2018 sad talk
  1. Everything in the world is illusory. My heart will still be with you forever!
  2, the world is busy as a stream of water, Hugh will hang on the fame and fortune. The rough tea and the light meal have passed, and the rich and the glory are strong.
  3, the time hastily, took away a lot of pure and beautiful things, want to return to the carefree days when I was a child, I want my brothers and sisters to run a family wine together, I want grandpa to ride a bicycle in the rain to send us to school, I don’t want to have a grandma for you to make breakfast for us to get up and eat. I think we are sick. Dad is carrying us to take the injection. It’s never been back. The only thing we can do is to do our best. Incapacitation,
  4, there is a leak in the world, the Buddha is boundless; knowledge becomes easier, and the truth is always new.
  5, exist, let love exist in my mind, no matter what kind of injury I have encountered, I believe that true love is in the near future, do not surrender to life, helplessly arrange, wipe out the dust of my heart, I believe, I will have me Love!
  6. On the old photo in the pocket watch, there is a woman who wants to meet me in heaven. I put her smile near the time. I just want to have her smile in my time, always there.
  7, usually always laughing and joking, nothing does not matter, but turned around, there is a bit of helplessness in the smile.
  8, time has been flowing, always flowing, will not stop to wait for my consciousness, repentance. How can I turn over the days? Decadence seems to be some kind of pride. I hate it, scorning such a boring me, a boring life. What should I learn?
  9, can not change the weather, but we can change the mood. Accepting the wind and rain in life, the time rushes away, leaving behind the experience after the storm, when we can give our soul another comfort.
  10, do not rely too much? One person, because of the dependence, so expect, because of expectations, so disappointed.
  11. I never thought about it. One day, I will meet sadness , but I have never thought about it. There will be accidents; I never thought about it. One day, I will encounter loneliness, but I have never thought about it. The person who loves will still not love it; this road of life, I am too far-fetched, too passive, too helpless, so I think, always take the initiative, those are called beautiful. Something, I want to seriously understand once, even today is the end of the last year, there is always one second to belong to myself.
  12, don't think about you again, don't love you again, let time fly quietly, erase the memories of our two, for your name, no longer think of it.
  13, the ruthless time old man is like a cold wind, blowing away the new atmosphere of all things, but as long as you hurry to accompany it to hurry, there is nothing to regret when you get old.
  14. Even if I haven't contacted for a long time, once I chat, there will be no gaps. It is still very kind, makes people very comfortable, asks each other and encourages each other . I have to sigh, time flies, in the blink of an eye, our university is graduating soon, employment, study, and another road to the road, each running.
  15. At the right time, meeting the right person is a kind of happiness; at the right time, it is a kind of sorrow to meet the wrong person; at the wrong time, meet the right person, it is a sigh; at the wrong time It is a helplessness to meet the wrong person. In fact, I don't blame her. Now I have figured it out. We just met each other in the wrong time.
  16, the youth has passed so fast, even if chasing can not catch up. Sometimes, when you wake up from the morning to sleep at night, you will feel that the flow is fast, who stole our youth, or are we running away? No one knows. Can an invisible person who has no trace to go without a trace be seen by you so easily?
  17. There are such happy people in the world who have turned their own pain into the happiness of others. They shed their tears and buried their hopes in the world. It has become a seed, growing flowers and balsam, and being lonely. The bitter man treats the wound. Uncle Tom's Cabin
  18. Missing the past will only make us more depressed and helpless. It will give us a feeling of sadness. In the past, goodness will be the past. Every time we miss it, it will make us feel bad once.
  19. There is no one in the world who will never be defamed, nor a person who will always be admired. When you have a lot of words, others have to criticize you. When you have less words, others have to criticize you. When you are silent, others still have to criticize you. No one in this world is criticized.
  20, the ages of the beautiful, the lotus sun, the end is nothing but the old and the old, the green hills. Really beautiful in the heart and eternal, only the momentary memory of the bones.
  21, in a blink of an eye, the year of the long years has been like the sand in the hand, the silent loss. However, if the sand is lost, you can grab another hand; if the flowers are withered, you can wait until the spring of the next year to re-emerge; the childhood is gone, but you can never look back.
  22, time is passing, never stop; everything is updating, and we are growing. The years are so fair, never give people a second, on the contrary, they will not give anyone a second. Everyone will experience the most important transitions in life from the passing of time, such as: from childish to mature, from impulsive to calm, from pure to thoughtful.
  23, one of the most painful things in the world, not a single order, but a person around the circle, let you feel that you are alone.
  24, the heart is dead, tears are also dry, unbearable return to the soul is also involved. The dream is awakened, no love, and the past is like a smoke. It is also true and false, and it also loves and hates. The only way is to find 觅觅, cold and clear, miserable; but helpless, forever and forever, this hate is endless...
  25. Nothing in the world is always yours, including your favorite people, raising children, including your wealth, your body, and finally returning to the dust. Everything in the world has the right to use rather than permanent ownership. Everything in the world is borrowed for us to use. Therefore, everything has a fate and a strong end. Life is like a passer-by, happy and joyful, and happy to go. The most important thing is to grasp the present!
  26. There are no unfinished stories in the world, only the undead.
  27, the most extreme distance in the world is that two people are far away from each other, and they don’t know each other. Suddenly one day, he
  28, a lot of things with the indifference of time, life has a lot of helplessness, a lot more like an air, too much can not see.
  29, whose finger slipped through the millennium of time who is repeatedly questioning and forgetting me, I have forgotten all of my grief and you have a bleakness in my eyes that I don't understand.
  30. Looking back yesterday, we have a clear conscience, even though too much bitterness has melted into the plows of yesterday, although too much sorrow is filled with our hearts, even though too much helplessness is written on our faces, despite too much energy On the process of yesterday.
  31. It seems like a year of water, and it has crushed the knot of thoughts. From then on, I wrote a long wait with my heart and pen, drawing traces of the flow of the year and painting the colors of the years. In the pale love , you can't see the romantic story, such as the time of the shuttle, you can't write the ambiguity and helplessness of the two sides.
  32. You in the heart and him around you are my love; the same feelings can only be buried in the heart. I want you to read every happy moment in every night with stars; I hope that you will miss your moment every time; love you in every second of your breath, there is too much helplessness in life, may my simple greetings...
  33. The waters of the east flowed, and the leaves fell. The time of sorrow was quietly and slowly disappeared. I wore new clothes and ordered firecrackers. One year, one year old, getting closer and secretly away, I sorted out the messy thoughts and went to the new year. It was another year of grass and green, and I couldn’t catch the gap between the fingers and the fingers.
  34, I feel very familiar with it. If a stranger meets you again, I will smile and pass by and then turn around and look at your back and cry, sometimes it is really helpless.
  35. The employment situation is really strange: the secondary school students have been eliminated, the junior college students have been covered, the undergraduates have gone to the fields to grow vegetables, the graduate students are vying to sell the pork, and even the turtles have become "kelp" - returning overseas, waiting to be at home! Really helpless!
  36, I can feel your heartache, you have helplessness that you can't tell... But you make an indifferent look, the more you do, the more uncomfortable I am.
  37. Everyone in the world is an apple bitten by God... Some people have large defects, because God especially loves her fragrance.
  38. Time passes by inadvertently, turning over the notes of the old days, and the lines between the words are full of intertwined feelings. It seems that I have returned to the ups and downs that I have experienced before. I am still in the middle of my life. The memories of the old days are still a little bit melancholy, a bit more prosperous, and a bit more vicissitudes.
  39, the torrent of years, took away the youth, took away the years, the rest is only a scarred body that was deeply imprinted by the years, and a vicissitudes of heart.
  40. Do not argue, do not appeal, do not entangle, do not cry, silence is the posture of our confrontation with fate. As long as the wind is up again, you are still around, and I will live with me for the night.
  41. Friends, we are growing and can no longer be in love with the past. As the Russian poet Pushkin said: "And the past will become a cordial nostalgia!" Friends! remember! The years are passing, we are growing!
  42. The moment is invisible and untouchable. Just when you are not paying attention, it has quietly passed you by, maybe you have waited, but what can you do? You still have to think. Therefore, we must cherish the moment and love the moment.
  43. There is no tragedy and comedy in the world. If you can get out of the tragedy, it is a comedy. If you are immersed in a comedy, it is a tragedy. If you just wait, what happens is that you are getting old. The meaning of life is not to take a good hand, but to lay a bad hand.
  44, the time has passed too fast, people are overwhelmed, had to look at the daze that used to feel perfect, and reminisce about the days before, but the capacity of memory is limited, and how to recall, can not afford a trace. At this time, you quietly leave, let me feel lost, how can I keep you?
  45, the passage of time, those past events, do you still remember it, today's sadness and the way through, the impact of feelings and career, will fade with the years, the books of time become old Unclear, always can't stand the test of time.
  46. ​​If the world is so big, why should I forget you, but there is nowhere to escape.
  47. The world is not affiliated with you, because this is not to be abandoned. What is to be abandoned is the persistence of everything. Everything is for my use, but I am not affiliated with it.
  48, we all fall in love, fall in love with regret, miss the past, remember memories, emotional time is too ruthless, but we have too much love.
  49, time hastily once did not like to mention the age, thank you to all the friends who will pass positive energy to me. Now this fairy does not worry about getting old. I would like to cherish every day, confident and mature, face the future, let go of obsession, smile, and look forward to encountering People with the same frequency don't care about fame and fortune. They only dream of being a horse. When they say something they like, they can shine in the eyes. If you don't have me, you are not afraid.
  50. The world once turned black and white, and now it is returning to beautiful colors. The world has lost its voice, and now you are singing with me. In the night, the darkness covers the left hand and the left hand covers the right hand. The fingers that used to hold hands are alone in the night. The wind blows the sand into the desert, you wait for me, wait for a long meditation for ten years. You are the legend of the world, you are the only one in the world. You let me spend a whole lot of youth to find you. He was hiding with her and her. Start……
  51, our love is no longer, now I am helpless
  52. Many past events are in the front of the scene, so blurred, once so convinced, so persistent, always believe, in fact, nothing, nothing, suddenly found that he is stupid, stupid not. I swear, I laughed, and the tears of laughter fell. Laughing at us so stupid, we are always repeating some damage, no one can hide and not find it. But I have been looking forward to being stupid, to be disappointed, to look forward to, and then to be disappointed...
  53. The mood has a sense of helplessness and helplessness, like a floating smoke. There is an empty sense of sorrow in the heart, like the dust that is blown by the wind, which is sad. The sorrow is filled with inner heart, full of, like a cloud covered with the sky.
  54. We are mortal, have our own emotions, have souls, suffer from loss, have weakness and have a strong side. We lament that life is helpless, helpless life, enriching life, maybe this is the meaning of life, the value of life. Some people say that life is helpless, but people will win the day, we can change. Indeed, perhaps only to enrich life, can make up for some regrets, make yourself more happy and less troublesome.
  55, a person will cry, it is because of pain; a person will hurt because it cares; a person cares because it has a feeling; a person has a feeling, just because you are a person! So, you have feelings, care, pain, tears, indicating that you are a complete person who can no longer be complete. When you are sad, forgive yourself, it’s just a person. There is no need to see yourself as indestructible.
  56, the passing years, the myth of passing, these are the gods' will, the gentle universe, what can I do with this little planet? Only in the middle of the passage
  57. The world has become quiet in the huge rain. Become lonely. Become lonely. It has become a sad planet.
  58. When love can't be perfected, I would rather choose no regrets, no matter how beautiful I am, I can't help but lose the memory of this life!
  59. How many embarrassing moments, I am free to write the helplessness in my heart. How many grief and moments, I express my anger in my heart.
  60. If you love you is wrong, I don't want to be right. If the right is equal to not having you, I will be wrong for a lifetime. Helpless, love to break the bank, can you understand that I feel that feeling?
  61, quiet night, cool breeze. The gray moon, bleak and dull, is like a boat in the vast night, slowly moving forward. My heart is stunned, looking at this scene, and feeling a faint pain, helpless, Yang Tianxiaoxiao.
  62. Life in the sky is busy trying to keep you, but I don’t know what I am doing. You are still pulling, there is no hesitation. The second hand walks little by little, the week has passed, one month has passed, and one year has passed! I don't seem to do anything! I had no choice but to sigh. Looking at the light rain outside the window, I want a little comfort.
  63. Time passes by inadvertently, turning over the old notes, and the lines between the words are full of emotional interlacing. It seems that I have returned to the ups and downs that I have experienced, and I am still in the middle of it. The memories of the old days are still just a few minutes of melancholy, a bit of prosperity, and a little more vicissitudes.
  64, miss is just as exhausted as love. I have no choice but to separate the two places. At first I thought that you thought it was very bitter. I wish I could fly to you right away and never separate from you. Later, I didn't think about you so much, not because I didn't love you, but because I missed it. I don't think about you any more, I still can't see you, I just torture you with my thoughts. So I know that I have to learn my life. ——Zhang Xiaoyu
  65, the days are always like the fine sand flowing from the fingertips, inadvertently slipping down. The sorrows and sorrows of the past are fading away with the wave of water, and the joy and laughter left behind are in the depths of memory.
  66. There is no time to come to Japan, only time is in a hurry. Cherish every minute and every second of the moment, don't leave what you have done and what you want to do to the distant future. We can only grasp today.
  67. I originally wanted to have a romantic time with you. I will always love you, but you can't understand me. How much I love you! I will never understand it!
  68. The photos that have already been yellowed in the drawers are really beautiful, or sad, but I can’t help but smile. I can only leave my own memories in the lonely space. I can imagine, arbitrarily circulate, madly erode, let the emotions Impulsive, the wind blows the earth, the moss is full of worries, the peaks turn back thousands of turns, the road is not full of thoughts, the endless horizons, the happiness flies with the legacy, who is the dust, leaving a deep loneliness!
  69, the same thoughts of the cloud, drifting over and drifting past, and finally fell on my palm. Beautiful as Ni Xia, sad as a morning fog. I can see you clearly, you can see me clearly, we are on the same horizon, doing different dreams, my dreams are like flowers, your dreams are like sunset clouds.
  70, it seems that you have entered the scenery of others, but I am still looking at the projection of the starlight, buried pure time seems to be yesterday but so far away
  71. It is important to remember that the time we study is limited. The time is limited, not only because of the shortness of life, but also because of the diversity of people. We should strive to use all our moments to do the most beneficial things.
  72. The only thing in the world that can get nothing for nothing is poverty. The only thing that can be born out of nothing is a dream. Nothing can be achieved without hands-on. Although the world is cruel, as long as you are willing to go, there will always be a road; you can't see the good, because you have not insisted on going on. When life is expensive, when you are hesitating, you may wish to take a small step first. There is no regret in moving forward. If it is beautiful, it is called wonderful. If it is bad, it is called experience.
  73. Loneliness is a helpless choice. Loneliness is because no suitable peers are found. Loneliness is the liberation behind loneliness. The process of loneliness is a process of finding true love.
  74. The world is a mirror, and everyone can see their own shadows inside. You frown on it, it gives you a bit of a sour face. You smile at it and follow joy. It is a happy and kind partner; so young people must choose between these two paths.
  75. When love is absent, you must learn to live well and love yourself. When love is absent, you have to learn to be chic, and everything will pass. When love is absent, learn to accept yourself; accept yourself and you will be happy. When love is absent, you have to work hard; work hard, after all, love is not the whole of life. There is a lot of helplessness in life. Please try to enrich yourself and enrich your happy life.
  76. Forget the promises of the past, that is just a humor of love. There is a gap in feelings, and love will no longer exist. Don't say that all of this is the arrangement of fate, but you have already rejected me from the heart. Your indifference is my biggest injury, and tears can't help but flow down. I don't want to squander my love for you any more, turn around and let go of this helpless love. Out of the heart of love, I am still free.
  77. Go back to the beginning, and go to the time of the year. Night sorrow, read no sleep, listen to the spring, every day is a new one, no longer leisure, looking at the stars filled with moonlight all the way forward.
  78, the girl's casual sentence is nothing, I do not know how much helplessness and bitterness hidden behind.
  79. Happiness always escapes the killing of time. If you want to reach out and catch something, you are struggling with frustration and helplessness. Waiting for the disappointment again and again, the result is to deepen the hate of yourself again and again!
  80, old is helpless, you need to change, parents give you time, but can not wait for your life, must be aggressive.
  81. I thought that as long as I left, I wouldn’t feel any more heartache. I thought that only a certain amount of time would dilute all the sadness, but these thoughts were all just ethereal, because I would still miss, or I will feel sad, or I will desperately go. Looking for you, but I have never seen you again, your smile, your shadow, everything about you, all disappeared into my world.
  82. In the thousands of days, what can I do? I am afraid that I will only live in a hurry. The past days are like thin fog, blown away by the wind, and the tide is soaked by the rain. What traces did the youth leave me? The smear of the years.
  83. But just before the moment, this garden is still full of joy and laughter, but I can't go in. They gave me a mystery, asked me to guess, guess right, to meet with you, to give me a love of hope. When I guessed the answer, I realized that everything had passed and the years had already changed the puzzle.
  84, the time has passed, and hastily passed away. Going so far without a trace, like the dew on the lotus leaf, slipping into the water, so fast and so simple. The sun and the moon are like a shuttle, youth, why, erase my years, but only leave a scar?
  85. Looking back on the past, the days are all full of colorful light and shadow. In the barrier of memory, the voice of the heart has gradually gone away.
  86. Nothing in the world can last forever. If it flows, it will flow away; if it exists, it will dry up; if it grows, it will slowly wither.
  87. I often think that memory is the most ambiguous thing. In the passage of time, it will fade away. The day-to-day boring flip of middle school life has slowly faded away. The bones are only a few back, and they are unbreakable in the memory.
  88. If my greetings bother you, I am helpless; if you and I get along with it, I am very sad; if the distance of my heart is far away from me, I am sorry; if everything has passed, please express it. I wish you a happy birthday on this special day today!
  89. When you are powerless to change everything, you can't do something you want to do, you can't have what you want, how depressed you are... especially unable to change the closest person around you, how anxious your heart is, everything is so helpless... once Second confidence, repeated efforts, repeated loss, so-called physical and mental exhaustion...
  90. When you decide to wait, wait. As long as this is something that will make you happy. But you must know that a beautiful ending is always a minority, and what you can get is more sad after sadness. If you know this, you have to wait, then wait. Although love does not have a miracle, maybe one day, there will be better people to save you. Falling in love with you is a rescue.
  91, forget, regret, helpless, just in this moment, through all, bloomed all. I promised it to you, but you stepped into the sky. You said: "An angel does not need the bloom of fireworks!" You are gone, I still look at the sky. Because I am not an angel, I need the bloom of fireworks. The moment of bloom, I am with you, so far away. In that moment, through all the pain, through all the damage.
  92, the passage of time, a stream of clear springs, a stream of fragrance; toothy annual rings, only the pale face, helpless waiting; recalling quicksand, no one can see his figure, no one can hear his footsteps Everything is going on in the passing, and it erupts in the passing.
  93. There is no feeling in the world that is not riddled with holes. Every relationship begins with a reason for his existence, and at the end there is a necessity for him to end.
  94. The photos that have already been yellowed in the drawers are left with goodness or sadness. I can’t help but smile. I can only leave my own memories in the lonely space. I can imagine, arbitrarily sway, madly erode, let the emotions Impulsive, the wind blows the earth, the moss is full of worries, the peaks turn back thousands of turns, the road is not full of thoughts, the endless horizons, the happiness flies with the legacy, who is the dust, leaving a deep loneliness!
  95. Like the night, it occupies all the light. You occupy all my thoughts. All this is so unprepared. When the expectation in the imagination is mixed with the helplessness of reality, I am so calm. Calm is so embarrassing.
  96, our life has too much helplessness, we can't change, we can't change it. What's worse, we lose the idea of ​​change... The feelings between us are not love, just don't love, just, not enough I love you deeply because you are stubborn but you don't love enough, so we have such an ending.
  97, the cello's voice is like a river, the left bank is my reluctantly forgotten, the right bank is the cruel years that I deserve to be clenched, next to the rogue, is my faint sentiment!
  98. Everything in the world is sentimental. The flowers of this life may be the people of previous life, just to find a sentimental past. The deep feelings and disappointments of Kirin Flower made me see love, saw the fate outside the love, and saw people and things beyond the red.
  99, how many helpless Tibetan minds, how much is ignorant, and in the end have become the scars of the heart, only know.
  100. For a patient whose life is dying, time is precious life; for those who do business, time is wealth, and some people say that time is like the wind from where the water left on the hillside blows. When you are gone, you will not come back. For the students who are studying, the moment is power, and the moment is knowledge. Cherish the moment is to master half of the knowledge.
  101. The world is cut in such a gentle angle. The sunlight poured back like mercury, and all the gaps were filled. After solidification, it emits specular light and reflects a thousand worlds.
  102, how many times, looking for the breath of memory into the gap of the dream, see the traces of the past: a Sichuan tobacco, a belt of autumn water, across the river to see the beauty of the moment disappeared. The yellowed diary is filled with the elegantness of the fog, the years of the flipping of the pen, the year of the year, the year of the month, and the disappearance of your figure in a certain year.
  103. Don't look ahead; don't think too much, otherwise it will cause trouble that does not exist. Judging the situation, decisive attack. You can't change your refusal to face the encounter. Progress means risk.
  104. Whenever you end, it is important to end
  105, facing, not necessarily the most sad. Lonely, not necessarily unhappy. Get, not necessarily long. Lost, not necessarily no longer have. Don't fall in love because of loneliness, don't be lonely for a lifetime.
  106, when you can't change everything, you can't do something you want to do, you can't have what you want, how depressed you are... especially unable to change the closest person around you, how anxious you are, and everything is so helpless.
  107. The world is glaringly reflected by the sun. Even the ordinary mud wall will reflect the radiant light like glass. At a certain moment, it is found that the sky never seems to be so bright. The light transmitted through the fingers will be in the pupil. Left, difficult to distinguish colors, light will also leave a mark
  108, time is in a hurry, do not say anything, you are our little sun, is our true happiness, love you, love everything. Like your sweetness, like your sunshine, love your innocence, have you, always sunny, we will always be your loyal fans, your favorite melon! Good morning!
  109, do not need to be understood by anyone, but do not want to explain to anyone.
  110, walk with you, remember the common ideals we have had; separate from you, yearning for the revelry of our reunion.
  111. Looking back yesterday, we have a clear conscience, avoiding too much bitterness and melting into the plows of yesterday, avoiding too many sorrows filled with our hearts, avoiding too much helplessness written on our faces, avoiding too much More energy is spent on yesterday's process.
  112, a few times insane, burst into tears, with a smile in the wave of goodbye to flowers and flowers, in the most beautiful corner of the world, in the storm, sipping the wounds, with the helplessness of the world, quietly went to the unknown Displaced.
  113, miss is sour, but also  a torture; sometimes it is a kind of expectation; it will give you strength; sometimes it is a kind of sad, delaying to wait for you to miss . Sometimes, missing is a monologue of the soul. The protagonist is himself from beginning to end, even though your thoughts are like the wind, and the thoughts are like rain, like snow. The person you miss may not be able to sense it. In such a bitter mind, more helplessness.
  114. Time flies too fast, people are overwhelmed, and they have to look at the daze that once felt good, trying to remember the days before, but the capacity of memory is limited. How to recall, I can't remember a trace. At this time, you quietly leave, let me feel lost, how can I keep you?