2018 most eloquent sentence
  1. Don't mind your swearing, after all, the dog will bark at everyone.
  2, 哄 woman like hanging Q, at least two hours a day, after reaching a certain number of days, the sun can be.
  3. Don't take your great years to complete an impossible job,
  4. How many students have to write a "solution" word when they encounter math problems that they will not do.
  5, money sees me like dirt, I also regard money like dirt! Who are the people who are afraid of the soil?
  6. I am relieved to see people you like are more ugly than me.
  7, the smart woman is also confused in her own appearance, and then the stupid man is also awake in the appearance of the woman.
  8. I don't have a trip to go, but there is a body that says fat is fat.
  9. I only have one love, either don't pay, I have to pay, that's all.
  10. According to my observation, you must be short of calcium, grow up and lack love, don't hurt, don't love.
  11, you are not allowed to run in this life, or I can not catch up! No problem, I will take your hand in my life!
  12, the actors will not necessarily be actors, they will be the grandson.
  13, I really miss the childhood, when the weather is hot, I can also be as shirtless as a man!
  14. God is fair because he is unfair to everyone.
  15. The sorrow of life lies in the fact that when you want to insert a knife, you only need a knife.
  16. When you discover all my secrets, you can't leave without it.
  17. Do you want to lose a lot of hatred? The opportunity is coming.
  18, the heartbreaking sound is like a piercing balloon, a slamming sound, fragments of flying.
  19. If you don't return a message, I will write your name on the tablet.
  20, a casual bag, not a owe is a knife.
  21, a good woman into the kitchen, a bad woman to go around.
  22. I am leaving. Just as I didn't come and wave my claws, it seems that I haven't experienced the summer vacation.
  23, those slutty female netizens, it really makes me sad, why do you mess with so many men, have not got me.
  24, the leaves are left because of the pursuit of the wind or the tree does not retain?
  25, can not be allowed to be your temperament, can you let me to accommodate is my ability.
  26. I am a little hooligan in my mind, a good guy in my life.
  27. When quarreling, the difference between a man and a woman is like the difference between a rifle and a machine gun.
  28, a woman is a fart, the brother is king.
  29. Is there such a person around you? When you are angry, he will be happy!
  30. How much scenery do you have in the eyes of others, how much sorrow you have in your heart!
  31, the truth is like a breast, the more covert it is, the more it can arouse the desire to uncover.
  32, knife and flies, the taste is a must, who wants to taste, positioning in advance.
  33. Let him be turbid and tidy, and give you a turn to return to Ganzi.
  34. I will install a WiFi on my grave after I die, because someone will come to see me often.
  35, the university is probably learning!
  36. I sold the love letter , only two dollars. Oh, this emotion is really embarrassing.
  37, let go, I can't stand your love.
  38, I want to thin into a lightning bolt, illuminate all the wretched dead fat.
  39. A lot of things are between not saying grievances and talking about feelings.
  40, only one I cherish or discard you.
  41, conquer a woman, there are two ways to pass: please her mother, beyond her father.
  42. As long as people do not lose their direction, they will not lose themselves! What is important in life is not the position of the station, but the direction in which it is headed.
  43. When you have a fever at home, you will stick to the Internet. When you go to school, you will feel that it is a late stage of cancer.
  44. When I was in elementary school, I loved to go to school, I had a homework assignment for a language class teacher, and I wrote an essay . The topic was (if I was a spider), I asked my classmates after class. I wrote an article at home in the evening (if I was a pig). Later I was at school.
  45, when you hate the message, there are four words "frequent operation"!
  46. ​​Some people say that my photo is ugly, and I laugh too. Have you ever seen me, even more ugly?
  47. With this life, we missed each other and decided to miss a lifetime.
  48. Since I bought insurance and crossed the road, I don’t have to look at the traffic lights.
  49. There are some people who can't believe it, but they can't believe it. One is an expert, and the other is fortune telling.
  50, mixed society is an individual strength work, pay attention to four homework: flashing and moving.
  51. The world's largest church can't hold your sins.
  52, put your own fart, let others smell it!
  53. It’s not that I love staying up late. It’s this night that I need this star.
  54. When the old lady turns into a swan, you are still an egg.
  55, lying in bed can not sleep, sleep on the table like a pig,
  56. There used to be a soft candy. I walked on the street for a long time and suddenly said: My feet are so soft.
  57. There is no breakup in my dictionary, only widowhood.
  58. I took my youth and gambled tomorrow, losing one day after another.
  59. I spent ten thousand to buy a Western Zhou pottery. I went to the "Jianbao" column for identification yesterday. The experts said seriously: "Which is this Western Zhou Dynasty? This is last week!"
  60, I am a skeleton, and what are you, swearing.
  61, friends, like me, I can't say aloud, don't hide.
  62. When you decide to forget a person, you are destined to remember that person in this life.
  63, child paper, please remember that excessive modesty is not called elegance, it is called incompetent!
  64, she is mine, don't touch! If you break it, you can't afford it.
  65, don't take your young reason for your B, don't take your stupidity as a bull.
  66, I am in the rivers and lakes, but there are no legends about me in the rivers and lakes!
  67. We said that we went to the white head together, but you secretly sneaked up the oil.
  68. Did you plant a pit when you were a child, and the acne on your face was poisoned by eating too much.
  69. What kind of people are in the city? Now the earth is called the village.
  70. Good women never claim to be noble, but people admit that they are noble.
  71. I want to find you but I can't find a topic. I don't want to say more if you leave.
  72, what kind of water, all his mother drowned, what flies, both fell to his mother.
  73, I admire your courage, looking for you is not the way to find it! Don't be a shame on me?
  74. Don't think that your own long experience with Optimus Prime is that it is useless to save the world.
  75. Teacher, can we change a more humanistic teaching method? For example... dreaming.
  76, the man wants to lock the zipper of the woman's wallet, the woman wants to lock the zipper on the man's trousers.
  77. In vain, you will be back for you.
  78. A simple love letter, how many people have ruined their youth.
  79. Occasionally a little bit of emotion, tears are words that cannot be told in my heart.
  80, brother, not lonely, because there is loneliness to accompany the brother.
  81, feelings, your face is the ass, the most is the chrysanthemum, even if you squirt, you have to spray shit.
  82. Sometimes you don't force yourself, you don't know that it's useless to force yourself.
  83. Xiaosan is a good thing. He can take away men who don't love you.
  84, life is bitter and tired again, please say to yourself in your heart: Laugh to Laozi!
  85. "Into the Science" finally unveiled the mystery of the Shennongjia savage - it turned out to be a group of Chinese who could not afford the house!
  86, you are the color magic, not forgetting to return when you are born  to see your mother!
  87. Passing by you but you don't know it is me, because I twisted my head.
  88. This year, love at first sight is the face, not the heart.