2018 most cattle sentence
  1, will set the road without the routine is the deepest routine.
  2, life is like a phone call, not you hang first, that is, I hang first.
  3. You are very dangerous to wear, but they are very safe. . .
  4, three meals a day can only make you live alive, snacks and nightingale is the true meaning of life .
  5, is not a handsome guy, cut a flat head will know. Is it a beauty, you will know when you unload your makeup. . .
  6. Some things, when we are young, we can't understand, when we know, we are no longer young. . .
  7, when you are thin, in my heart, then fat, and the card can not come out. . .
  8. Lai bed is the minimum respect for the holiday. . .
  9. So far, three apples have changed the world: one lure and confuses Eve, one wakes up Newton, and one holds in Steve Jobs .
  10. When I grow up, I want to be a husband, and I want to be lucky. I don’t want to play, I will eat him.
  11. Don't say sorry to me because we don't care. . .
  12. If a woman is a book, many women have only three pages: one page depicts the car, one page depicts the house, and one page draws the ticket.
  13, between men and women can really have a pure friendship, as long as one kills do not say a stupid in the end
  14, practicing a breath inside, practicing a fart.
  15. Now Beijing only has to wait for breathing and fart.
  16, the distance is not the beauty, is the third.
  17, so lonely, even the desire to be freed by me.
  18. I hate Qin Shihuang. He burned books and didn’t burn out.
  19, suddenly found that since I was equipped with glasses, I dare not go out.
  20, love at first sight, the bell is not love, is the face. . .
  21, come out to mix, sooner or later will be annoying.
  22, the problem first find the reason from their own body, not constipation will blame the earth is not gravitation.
  23, don't bother me, then bother me, you will lose the pit after a while.
  24, the heart is full of love, see the world beauty is a lover.
  25, confession or confession is not terrible, the terrible thing is that the ending is not to talk about a love, but a friend.
  26, life is her person, death is her mascot.
  27. In this era of rising prices, I suddenly found out that there is no price increase in the air, but it is expected to increase.
  28. After breaking up, I don't want anything. I only hope that your future man is not as good as one. . .
  29, suddenly look back, you have not left.
  30. Send your girlfriend home to go all the way. . .
  31. Is there such a person that you have made crazy thoughts, but now you have forgotten your life. .
  32. I have already set a date for marriage, and I am now a bride. . .
  33. I used to play hard, and now I play with my life. . .
  34, hit you, hit you, but also pick the day?
  35, don't look back, brother is just your back.
  36, If You Are the One, the female guest will destroy a man's lamp, and the aunt downstairs can destroy a whole floor!
  37. When you squeeze the bus and the subway, you can work with ease.
  38, God, my clothes are thin!
  39. Whenever I find the key to success , someone will change it.
  40. The wicked said: If you say that you are a wicked person, you will kill you!
  41, for a long time no one has blown the leather so fresh and refined!
  42. It is stupid to be beautiful as capital, and to be beautiful as energy is wisdom.
  43. The story of Sun Wukong's three-player bones tells us that a woman who is too fickle will be killed by a man. . .
  44, the so-called sleeping goods, can be summarized in eight words: spring sleep, summer lack, autumn, hibernation
  45, when shopping with his boyfriend in the summer, he will not want to walk behind you in the shade.
  46. ​​Even if happiness only reveals a thread, she has the ability to pick it up and weave it into a sweater.
  47, If You Are the One, the female guest will also destroy a man's lamp, and the aunt downstairs can destroy a whole floor!!!
  48, out of the mud without dyeing, and then back to the mud, still not dyed.
  49, lost, because you are always comparing with others.
  50, sometimes I miss you very much, but there are too many reasons why not. . .
  51, when I was a child, I often wet my quilt. When I grow up, I often cry wet pillows. . .
  52. Give me a pair of chopsticks. I can eat the whole earth.
  53. Going to QQ, it seems that in order to wait for a person, you can wait, but it is speechless. . .
  54. What is the class teacher: It is a person who destroys your friendship and then destroys your love and never let go of your affection. . .
  55. As soon as you go out, thousands of birds are flying, and thousands of people are gone.
  56, the wicked are never funny, the wicked must seize the time to do evil.
  57. Friendship is like a vase, and it is broken by a drum.
  58. You are very dangerous to wear, but they are very safe.
  59. Genetics tells us calmly that cross-species love is doomed to have no good results.
  60. JB is busy during the day and JB is busy at night.
  61, the beauty of the eyes before, not bubble is a sin.
  62. One of the most fair things in life is that everyone will die.
  63, look at time is not to get up, but to see how long you can sleep. . . .
  64. Later, someone will provoke you to say, "I have the ability to bite me!", you tell him/her, "I can't bite you. After all, tiger poison does not eat."
  65. People who have been dissatisfied with hair style have one thing in common: they refuse to admit that this is a problem of the face.
  66, brother smoking, because it hurts the lungs, not sad.
  67, I am crazy, stupid, persistent, persisted , I loved, in the end I still alone
  68, will not go to the men's clothing store to find their own "women's clothing."
  69, pretending to be mature, is the act of dressing up in the old.
  70. One day, the teacher yelled at the class: "You are too stupid, IQ is negative, my IQ is one hundred times yours!" Student:...
  71, water does not try to know the depth, people do not know how to be good. . .
  72. The goddess of freedom holds the book in one hand and the torch in the other. It tells us that we must learn when we have a power outage.
  73. Be a person who is between the cow A and the cow C.
  74, old age! Can you not use the inferior red rope of the cottage to marry me? Every three times and five breaks.
  75. In your words, I don't even believe in punctuation.
  76, my exercise is the same as underwear, how can make you easily see.
  77. Q: "My avatar, cow B?" A: "Like!
  78, beautiful women are not without the mind but they know that the face is more useful than the mind
  79. Do you believe in Christianity or cock?
  80, stockings are a symbol of power, women wear can conquer men, men wear can conquer the bank!
  81. You must know that it is a shameful thing to say to the sales lady that “there is no extra-large clothes”; but “the clothes here are too fat,” but they can just say the exit.
  82. I connected all the memories into one movie, and a tragedy was produced.
  83. Live the life of the Eight Rings, but want the body of Goku. . .
  84, can do it, try not to be noisy.
  85, God, please let me grow up to five centimeters, I am willing to exchange at the cost of thin and ten pounds. . .
  86. Everything has a price, and the price of happiness is pain.
  87. I am in a bad mood today. I only have four sentences to say, including this sentence and the previous two sentences. My words are finished.
  88, you are a real beauty. That is to say, you are only a beautiful person in the tunnel, because there is no light in the tunnel.
  89, starving this thing, doing a good job is called losing weight; swearing people, doing a good job is called a massage; daze this thing, doing a good job is called deep; lazy this thing, doing well is called enjoy; dead skin Lai face this Things, if you do well, you will be persistent; if you do stupid things, if you do well, it will be a big fool.
  90, crowded in Beijing, adding trouble to the capital...
  91, also because of loneliness, talked about a few love. Who knows that the battle has been defeated, easily and easily!
  92. Even if you have a name and a flower, I have to take care of it.
  93, TV, a square box that laughs at the lonely
  94. When the rivers and lakes have legends, they are dissatisfied with the city and the wind and rain, and they are sorry for the audience.
  95, the rural morning chicken is called, the city is called chicken at night!
  96. When you are traveling romantically, you will not flatten the back of your boyfriend’s bicycle.
  97. I won’t say if I kill you. You haven’t made the beauty yet!
  98, the world is so chaotic, whoever looks pure.
  99, I don’t know who the wife is on my bed, my wife doesn’t know who’s on the bed!
  100, originally prepared to become a lightning bolt this year, brighten your eyes, do not want to become fat into a nut wall, blocking your view.
  101, make a small mahjong, eat a spicy. Find a small object, life is like this.
  102, the men who came face to face, wrong, turned back because of appreciation rather than out of curiosity.
  103, carousel is the most cruel game, chasing each other but has an eternal distance.
  104, said that the sister is beautiful, in fact, all makeup.