2018 beautiful sad sentence
  1, setbacks will come, will also pass, tears will flow down, will also be put away, nothing can make you discouraged.
  2, I am not proud, not a mess, I am tired of all the dependence.
  3. When we passed this life, we kept throwing away all kinds of luggage all the way, but until the end we must not lose the ability to commit silly, it can prevent the soul from drying up.
  4. How can I hide my pain? How can I hide my crying? I have to hide it, not let others see a little flaw, and don’t let others see my sadness .
  5. Sadness is that although it is difficult, it will always pass.
  6. If the whole world betrayed you, I will betray the world in front of you.
  7. No woman, no family, is not a complete family.
  8. I chat with people I like. He actually talks to me about people he likes. Do you know that my heart hurts?
  9. When I am not sticking to you, congratulations, lose me.
  10. Because I am single. I don't have to pay unconditionally like my grandson.
  11, patience, but also have a limit; strong , sometimes weak; cry, there should be growth; my world, has always been a person.
  12. Don't blame life. Although it exhausts you, it also sharpens you.
  13. A person who does not brainstorm is an unwise person. It is difficult to do whatever he wants. A person who is not good at listening to his friends is a self-contained person. After all, he can’t achieve anything. If everything is heard, The opinions of others, those who have no idea what they see, are equally unlikely to make a difference. The practical experience proves that listening to the opinions of the majority, discussing with a few people, making decisions by themselves, and approaching the truth from the simple and simple.
  14. In society, if you want to separate the levels, there is only one way, that is, competition, you must work hard, otherwise the ending is to be suppressed at the bottom of society.
  15. Sometimes, the person that suits you best is the one you least expect.
  16. People living in the world are nothing more than facing the two worlds, the world of the world and their inner world.
  17. I understand that love without an economic foundation is just a piece of paper.
  18. I am not the one you want to take if you want to take it. Remember to leave it when you leave it, because you can't find it.
  19, walking along the front, harvest is on the road, experienced, you understand, even if the road ahead, Mo Guzhan risk, maybe turn a corner, you can usher in a better tomorrow.
  20, can not be friends after breaking up, because they hurt each other; can not be an enemy, because they love each other, so they have to become the most familiar stranger.
  21, no need to despair, no need to despair for you not desperate, when it seems that the end of the road, there will always be new power, which means that we are still alive.
  22. If we have been telling ourselves that we are happy every day, we are not happy.
  23, life is so short, the world is so chaotic, I don't want to argue, I don't want to be cold, I don't want to have a second regret with you.
  24, there is a feeling more painful than loss of love, called self-love.
  25, people make mistakes, and most of them are too brainy when using the truth, but when using the brain, it is too emotional.
  26. When no one is hurting you, you must live like a man.
  27. If everything goes with her, it is a free person in the world.
  28, or Wen or Wu, I mean that you have to have the same place to do, and everything is loose. It is the realm that everything is more common.
  29, in order to see the style of the wild mountain, we must give up the comfort of the city; in order to get the most comfortable hug, we must face the difficulties in front of us; to have this purest happiness, we have to pay for it. To get permanent applause, you must give up the vanity in front of you. Abandoned the creek and the sea. Give up a tree and the entire forest.
  30. I have not had time to feel, but it has become a memory, time has made love lost, let me enjoy the past alone.
  31, plain but it is a state of life. It is the natural essence of "clear water, hibiscus, natural carving", without any heart. Do not admire power, not greed, not love luxury. What should I do? Therefore, people often say that "the faintness is true."
  32. If one day, I become very powerful, thank you for forcing me.
  33. A lonely person will always remember every person who has appeared in his life.
  34. My memory is not living at the end of Long Street, but my annual ring is dead at the end of Long Street.
  35, the fingertips of the wound is still not crusted, blood drops on the paper, such a conspicuous! Also remembered the deep memory of you, I cry so helpless.
  36, I don't pour the country, don't fall in the city, just do everything, love what I love.
  37, you must learn to jump and run, or you will be tired, whether it is the body or your half-dead heart.
  38. Once you start to hate someone, no matter what you do, you will get bored.
  39, life is inevitably subject to some grievances and injuries, rather than sullen and unhappy, it is better to be calm and calm. Only by experiencing the baptism of violent storms can we be calm and calm.
  40, time is a one-way street, past, can not come back.
  41, tears are magic weapons, accompany you when you are sad, accompanied by you when you are sad, only tears can vent their bitterness in your heart.
  42. Everything about life can be summed up in three words: it will pass.
  43. You must understand that a person's life is neither as good as people think, nor so bad.
  44. You never know what it is like to be lonely. It is like drinking a cold glass of water and you can squeeze out hot tears.
  45. Maybe we are going so far, not to see the scenery, but to go to the end of the world to meet ourselves. Because only in such a remote place, you can leave the world behind you.
  46. ​​Time will tell me how I came over during that difficult time. Time will also tell you how you lost someone who is willing to love you with life.
  47. Everyone in the world is completing two major accumulations – the accumulation of knowledge and experience; the accumulation of capital and credit. When you think you have completed these two accumulations, then what you want to do will succeed .
  48, you should not be too sad, because I have been there; you are not too lonely, because I have not left.
  49. It is not a miracle to make a lot of friends. The real miracle is that when everyone abandons you, there is a friend who stands firmly on your side.
  50, life is not perfect, twists and turns are also scenic, only with the peace of mind, you can do whatever you want.
  51. When you get rid of it, you are regretting when you lose it.
  52. Is the girl enough? Do you have to wait until he has wounded your body and you are willing to give up? Dead heart, he does not care about you.
  53. No one is encouraging me, so I should go ahead or stop here.
  54. If the person you like doesn't like you, then even if people all over the world like you, do you still feel lonely?
  55, calm, in fact, is a confidence in the plain, but also a joy in the calm, but also a kind of chic.
  56. Some people are hypocritical to hurt others, and some people are hypocritical to avoid harm.
  57, I am really useless, I am a fool, I am a fool.
  58. I hope that after parting from the parting, we will always meet again.
  59. The weather affects the body, the body determines the mind, and the mind is left and right.
  60, youth is so good, so good that no matter how you have been, you will feel the waves, look back, you must regret.
  61. You really have to run into the one that you can afford to live and can hold you down.
  62, love is like a chewing gum, chewing for a long time, it will become dull and tasteless, I feel flat and tasteless and want to give up.
  63, a lazy smile, crying heart marks, tears dripping down, and dust buried, the helplessness of the wind, lonely can not do.
  64, life is like a play, with increasing daily, in addition to age, there are acting.
  65. Waiting is not for you to come back, but to find an excuse not to leave.
  66, I am empty behind me, how dare to fall?
  67. Once the heartbreak has reached the limit, how much time is used, and the healing is not complete. You know, the heart here is broken, completely broken, and it’s hard to fight.
  68. If failure is an experience of life, then this kind of experience will make our life mature. If one is mature, it must be vicissitudes of life, and the vicissitudes of life can become a strange beauty.
  69. I would rather forgive others, and wait for others to forgive myself.
  70. What I want is not a short-lived gentleness, but a lifelong wait.
  71, love is based on freshness, after the shelf life, don't say how much you love.
  72. I knew this was a play, but I lost my heart; and you still wandered around the flowers, how many girls’ hearts were captured, and how many girls’ hearts were hurt.
  73. If you belong to you, you can’t keep going. If you don’t belong to you, you can’t stay.
  74. Pay attention to our future, because there will be places where we spend the rest of our lives.
  75. Waiting for peace, courteousness, and treating with sincerity, this is the guiding principle. It is a laity to take people by appearance; a mediocrity by taking clothes, and a villain by taking officials.
  76. Although the relationship is no longer the same, how can we care about it?
  77. If there are some words that want to say that De too understands, it is afraid that the original belongs to their own morality, others will be forced to give it, it will only be more painful!
  78. Use your smile to change the world, don't let this world change your smile!
  79, I only wish to be a next life, you are a tree, and I am wrapped around your vine, vines wrapped around trees, tangled.
  80, learn to give up! Give up the pain of falling out of love; give up the hatred left by humiliation; give up all the unspeakable load in the heart; give up the quarrel of exhaustion; give up the competition for power; give up the fight for the virtual name... all secondary , the branch, the extra, the abandonment must be given up.
  81, spit is used to count the banknotes, not to make sense.
  82, I am really not sad, but  without you, I am really unhappy.
  83, be a person, the product is first, only for the second.
  84. Both zero water and ice will melt together. How dare I expect our relationship to cool down and warm up.