2018 most beautiful sad sentence
  1. Don't take the memories of the past to torture yourself.
  2. For everything about me, do you disdain to know.
  3. Don't repent for what you missed. The people and things you miss, others have a chance to meet, others missed, and you have a chance to own. Everyone will miss it, everyone has missed it, it really belongs to you, and will never miss it.
  4, the days are the mood; life is the quality. Some things have been done, I don’t think about it, I think, my heart will be annoying; some people, if they leave, they will leave, they will not be in love, and then stay, the heart will be humble; some love, no more, no more. I will not miss it, and then I will miss my heart. We must know that the beauty of being a man lies in simplicity; the beauty of doing things lies in the solitude; the beauty of the mind is broad; the beauty of gathering is indifferent; the beauty of the mood lies in happiness.
  5, many times, we are always naive, always galloping in the future chase, imagining the happiness in the distance. After the innocence, we realized that the future is far away, and the imagination is boundless. We have designed the most perfect life path, but there have been few places to go. So we know that what is experienced is real, what is owned is its own, imagination is like a cloud, can only be dotted in the heart, can not melt into life.
  6. If it is not because of loving you, why should I underestimate the hardships and avoid the ones that have ever been
  7. Thanks to those who worked patiently to make me laugh when I was crying.
  8. I am like a fly on a glass. The future is bright, but I can't find a way out.
  9, waiting for love, have the most painful hope, and the sweetest despair.
  10. I don't want to love you, I love to forget myself, so I chose to let you go.
  11, if everything can not always be as I wish, I will laugh at everything to be able to bear with me.
  12. I am working hard on the way to your heart, insisting , looking at it.
  13, each piece of love is coming to the end, rewinding back, along the way or the flowers are delicious, or fall in love , but initially always love . Two people quarreled, first said that the sorry person did not admit defeat. Love, not to find a perfect person, but to learn to use a perfect vision to appreciate an imperfect person. Being single-minded is not just a person in a lifetime, but when you like someone, you are single-minded.
  14. They said what loneliness is. Loneliness is the second half-price but unshared drink. It is a discount package for two people in the cinema. It is an unattended baggage at the airport toilet. It is a buffet table for the hotel in the morning and a weekend. To dump half of the original dishes. ---Free egg girl residual snow
  15. In the dynamics of friends, I am always the extra one.
  16. Some people exist to protect their happiness, and others leave in order to fulfill their true love.
  17. Grandson’s question, son’s invigilation, Laozi will not do it.
  18, right and wrong, have become gray.
  19. Love is always more beautiful than reality. Love is strong, and you can't bear the stagnation of busyness. You are busy with chaos. You are too busy to forget your concern. You are too busy and exhausted. You are too busy to be at a loss. However, love cannot wait until you have time to cherish.
  20, the extent of the damage to you does not have much to do with the matter itself, the extent of your injury depends on your attitude towards this matter. If you pay attention to it, you will be seriously injured. If you look down, you will be slightly injured. If you ignore it, you will be harmless.
  21, he said that any of you is praised for the beauty, not the first time he met you, time flies and can not help but
  22. Why are you close to me, but I can't see you with a magnifying glass.
  23, your misunderstanding, my silence, the last heartache.
  24, she is not a sister, not a friend, not a heterosexual, but a trustworthy girlfriend in your life.
  25, there is always a group of people, called my nickname every day.
  26. Love is either mature or degrading.
  27. Looking at the scene outside the window, there was a scene that flashed like a slide.
  28, brave, not by others to prove for his fear, the strong, to be able to make love and peace of mind to loved ones and friends.
  29, a person must always love to lose control in his life.
  30. Those extra happiness is not necessarily what I want.
  31, more love, in order to be able to remember. If you hate more, you can do it.
  32. There is never a love for no reason in the world. There are only a few reasons why you cannot understand that I am not confessing. Maybe it’s just when you meet, you smile, or you frown, so I love, so, you are here.
  33. Love will fade as time goes by, but love will accumulate as time goes by.
  34. I used to think that love and marriage are two different things. Later, I feel that love and love are two different things. [琦殿]
  35, the most eternal happiness in the world is ordinary, the longest possession in life is to cherish.
  36. Even if everyone forgets me, I still have me.
  37. Slowly, you will believe that there is nothing to forgive, no one will stay by the side.
  38. Play with life, don't be too serious, anyway, no one can live to leave this game.
  39, the fragmented memory, piece together not to return to happiness.
  40. There are many great wisdoms in human nature, but you can realize the true taste in the indifferent, and you can learn from the loneliness, do not follow the changes in the world, have some desires, follow the sex, and end with the sex. Indifferent to seek solutions, lonely in the pursuit of smooth, so indifferent is rational, loneliness is the heart, it is the highest realm of human nature, only the thorough can deeply understand the deep meaning.
  41, you can't forget to smile, you can't get rid of memory.
  42. The person I love is not my lover.
  43. Missing only in a moment, missing is a lifetime. The truth will make us hurt for a while, but lies will make us suffer a lifetime. There is a kind of love that is deep love but can't say it. There is a kind of love that wants to give up but can't give up. Slowly, you will realize the taste of your love. Many things did not feel bitter at the time, and they were so clear afterwards. A lot of things don't go through feelings of laughter, and I feel funny after the experience.
  44, I am kneeling in the corner, burned by your happiness.
  45, easy to anger, is the most significant weakness in character.
  46. ​​Some things are unwilling to happen, but they have to be accepted; some people can't lose, but they have to let go. Sometimes, we are not waiting for someone, what we are waiting for, waiting for time, letting ourselves change.
  47. Talk to loneliness, just don't want to believe that you have left.
  48, I am infatuated with the infatuation of you, but we can not shine the spark of love.
  49. Although the best time is always very short, but we have been touched, we will remember.
  50, the pain of separation and disappointment, has not made a sound.
  51, the reality is so cruel, cruel is a bit sad.
  52. How much I want to see you, at the corner of the coffee shop, but deeply feel that imagining you is more reassuring than meeting you. It’s better to miss you.
  53. Memories have detained me in a sad past, so that I can't see the happiness of the present.
  54. I actually like you from beginning to end, but I can't say that I love you.
  55. Our memories are buried in time.
  56, I want not that I love you, I raise you, but, together, old and have you.
  57. Who will give me the reason to give up, the courage to move forward.
  58. How many people know that they are an alternative to the harlequin but still innocent.
  59. Once we started; now our indifference; our future.
  60. All passing roads are the only way to go.
  61. Even if the tears break off the bank, block the face and let others hear your laughter.
  62, time gave me a perfect love, but also took away my youth years.
  63. After a long journey of mountains and rivers, you are the hometown I can't go back to, and I sit on both sides of the time.
  64, happy flowers, after all, one day fell into mud to nourish sadness.
  65. Our first aging is never the appearance but the desperate enthusiasm.
  66. Every love has a tragic component. With love, there is sacrifice.
  67. In the vast sea of ​​people, look for a familiar figure.
  68, willing to have one heart, white head is not separated.
  69, [Sometimes no one will stay up late until late,]
  70, just miss, but will remember inadvertently.
  71. Your ordinary name has affected so many emotions.
  72. If all the land is connected together, go on a lifetime just to hug you, drunk his dreams, good night.
  73. If a man can put aside love, then this man will have a high achievement.
  74, you are not me, how can I know the tremor of my heartbreaking heart.
  75. Even if time goes by, we are no longer the ones we were.
  76. Will you miss my little complaints occasionally?
  77, no love, no hate, no mind, no attachment.
  78. True love is not a good feeling, but an impulse to know that there is no result and you want to stick to it.
  79. The degree to which a person is fully realized is exactly the depth of his suffering.
  80, time, one second and one second, I don't know how long I can believe.
  81. I don’t care, my heart is like a knife.
  82. Some people say that the parallel line is the most terrible, but I think the most terrible thing is the intersection line.
  83. At that moment, I discovered that happiness is just a false alarm. Love is nothing at all.
  84. You are too far away, I am afraid I can't catch up.
  85. Who hurts me, maybe it is me.
  86. Time can change everything, but it can't change the ending that has already been destined.
  87, I really want to chat with you and laugh, but I am sorry. I really want to see Isabel Butterfly with you, but I am sorry. I really want to test the same university with you, but I am sorry. I really want to continue to like you, but I am sorry. I really want to be able to live strong . But sorry
  88, the girl's secret: familiar with others to see the wretchedness of the chat content, generally the more cumbersome relationship is better.
  89. Those who understand love, know what to give up, what to cherish; those who understand, understand what is distance, what is pity. Not all love is a perfect match; not all feelings are true relatives. In life, there is always one person living in the depths of the soul. As time goes by, not only is the feelings more moving; the possession in the gathering is not only the actual meaning, but also the true feelings. It is easy to get a hand in life, and it is hard to find a hand.
  90. People who really like you like everything you like.
  91. Happiness has been separated from me for a whole century, and it is a distant place that I will never touch.
  92. For those who are hypocritical, I really want to slap a slap in the face of her hypocritical heart.
  93. If the relationship is long, it is not love, but dependence. Then when it is lost, it is not pain, but disappointment.
  94, Huan someone, does not have to be a lover, can be a friend is enough.
  95, girlfriends, is to die to you, but also let your heart be beautiful.