The most sad sentence in 2018
  1. Some things are gone before they know that they are really gone, and they can’t come back.
  2. There used to be a smile in my life , but in the end it was dissipated like a fog, and that smile became a rushing river buried deep in my heart. I couldn’t cross it. The sound of the river became my daily. Desperate singing every night,
  3, the tenderness of the bones, remember the tenderness?
  4. Everyone who says that he doesn't want to fall in love has an impossible person in his heart.
  5, they all say that the network is very fake, it seems that the reality is really the same
  6, do your own thing to do, time is short. You can't afford to waste a minute or two.
  7, you have to learn to ignore all the ridicule to learn to look at others with pride and smile
  8, you give me a tear, I saw all the ocean in your heart.
  9. Suddenly found that your emotions can still affect my mood?
  10, this relationship gradually faded, I am afraid that one day it will be scattered.
  11, those love carved in the chair , will not be like the flowers on the cement, open the windless, lonely forest,
  12, once thought of madness, and now forgotten to forget, if life is only as early as possible.
  13. This time I have calmed down a lot and hope that you will take care of yourself.
  14. Don't use your lie of love, go and swear that you don't want money?
  15. Do you do what you should do before I growl?
  16. This is like a sad metaphor.
  17. Don’t meet again after the end of the day, I’m afraid to wake up every day and think about you several times.
  18, the wind blows like a flower-like broken year, and your smile shakes and shakes, becoming the most beautiful embellishment on my way, watching the sky, watching the snow, watching the deep shadow of the season,
  19. You said that I was laughing, but my shadow was crying.
  20, you will never imagine that I will cry so much when I laugh.
  21, a lot of things that we thought we would never forget in our lifetime, we are forgotten in the days we never forget.
  22, today a handsome guy told me to let me go to the square at night, I said my mother refused, he returned a sentence to bring your mother also
  23. In the world of love, there are always some ridiculous things happening. When a person thinks that he can repay his regrets and live innocently, he has already reached the end. It is not just love but life.
  24, how to break jeans and evening dresses, how can my guitar and your piano ensemble
  25, the scars of love will never fade, hate is the only anesthetic.
  26, holding my hand, walking with your eyes closed, you will not get lost
  27, the reason why people are suffering is to pursue the wrong direction!
  28, love, is when you fall in love with someone, but hurt a person
  29, whenever I look at the sky, I don't like to talk again. When I talk, I dare not look at it again.
  30. On the night of every starry night, count my loneliness again and again.
  31, you laugh once, I can be happy for a few days, but I can see you crying once, I am sad for several years.
  32, I feel bad about your heartache, I want to hold you tightly,
  33, lonely people always remember everyone in life, just as I always think of you!
  34, can't let go, can't forget, one's insistence , only the rest
  35. It may be that my character is too negative. As long as those are sad and beautiful, I like it.
  36. What I can take away is what I don't want.
  37. The glory and brightness of the world, the joy and happiness of the world, like the clear stream, in the wind, in front of my eyes, passing by, the warmth is like a spring, I have no hope, I only want you to be happy, not sad
  38, we can endure the temper of the object, why can't stand the temper of the parents
  39, it’s too dark to remember who is too dark,
  40, some pain, can not say, can only endure, until can slowly fade.
  41, the favorite is to be placed in the sky for a lifetime of mourning
  42. Sometimes, the best comfort is a silent companionship.
  43, I am gone, away from you... not loving you is my last self-esteem
  44. Don't let the sad reminders of the past, or the worries of the future, ruin the happiness of the moment.
  45, my heart is broken into slag, you will not step on barefoot, with me a pain.
  46. ​​I have no time to participate in your past. I want to be closely related to your future.
  47. Nothing is screaming and can't afford to hurt. What you can't really hurt is just silence.
  48. Hiding at a certain time, missing the palm prints of a certain time, hiding in a certain place, missing a person who stood on the way and stood on the way, let me care,
  49, you said that you will wait for me, you really wait. And also found a person to wait!
  50. If I can be with you, I would rather let all the stars in the sky fall, because your eyes are the brightest light in my life.
  51. Only after the displacement, can we re-examine the traces of time left in the heart
  52. I always understand that after a stumbling, many things cannot be forced.
  53. Because the wound was exhibited arbitrarily, it has lost pain.
  54. The last drop of tears. Still flowing out, my eyes finally dried up.
  55, I hope that you are a dead skin, will not leave my people,
  56. You are the scenery I need to look up and the fireworks that I can only watch.
  57. You are still in my heart, you can’t keep it, but you can’t forget it.
  58. Do not break up and say that bad excuse is OK? I am not changing, it is your heart that is not mys.
  59. Some things are destined to happen, and they can't be blocked. Once they happen, it is a growth.
  60, can't play the game you gave, this ending is destined to cry me
  61. If you are tired, just tell me, I will chase you back.
  62, under the rain ticking, the heart of the Qianlong Qianlong jump, the feelings of worrying silky worry.
  63. Going to the city to participate in the pigeon competition, I went alone.
  64, try to follow his footsteps to cater to him, you are not tired.
  65, my sixth wish is; I want to be friends with you for a lifetime,
  66, I will not forget the summer we gave each other happy
  67. Russia’s departure is only to prove one thing: Russia is serious.
  68, a person always has to take a strange road, look at strange scenery, listen to strange songs, and then in a casual moment, you will find that the original effort, the things you want to forget are really forgotten,
  69. In fact, the eyes are not tears, but water.
  70. I always tell myself that even if we don't get together one day, we must be like us.
  71. There is no love that does not break up, only the ending that will never come together again.
  72, I am willing to be the same as the original, only the husband is poor.
  73. This sad and bright March, from my thin youth, through the purple, through the kapok, through the hidden sorrows and impermanence,
  74. For happiness, it has never been  belongs to me.
  75. Perhaps the marriage of the previous life may be the fate of the afterlife.