2018 very sad sentence
  1. How can I suddenly want to cry? Do I have some small sorrows that flow back into the river ?
  2. It is said that Shuangxichun is still good, and it is also planned to be a light boat. I’m afraid that Shuangxi’s boat can’t carry many shackles.
  3, used to be just an experience and feeling, not evidence, do not need to pay the current or future responsibility for the previous favorite. Don't hold on to the previous things. The facts now are more effective and persuasive than previous memories.
  4, take too many people to look at, so you may have missed your true love because you are not looking good.
  5, the battle of war, such as the abyss, such as walking thin ice.
  6, the memory is folded into a boat, and the shore can not be found repeatedly in the water.
  7, Wutong is more drizzle, to the dusk, bit by bit. This time, the first one, how can I get it!
  8. I don't cry or make trouble. It doesn't mean that I don't hurt. It's because I really love you.
  9, the beautiful flower will always fade, just like your love for me will always be tired.
  10, you laugh once, I can be happy for a few days; can see you cry once, I am sad for several years.
  11, drunk, don't remember the West Building, Chun Meng Qiu Yun, gathering is really easy. The half moon window of the slanting moon still sleeps less, and the screen is free to show Wu Shancui. () The words on the clothes are traced in the poems, and they are always cool. The red candle is not good for self-pity, and the night cold is tearing for people.
  12, I can look at it, just your back. You don't know, there is always one behind me, I am following you.
  13. Slowly, I dropped out of school and dropped it. It’s not that I have changed. I really can’t do anything about it. I admit defeat. I can’t move.
  14, I feel bad about you, hurt to ignore myself. I firmly believe in you and believe in self-doubt.
  15. It is possible that the vows are still in the ear, but they turn around and never see each other again.
  16. When a woman loses her sense of reason, she is the most terrible, and her revenge is heavier, making you feel empty.
  17. The most important thing in life is not where you are, but the direction you are facing.
  18, forever and for a long time, this hate is endless.
  19. After the end of the memory, I discovered that time and you have never waited for me.
  20. It is easier to love someone than to wait for someone. It is more meaningful to wait for someone than to love someone. If you choose to love yourself, it is just because you are so vulnerable.
  21, the time slowly flowing through the absurd youth, began to stay distressed. Excerpt from: Short American
  22. Silence is a loss that cannot be concealed.
  23, before the pillow, send a thousand wishes, to rest and wait for the green hills rotten.
  24, it is a pity that the sea will be bad, but never wait for someone, but unfortunately, I am a meteorite. He is a meteor.
  25, I can't hold you with my hands in the bricks, and I can't raise you with my hands open.
  26, forever and for a long time, this hate is endless. External Relations Department Work Plan
  27. At the moment when every one is calm, there is a silly and naive one.
  28, I am not happy when I eat, I will become fat when I eat, I am not happy when I become fat.
  29, can you tell me, your connection with me, so that I can rest assured, let me die.
  30, the goal of the girl's struggle should be, let the former boys regret, let the boys sweat at this moment, so that the future boys are rare.
  31, laughing and laughing for ten years, then laughing and laughing, it is not straightforward.
  32. In the familiar songs, the shadow of fairy tales is hidden.
  33. Those who do not know how to love themselves are incapable of loving others.
  34. Only after waiting for things to be human, people will know how to miss.
  35, the ones that are not available are always in turmoil, and those who are favored are fearless.
  36. The difference between me and Telunsu is! My purity is low, and the purity of Terunsu is high!
  37, you see these, it is estimated that we have each side, I will always hate you, you can not understand, because you have no heart, love is the heart, live you will never be happy, a husband is also derailed.
  38. A large piece of cool wind invades this desolate city, the leaves are yellow, and the geese are gone.
  39. The only reason I am fat is that my body is too small to accommodate my full personality.
  40. The longer you grow up, the more fragile you become. The more you pay attention to it. Perhaps, we have lost the courage of the time.
  41, since the growth of people hate water Changdong.
  42. Wanli Yinshan Wanlisha, who will be green and creamy. In the past year, I have been in the world for a long time.
  43. I can't do it for anyone who feels bad for me. I can only learn cruelty by myself.
  44. It is not that you think she is good, but she is the first to discover.
  45. Don't think that I won't be sad. At the moment I decided, I also collapsed.
  46. ​​My world is really small. When I turn around, I see your happiness.
  47. The regrets of this life have ended with him not starting, and he has passed by. He became the stranger I am most familiar with.
  48, juveniles do not know the taste, for the new words to say 愁
  49. Remember this sentence: You can manage your emotions, you are elegant, you can control your mentality, you are successful .
  50. We are so worried about what might happen in the future, so forget to slow down and enjoy the present.
  51, how many times to enter your space, in exchange for your name in the recent visitors. 诛仙游戏名
  52. Ask how many can you have, just like a river flowing eastward.
  53. I will have a heart and a clearer month.
  54. I am used to the habit of not being used to it, but I am obsessed with obstinacy.
  55, I don't know if I really love, but I know that I can't live without you.
  56. I have heard people say that memories are a bridge, but they are the ones that lead to loneliness.
  57, open the heart window, want the sun to fill every corner, but it is so embarrassing, sprinkled in the window, can not see the left atrium. Inexplicable loneliness, inexplicable embarrassment, inexplicable tears, inexplicable growth.
  58. The most plain and ordinary love is intimately attached to the lungs, and those gorgeous and illusory loves are not what he wants.
  59, looking for ambiguity, cold and clear, miserable.
  60, the general will come, the departure will always leave. A touch of life, smashed like glass, broken in the hearts of each other as the years go by. In the quiet time, you can have your whispers, such as flying, disturbing my heart.
  61. The long-lost heartache, the indescribable touch of the heart, like that feeling, makes people impulsive.
  62, I am not afraid of you to hurt me, I am afraid that you dare not come to hurt me.
  63, secret love is a kind of courtesy, narcissism is a kind of pride, love is a style of love is a kind of taste.
  64. Sometimes, love is also a kind of hurt, cruel person, choose to hurt others, kind people, choose to hurt yourself.
  65. The reason why you feel lonely is that no one cares about you, but the person you care about doesn't care about you.
  66, let me like your feelings die in my silence.
  67, I want him to come back early, but let me go to Qingyun.
  68, I am really frivolous, you are my shallow and shallow.
  69. Don't deliberately change yourself for someone, remembering that originality is always more valuable than piracy.
  70. In your heart, I am so worthless, do you believe it? Maybe you are selfish.
  71. In fact, I already knew that I was cheated, but I didn’t have the courage to admit it. It is said that everyone will have a purpose when approaching you.
  72. Things that have passed, can never be returned. Now we can only use it for memories.
  73. There are many words, and love is gone. Looking back at the heavy road: remember the green skirt, everywhere grass.
  74. In this world, there are only sad excuses and no reasons for indulging.
  75. From the moment you left to this moment, I have always been thinking, I am not the time to let go.
  76. Use youth to relax and grow old in the pain.
  77, on the line, is to send loneliness; stealth, is to avoid disappointment.
  78, busy is a good medicine for the treatment of all neuropathy, a busy, not sad, nor gossip, nor tears, not crazy. There was no anger on the calm face, and I only wrote a "roll" word in the past.
  79, in the sunset, the broken heart is in the horizon.
  80. In the face of too many changes and parting, I feel that I can’t do it.
  81. To get used to the world of two people, the life of one person.
  82, the belt gradually widened and did not regret, for Iraq to eliminate people.
  83, a decade of Yangzhou dream, won the glory of the building.
  84. If all the people are dead, it will not be so tired.
  85. The real contradiction is that she does not understand you, but you will not tolerate her.
  86, too late to erase the sadness of autumn, lonely snow is slap my desolation.
  87, some things, missed is forever, some people, a turn is a lifetime.
  88. When the boss uses you, you are a talent. When you don't need it, you will become a layman!
  89, I am lucky. Lost , my life. that is it.
  90. Just because love is not strong enough, there will be so many reasons.
  91. This is a disorganized youth, but it is the most common life. I went to the city yesterday to participate in the pigeon racing competition. As a result, I went alone.
  92, the sky is always blue, the sun is always round, the thoughts are always sour, I think you are warm, I wish you every day: everything is smooth, the pockets are always full, the days have passed The beauty of the smile, the smile is always sweet!