courage needed. When you look at the bustling people on the road and taste the loneliness alone; when you sit quietly, silently feel the embarrassing moment in your heart. You will feel, how lonely a person will be, how sad it is to read a person, how cold it is to miss someone's night. Missing someone sometimes may have a smile, but your heart will cry.
  19. If I can have 999 good luck in this life, I am willing to give you 997 times, and only leave it to myself twice: once to meet you, once to accompany you forever!
  20. I am much better than the person he fell in love with at the time. I am even better than him. But, does that person really see it? Do we really care? Some men are really just a process that will make you strong.
  21, you are a tavern but snoring early, full of joy, I died in the long street.
  22, lonely time is long, and can no longer return to the crowd. I am used to loneliness, like loneliness, and fall in love with loneliness. All this is taken for granted.
  23. Innocent children always grow up. The so-called experience is just the wrong way, the people who believe in the wrong, and the scars that are deep or shallow.
  24, I just want to find one that can withstand my tears when I am frustrated. When I am happy, I can let me bite my shoulder.
  25, you are the gaze that I can't touch, the faint sorrow , restore my embarrassment. Own abyss, no one arrived. You are the gaze that I can't reach.
  26. Why? Why do we take my hand every time we see your acquaintance? I really can't figure it out, can I make you shame?
  27, it seems that you have entered the scenery of others, but I am still looking at the projection of the starlight, buried pure time seems to be yesterday but so far away.
  28, sing a hoarse song in the corner, and then loudly to you, please listen carefully, do not speak.
  29, I hope to change back to the child, because the broken knee is always easier to repair than the broken heart.
  30. My world has changed into a day, and there has been no rainy day. Even a time to retain regrets does not give me a little.
  31. If you are not around when I need you most, then you will not be the one I need most.
  32. You said that no matter what I became, you would not leave me, so I took off the mask and saw you who had escaped.
  33. From now on, don't indulge in fantasy, don't bother yourself, live a good life, and be a person close to happiness.
  34, you don't take me seriously, I am sorry, I have not seen you as a person, I tell you, don't push me to this.
  35. All those those, aren't just the fireworks in the moment.
  36. Don't ask me if I have a good time. If you can't help you, it's not your credit.
  37. In love, I don't need the comfort of others, because comfort is only needed by weak people.
  38. If you see the faults and right and wrong of all beings every day, you must hurry to repent. This is spiritual practice.
  39. If your long- lost male god chased you and confessed to you, what would you do? I will slap me back and do not daydream.
  40, obviously too dark, but also pretend that the sun to illuminate others.
  41. When leaving, be sure to leave the classroom as before, turn off the lights and close the window, and buy a popsicle by the way, pretending to be goodbye.
  42. Friendship can further become love. Love is a step back but it is no longer a friend.
  43. To learn and understand the foot, contentment is the greatest happiness. Don't be too conceited, first measure your own values ​​and conditions.
  44. If you know me before, maybe you will forgive me.
  45. Your heart is best not a swaying branch, but a silent root system, hidden deep underground, not tempted by everything in the world, only pursuing its own simplicity and richness.
  46. ​​Some people have had nothing to say, but in the end, there is nothing to say.
  47. Be stronger in hard days and be more cautious in happy days.
  48. Although you are already looking back for the third time, how can I think that this is a parting; always remember your gentle and beautiful face, I hope we can meet tomorrow.
  49. Sometimes I have to admit that I am so vulnerable that I can’t afford to be decadent before a small setback. It is clear that the ears are so clear, but when it is often squeaky, I can't tell if I am awake.
  50. When you think you have nothing. You still have at least time, time to heal all wounds, so please don't cry.
  51, who said that young love has no good results, not that we are too small, not too little experience, we only blame us for breaking up too early.
  52, that she appeared to be unprepared, and that love left without knowing it.
  53. The memory of the sun is the love that I imagined.
  54. Dare to courageously send a wrong message to the person who wants to contact. Wake up the next day and still have no news of her.
  55, there is nothing wrong with it, there is nothing to lose money, lack of health, health is not everything, but there is nothing without health.
  56, there is always one day, I am used to your straight and straight, you also guessed my mouth is wrong. We look at each other with a smile, the hand of the child, and the child.
  57. I have gone a lot of wrong things in my life. I have misread many people and have suffered a lot of betrayal. I am embarrassed, but it doesn't matter. As long as I am alive, there is always hope. The rest of my life is very long. Why bother? .
  58. Deeper love will lighten if you don't get a response. Just like one day you will find that I haven't found you for a long time.
  59, no one will like loneliness, but compared to disappointment, loneliness will make people more practical.
  60. Knowing that you don't have me in your heart, you can never do what you want, but you can't help you see the most authentic me, hiding the injured me.
  61. Since you don't love me, you shouldn't accept the original feeling. You know, you gave me the most beautiful hope, but it made me break my heart. Finally I realized that you just borrowed my shoulder.
  62. When you leave, you say that happiness is no longer coming back. We say that we have to walk with big hands and hand, and I opened the diary from the day you left.
  63. Two people who are deeply in love, the more they understand each other's heart, the more they will be picky about the person they love, the more likely they are to cause harm. Finally one day, I found that I no longer loved, but I did not have the euphoria.
  64, secretly love a person's mood, like a bottle waiting for sprouting seeds, can never be sure whether the future is beautiful, but really and reluctantly wait.
  65, meticulous is not a pronoun, but in your loss of love to run over to comfort you, accompany you crazy together every day. Being late together.
  66. If there is no such time, will the time stay for us? The sunset that I have seen, the tide that I have heard, are buried in time and become a bubble.
  67, after breaking up can not be friends, because they are harmful to each other; can not be a person, because they are deep. So I became the most familiar stranger.
  68, dreaming that my boyfriend is dead, I cried, woke up and found that I have no boyfriend at all, I cried even more.
  69. May you, every choice you make afterwards is for yourself, why not be less, and more secretly.
  70, love others is worse than love yourself, at least you will not give up on yourself.
  71. The most feared person is the person I always think is important, and the most important person is not me.
  72. The moment when I broke up, I really felt the appetite of the sadness. The sadness always accompanied me, because there are still those sad feelings in my heart that I still love you.
  73. Learning is an independent action. It is necessary to explore, ponder, actively fight, and fight hard. The hardships are borne by you alone, and the victory is won by you.
  74. The career of a man is based on a woman. Before marriage, he fights for a marriage. After marriage, he tries to hook up more women and fight for a career.
  75. I want your picture to outline your face, but always feel so far.
  76. The best thing in the world is that I grew up and you are not old; I am rewarded and you are still healthy.
  77. Many times, what we can't let go is not the other party, but the common memories that have passed away.
  78, one step ahead is happiness, the step back is lonely, but I should take a happy step.
  79, fate is the accident in life is also a fixed number in the dark, just like accidental passing will inevitably miss.
  80. For someone who doesn't trust me. I don't have to do this myself, I only love one person. Why bother to be attached. He doesn't care about me at all, and he doesn't care about me.
  81, time, will precipitate the most true feelings; wind and rain, will test the warmest companionship. Those who have gone far are just passing through the clouds; what they leave is the love that deserves to be cherished.
  82. The feelings between people and people are like knitting sweaters. When they are built, they are careful and long. When they are dismantled, they only need to pull them gently.
  83. Optimistic people can regroup and make a comeback. Pessimistic people often fail because of lack of self-confidence.
  84. Many things are always understood after the experience. Just like feelings: Missed, sorry, I know that life does not need so many unnecessary attachments.
  85, hurt? Do not say pain, there is something to blame yourself, others are not you, will not understand you.
  86. Even if you give me perfunctory, I want to show off, how ridiculous you know.
  87, the end and the process have been, and then entangled, even their own laugh at their stupidity.
  88. All the pain and sorrow are hidden in the sly smile. The more you laugh, the more you hurt, the more you hurt. The more you are heartless.
  89. Those who can be together, please cherish it. Because some people want to be together, but they can't.
  90, you seem to be thin, hair is getting longer, and the back is strange to let me feel that you are seeing you in the last century.
  91. I used to be all blazing, and eventually, I was exhausted by you.
  92. Don't confuse my character and attitude. My personality comes from who I am, and my attitude depends on who you are.
  93. If you want to come, you want to go and leave. Are you too casual, or I am too tolerant.
  94. Those who experience the deepest pains are often those who always make others happy.
  95. Many times, I feel that I am more like a dumb. It is very difficult to bite my lips and not speak.
  96. Perhaps, turning around is to forget, but turned around, but found that there is a heartbreaking lung called a miss.
  97. Don't easily expose the wound to others, because others see it as lively, but it hurts itself.
  98, that is to say that I love you a thousand times, but as long as a breakup can end, this is love.
  99, I love you at this age, not because you have a car, but the sun is very good that day, you wear a shirt that I love.
  100. I have thought about the life I want. There are no shortcuts. Even if you work hard and don't gain, you can't give up. As long as you get better every day, you can see better scenery.
  101. One day you will definitely agree with this sentence: Some people choose to be friends because they are too important, because friends are always farther away than lovers.
  102. At this time, at that time, the sun is faint, the years are quiet, and it is safe. This year, the wind is very light, the atmosphere is warm, and the years are long.
  103, he broke the dagger into your heart, and then said that I love you, but you licked the wound and endured the pain, hard and squeezed a smile and said to him, "One more knife, I still want to hear that I love you." ""
  104, I sang a song of seconds, and finally said that I still love you. He said that you sang so hard that I didn't listen.
  105. Finally one day your name became a ban on the girlfriends around me.
  106, our life has too much helplessness, we can't change, we can't change it, and worse, we lose the idea of ​​change.
  107, a person always has to take a strange road, look at strange scenery, listen to strange songs, and then in a casual moment, you will find that what was originally trying to forget is really forgotten.
  108, you never know yourself, how many versions are in other people's mouths, so it's good to do what you want. If you want to understand me, please understand it yourself. If you hate it, you can hate it.
  109. Everyone was born with originality. Sadly, many people have gradually become pirated.
  110. Don't fall in love with someone at the age of sixteen or seven, because that will be the person you love the most in your life, but you can't be together.
  111. No one can bargain with life, so as long as you are alive, you must work hard. I don't expect unexpected luck, I just hope that all efforts will pay off.
  112. Most of the time, it is not work that consumes your energy, but the people you meet at work. Work is not tired in itself, and the balance is the most exhausting.
  113. At first sight, what is in love, all are arrogant, love yourself, and be yourself.
  114, lost the first one even if there is a second one but can't find it.
  115, the hourglass of time precipitates the past that cannot escape, the hands of memory always pick up those bright sorrows. The wings of youth pierce the memory of pain; the tears of yesterday provoke the embarrassment of the heart.
  116, I have no courage to continue, love ends here. I can't relieve it, but I can't help it.
  117. When I came to the world, I was wronged by the world. I said that there is love in the world, but what is the love? It’s ridiculous, even you don’t even know, if you figure it out, maybe I will come again.
  118. Don't listen to other people's flicker. Every step of your life must be done by your own ability. I have no material in my stomach, I don’t have the skills in my hands, and it’s useless to know more people.
  119. We wore the wrong masks to each other, so we hurriedly lost when we had not met.
  120. There was too much to do, and I ended up not even giving it to me.
  121, I do not know because it is more and more independent, or more and more guilty. After walking for so long, I found that the only one who lives on it is myself.
  122. Looking at the empty dorms and cabinets, I always felt that I still left something. I left my thoughts on you.
  123, life is too short, no time left to us to wake up with regrets every day. So love those who are good to you, forget those who don't know how to cherish you.
  124. Finally, as you wish, I finally think of you as normal, even if you look at it, you feel redundant.
  125. I don't miss anyone, but I can't go back. I suddenly want to say sorry to myself: Sorry, I can't find my original self again.
  126. Don't give up flying when you can fly; don't give up dreams when you can dream; don't give up when you can love.
  127, you must be strong, even if you lead to a strong road, you will be hurt, you will cry, you can only go to the teeth.
  128. Who is the passer in life? Who is the runner in life? The dust of previous lives. The wind of this world, the endless sad love and resentment. In the end, no one is who.
  129. If the past and the present are different, one is forever, the Cangshan is snowy, and the life is full.
  130. Learning about this matter does not care whether anyone teaches you. The most important thing is whether you have your own consciousness and perseverance.
  131. If one day, you say that you want to leave me, I will not force, will not retain, just because I want to give you my last gentleness, I will give you freedom.
  132. No matter what you do, don't take your own values ​​and lifestyles to disturb other people's lives, or even try to change others. Sometimes, smiles and refutation will make you more lovely.
  133. Without you, I am not unaccustomed, because loving someone should not be a habit. Without you, I will not be used to it, because I have never been used to owning you.
  134. The reason why you feel that time is getting faster every year is because time is important to you year after year. Don't make you feel like you are afraid of being alone, and don't live because you have no choice at the moment. There is always a way to go. You need to walk alone. May you be sunny, bright and not sad.
  135. I know very well that in the end his mouth will kiss other people's lips, and those who have given me, who have not given me, will be given to another person.
  136. Whenever you start, it is important not to stop after the start, no matter when you end, it is important not to regret after the end.
  137. One of the ways to verify whether two people are in love is to separate and separate. If you are uncomfortable, if you miss, it is true love, and true love will make two people meet again.
  138. Everything is a game, but also helpless. Everyone is in an indifferent environment, acting as a role that is not seen by others.