2018 non-mainstream sad sentences
  1. Overcoming my thoughts is very simple. I just need to be patient. The more humble you love, the more you should suffer trampling. This is self-defeating.
  2, occasionally needed but never important.
  3, I was very painful and painful at first. Later, it didn't hurt. It wasn't that I let go. It was my pain that I didn't feel it.
  4. Love is so simple, but it is so difficult.
  5, like a passerby looking at your life, the sad thing is, your emotions are not for me.
  6, like to laugh, people are not necessarily happy, maybe laughing is just their protective color.
  7. If you love you is wrong, I don't want to be right; if it is equal to not having you, I would rather be wrong in my life.
  8. You said that you can pull you on the blacklist, you know that I can't bear it.
  9. Anyone who has no heart and no lungs, there is no one who has been heartbroken for someone. Two people together, more is not to change each other, but to accept each other, this is tolerance. If you think about changing each other, it is not life, it is war.
  10. Although we may no longer be friends, at most it is a "familiar stranger" but I will continue to support you as always.
  11, if love is too bitter, I don't want to love again! I don't want to love again, maybe I have enough disappointment! This moment's parting, I just want to say to you in my heart, and then humble love is also from Inner heart, heart hurts, very painful, very painful, very painful, very painful...
  12. The moment that proves that I am brave enough is that when the pain you give me to come back to me again, I will bravely push away.
  13, Tianshan snow, Yuyu Qionglou, this situation does not regret, this life is tireless.
  14. If you are not sincere, don't shake my heart.
  15. In the past, I couldn't keep it. I could only use my life to remember and stay in my heart.
  16. If you give up, you should not regret it, lose it, and you should not remember it...
  17. Wait for the love of a person who doesn't care about you, like waiting for a boat at the airport, waiting for a car at sea, waiting for a snow in June.
  18, memories have detained me in the sad past, so that I can not see the happiness of the present. .
  19, the biggest sorrow is to grow up, from then on, laughter is no longer pure, crying is no longer thorough.
  20, when you wake up every day, you will feel sweet in your dreams; you will feel more comfortable at noon; you will feel happy and happy at night; you will see you in the dream.
  21, you must know that love is selfish! So there is no distracting thought in my heart so far. In fact, as long as you look back, you know that my heart is only you.
  22, the far light in the darkness that is very close to me, like a wave of waves, the waves of the waves are gradually falling.
  23. If you don't want to lose, then don't be lazy, work harder, and be better for yourself in the future.
  24, when it was early, it was snowing, thin and faint, quite beautiful.
  25, in fact, drunken dreams are just a joke with forgetting, when you think you have forgotten a person, you will find that this is more painful than remembering her.
  26, I think that time is a remedy, but the cure is all skin trauma.
  27, what is the fat of people, no money, what is wrong with the mainstream. So you have to look up and let them see that you are not only short and poor but also ugly.
  28, Jingman full eyes: Jingjing: thorny bushes. Looking at it, it’s all Jing Jing. Described as a scene of desolateness after suffering a change. It is also a metaphor for difficult situations and obstacles.
  29, those who have you are like a black hole, I will never come out when I fall in.
  30. One day, I will leave all my tiredness and ideals, take my camera, stay away from the bustling, and face the air.
  31, love is three words, I love you, I hate you, forget it.
  32, etc., because of the process of beauty, waiting, eternal because of expectations. Some sad love sentences
  33, I don't dare to love, but I have no strength to love.
  34. Life has always been simple, but we have always been unable to make it complicated.
  35. There is nothing forever, nothing for a long time. Find an excuse, anyone can go first.
  36. Peach blossoms fall on white clothes, such as cuckoo blood, shallow and deep marks.
  37. If you hold on to one thought, you will be trapped in one thought; if you put it down, it will be in your heart.
  38. Go home and take a mirror to take care of yourself. There are a few onions on your head. If you don’t have one, buy a few to put it on your head.
  39. Smoking is a mechanical act when you are lonely. There is nothing to do, no one can read, no feelings to sigh. Just subconsciously point a cigarette and ignite another kind of loneliness.
  40. Nothing is necessary. If there is anything you must do, it is good for yourself.
  41. I want to say that I love you. I don’t have the courage. Who can lend me, the courage to love you.
  42. I know that you are sad, maybe I don't understand. But I am not sad because I don't love her. Maybe the next words are very innocent and mature, but I really think so. She didn't love you, she didn't really separate. She just chose a more suitable road. It was just simpler and faster, but it was not accepted by everyone.
  43. Accept or not, sometimes we have no choice, and the memories we start are not missed. Whenever you know how to cherish, you will not be defeated. It turns black and white, and the picture that gradually settles down becomes vivid and full of nostalgia.
  44. Those who don't like me are going away. I just want to be liked by people I like.
  45, no phone, no greetings, no news, we are like strangers.
  46. ​​Later, I finally understood that the promise that I could not do became a shackle.
  47, footsteps and memories, spread out, gently turned into endless thoughts.
  48. Love always imagines more beautiful than reality. If you meet, say goodbye. We think that love is deep and deep. In the coming days, you will know that it is very shallow and shallow. The deepest and most important love must grow with time.
  49. The disappointment that has been around for a long time is like a time bomb. It will explode one day.
  50. I don't know when I was dying. I stared at the sky and turned back so bleak. I screamed at the snowbird's sorrow and slanted across the sky. I saw your face floating above the blue sky, so I Laugh, because I saw you, happy like a child who grew up.
  51. Others say that I am strong , only you want me not to be stubborn.
  52, the sound of wooden fish, like a euphemistic clean gesture, let me come and go, go, I will not fall into the dust, only on the road, see a river. I don't ask for an afterlife, nor repair the afterlife. He is the flower in my mirror, and I am his one.
  53. This time in the world will change too many things, but some people and things will never change as long as you believe.
  54. A person's life is destined to meet two people, one is amazing time, one is gentle.
  55. All the sorrows will always leave a trace of joy. All the regrets will always leave a perfect corner. I am looking for the gap in the deep sea of ​​the ice peak, but when I wake up, I will see the beautiful sunshine. .
  56. Don't compare yourself with your past, look forward to your own future, and cherish your present self.
  57, humble love to remember, it is better to love yourself than to be proud.
  58. Life is like a dance party. The person who teaches you the first dance step may not be able to accompany you to the copy.
  59, my innocence, has long been broken into the earth.
  60. In the end, you still have enough of me and forgot what you promised.
  61, I love her, I can't let go, I will chase her back.
  62, Mom said: People should not miss two things. The last car to go home, and a person who loves you deeply. I want to take the last bus to the person who loves me.
  63, love is like a chewing gum, chewing for a long time, it will become dull and boring, I feel flat and tasteless and want to give up.
  64, because I have been crying, so I know how to be strong; because I was afraid, I know how to be brave.
  65. Don't last forever, just be brave and hug.
  66. They said that falling in love with you is the fault of my life, but what did I do right before I fell in love with you? Love the party knows deeply, hurts the party knows the pain!
  67. Say good to forget and think of it, the original heart has not promised to give up.