2018 sad love sentence
  1. Since it is impossible to make a difference, it is not a good ending.
  2. You said that you are my hero of the world, but later became her great god.
  3. After a long time, I finally think of you as normal, and I feel redundant when I look at it.
  4. After you leave, the people I meet meet you, and the level of love is not as good as you.
  5. What I know about you is only the weather forecast.
  6, not timely comfort and considerate, I will not warm again.
  7. You took her hand and loved me and didn't look back.
  8. I have forgotten your name, but my input method still remembers.
  9. A secret crush on a person's mood is like a seed waiting for sprouting in a bottle. It is never certain whether the future is beautiful, but it is really and reluctantly waiting.
  10, there is fashion casually, the truth is extremely perfunctory.
  11, when many couples quarrel and awkward, the man's logic is "If you love me, you will not go", and the woman's logic is "If you love me, you will come to me." Then, the story is not there anymore. Many times, it is not not love, but I think you understand me, but you don't understand.
  12, I also thought that I was the kind of person who dared to love and hate, and was cool to do. After I loved it, I found out that it was me who could not afford to let go of that person.
  13. Your love is like a rainbow. I open my hand, but I can only hold the wind.
  14, you are saying that good eyes and clouds, but turned into raindrops, dripping in my lips, staying in my heart.
  15. I love you as a drama with no results. It is too deep to know the ending.
  16. There is me in your world, but not only me; there is no you in my world, but I only want to have you.
  17. The most sincere, cleanest, most heart-wrenching emotion in the world is secret love. Silently pay attention to a person, quietly looking forward to a feeling that may never come, not letting the other party know, nor to announce to the world, in the deep moonlight, can see the other side's figure, but can't touch each other The fluttering plaque smells the faint fragrance of the other person, but can't caress.
  18, "How to distinguish between loneliness and loneliness?" "One day you walked down the street and suddenly it rained. You hid under the eaves and searched the mobile phone address book. You don't know who to send you an umbrella. At that moment you It is lonely. And loneliness is that you are alone under the roof, quietly waiting for the rain to stop."
  19. I am far away from people around you. I am too lazy to grab, and I have no strength to be jealous.
  20, our story begins with my interruptions, ending with my excess.
  21. You said that I will meet people who are better than you, but in fact, you want to have someone better than me.
  22, talking about a wrong love, just like bedwetting, warm for a while, cool one is (generation).
  23, mentioning that you are still sad, but no longer like it.
  24, after leaving you, I have gone a lot of places, tossing and turning, and moving east and west, but I will not stand in front of you anymore.
  25, we have a tacit understanding, I am not active, you continue to be silent.
  26. People who have brought me a lot of happiness, what I am saying now is even colder than winter.
  27. I want to hold your hand one day and go to the wine of the guests.
  28, the movie that was said to be good to watch together did not look, the place to go together did not go, saying that good to have a white head has long been turned into a bubble. But have you ever thought that the most terrible thing in the world is not the ignorance of others, but the casual talk of others that you really believe.
  29, 18. I watched you stay safe in my life without me, talking to others about what touched me.
  30, I am very fortunate to be able to walk to your side, unfortunately not able to walk into your heart.
  31. You are not missing me, how can I get close to you.
  32. Sometimes we can't open it because it is lost, but it hurts our own efforts.
  33. When you are in love, say that you will die until you die. If you don't love, say go and leave.
  34, I like you, but I won't say it, just like a tree full of pears can't make apples.
  35. You can see the words I hit on the screen, but I can't see the tears that flow on my screen.
  36. For countless moments, I was thinking that if you were just fine, I ended up with all these moments.
  37. I know that you just treat me as a passer, and I try to be a passer.
  38, secretly love this kind of thing, like the music in the headphones, even for himself is the deafening of the whole body, but others can only hear a leak of tiny noise.
  39. Later, I returned your freedom and withdrew your life.
  40, why crush so good? Because the crush never lost love, I am pleased many days you smile, you saying I remember many years.
  41. The person I admire most is you, because you have got my love, you can still be so ignorant.
  42. Some landscapes can only be liked, but they cannot be collected, just like some people are only suitable for meeting, but not for long-term companions.
  43. You can't wake up the tiger in his heart, and you can't make a rose in his eyes.
  44. If you call me, I don't look back. The only reason is that I cried.
  45. People who have been in love for a long time, you suddenly don't love. After listening to the song for a long time, you suddenly don't listen. You have changed your habits for many years. After all, time is still stronger than love.
  46, not good enough, but also clean, always laughing but very happy, there is no lover but there is still expectation, occasionally blowing will cry, drinking will be drunk.
  47. Even if my face is thicker, it will not be your ruthlessness.
  48. Later, staying up late became an addiction, and finally got used to no one cares.
  49. Finally, I packed up my luggage and memories, put on a strange tone, and looked at the mountains in an empty way, saying that life is like a play, and I will forget it in the past.
  50, you think that the enthusiasm of the initiative he will be moved, you think that you will suffer from the loss of his heart, in fact, there is no, only you again and again guilty again.
  51, my heart secretly loves you, my eyes are in love with you.
  52. When you are helpless, you don’t rely on it. When you are afraid, you don’t have a hug.
  53. If you don't cherish it, why should I be emotional?
  54. All the things that I tried to touch you and finally touched me.
  55. It is clear that the beginning of the breakup is the mouth, why now the heart hurts.
  56, the taste of loneliness, I have already tasted it, in the night when I can't sleep, in the street where no one is at midnight, I have tried it over and over again.
  57. I am just a play, always crying in the stories of others.
  58. People always say that they don't need any reason to fall in love with a person. They don't know that a small thing can be an excuse for breaking up.
  59. Where you are longing for, others have been there; people you like have been slept by others.
  60, I don't like you anymore, such as the screaming crows screaming, sighing the world's lover is a little away; I don't like you anymore, the vows will eventually become indefinite, you will go far away from home; I don't like you anymore, Since then, I have regained my waywardness, but I have never touched my heart.
  61, you can say go and go, but I can not say to retain and retain.
  62. I hope that after many years, you will still smile like a flower, and understate the past and me as a joke.
  63, silence is the answer, dodge is the answer, no longer take the initiative is the answer, in fact, you should have understood.
  64. There is no need to feel sorry. Unsuitable people must always be separated.
  65. In fact, we are quite tacit. For example, if I ignore you, you will not find me.
  66, it seems that I just met you, but I found that I have liked you for so long.
  67. Thanks for the time, I finally lost my good feelings towards you. Thank you for meeting me for a long time.
  68, a secret love is that when you meet, you will be guilty of snoring. If you don't meet, you will have to think about each other.
  69, secret love has become a habit, humble has been rooted in the bones, scraping bones and drugs can not be cleaned.
  70. When you have seriously talked about a relationship, but finally broke up, then you will have a hard time to like others, you don't want to spend time and don't want to understand. It’s like writing an article is almost finished, but the teacher said that you are smashing the work and tearing it away for you to write it again. Although you remember the beginning and the content, you are too lazy to write, because an article has spent all your energy, only one end, but you have to start from the beginning.
  71. Why do I carefully guard the person who loves me and be taken care of by others without any effort.
  72, why should I care about you, you are just the most I want to forget, I will care about you, you are just the most I can not get.
  73. The people who are secretly squinted and feel that the world is their own.
  74. Time tells me a secret. If you say it, you can count it. People who have loved it can change it.
  75. A dead person can only have two states, either busy or forgotten.
  76. Later stories are irrelevant to you. After a short intercourse, they are forgotten. Although they are not long, they are sad .
  77, you are fascinating in the distance, the upper and lower are beautiful, the horizontal and vertical do not belong to me.
  78, lonely people will always remember every person who has appeared in his life , so I always think of you still, trying to count my loneliness over and over again in every night of starry night.
  79. Do you know what I am most fortunate about now? In this not too long time, you have finally polished my patience and love for you.
  80, secret love is a flower that never blooms, will not wither when not in full bloom.
  81. When I first met you, none of us thought of being a fatal injury to each other.
  82. In the cinema that day, a couple came to watch the movie. The girl shed tears in the boy's arms. She said she could not forget him. The boy gently wiped her tears and touched her head with a tear, saying, then go find him. The film is scattered, and the boy in the big theater is crying and tearing. In fact, it is not so great to be a person.