2018 beautiful sentences
  1. Many people break into your life just to give you a lesson, then turn and leave. If one day, your heart will never touch you again, let your anger no longer irritate you, let your sadness never let you cry, you know this time, what life gives you, you Grow up and pay for anything.
  2. No matter where you are, as long as I can know, I will unfold the wings of the soul and fly in your direction without hesitation. I will let the calm feathers dye the power of God and let the lucky eyes collect innocence. The sun, thorns and thorns, steadfastly come to your side.
  3. Without love , I still have a large group of friendships to fill the inner loss.
  4. My mood, like the dark clouds in the sky, has been raining. Never stop
  5, I will give you your shoulders, I will give you a hug. It doesn't matter if you want to go, my world is always there for you. Your world will let you own it. Not disturbing, it is my last gentleness.
  6, swear not to miss you, no longer love you, no longer love you, no longer mention you, but did not intend to receive your call today, my heart still can not help but a trace of pain, the sky is still white, the bottom of the eye Still can't help but shed a tear. Yeah, if I don't hear your voice anymore, I still don't know, I still care about you. The warm summer wind is scornful, but the heart is cold like winter.
  7, accustomed to quietly put some thoughts, smashed into warm, refers to the past, lightly depicting the moon; back to the squat, around the fingers into the incense; not to think about right and wrong, right and wrong, let the past with the wind, let the thoughts of aloes... ...
  8, who scorned the window sill humming, who exiled the sadness of the sorrowful night. Lonely walkers, such as the camel bells of the desert, have no end of the journey. Dust and dust, everything is like yesterday, staged, played back.
  9, the years are not old, that is to say that the frost that grows with the years, I do not know when to go quiet early, and finally can not keep the promise of going down together, love the warmth, forget the initial heart, lost Always, but I don't know when the frost will bloom in the next branch.
  10. What is loneliness? It is a charge for fifty dollars. It has not been used for three months, three months!
  11, who is a total, killing the Yangtze River, ten years of sorrow, two winds and frost. My watch is like rain, following you to every part of the world, always scorning the scorn of my heart, and turning my heart into a clear gaze.
  12. Forever, always an expensive vow in my heart.
  13. Once, he always spoiled me so unscrupulously. Thinking about it, I smiled painfully.
  14. Later, you discovered that if you want to fall in love with someone, it is so difficult. It's hard to think that you can no longer love, can't love again, it's hard to find the next person you find, and still use the first person as the blueprint.
  15. No one will always be around. Some people stayed and some left.
  16. Never pin your hopes on something illusory, and only wait for it to be disappointed.
  17. Those who are afraid of being hurt will never catch true happiness; those who are afraid of harm will always be harmed by others intentionally or unintentionally.
  18, tightly embraced, but very cold, but you are indifferent.
  19. My body is not good, but I don't feel inferior, because living is not better than others.
  20, because we are not willing, we know that it is wrong, we must also insist ; because there is no ending, we know that it is love, but also to give up; because of the habit, we know that there is no way, but still ahead . Don't, because of loneliness, I love someone, not to mention, because I love one person and I am lonely. We love each other and are destined to be unable to keep together. It’s not that I don’t love you enough, but I’m not sure, this love is the most correct.
  21, there is a kind of loss, can not say, can only rely on feelings; there is a kind of sadness, can not say, can only rely on collecting; there is a kind of like, can only be concealed by deception; there is a kind of heartache, called love can not speak.
  22, the silent night, the starry sky, the lights of the distant city are ruthlessly flashing, a cigarette lit, and also flickering and fading this night. The moth plunged into this bleak fire, and the river carried a trivial memory and flowed into the distance.
  23, I laughed inexplicably, it was only because I thought of you.
  24, who is thanked for the red flower? Who is the green leaf? Who is the cold of the month? Who is the wind? The season is blooming, and the season is withered. One tree spits green and the ground is yellow. A cold month, full of lovesickness! After all, it is the reincarnation of the previous world, not willing to appoint. I really don't have to care, but I can't do it. So, while walking and forgetting along the way, I also frequently reviewed all the way, unwilling, unwilling, can't bear...
  25, the sorrow of life, entanglement with gains and losses, and symbiosis with success or failure. The true meaning of happiness is not to be happy when it is time, but to be calm after the loss. The best thing, you are too tight, and you will be tired.
  26, I don't want to worry about anything as long as I am happy now.
  27, in your world, there is no my existence, so you can not feel the depths of my heart!
  28, the red dust mites, a few more passengers, a few people cherish. When the encounter, many people have promised the oath of "not forgetting, not leaving." At that time, we always thought that we would go on forever, and later discovered that those eyes that have been mixed; the expressions that have been embraced; the people who have been enamored have belonged to the past.
  29, I don't say, you don't understand, this is the distance. Something was missed and I missed it all my life. Life is only a few decades, don't leave any regrets for yourself, laugh when you want to laugh, cry when you want to cry, love when you love, and suppress yourself. Life is like a dream, but dreams don't follow people's wishes. Only when people can sit still, can they regain their troubles; if they sorrow, they will be able to see each other again; if they taste the bitterness, they will naturally return to their hearts.
  30. I wish that, as I wish, I will cut the ink of the infinite years into a piece of love, thinking that I can firmly imprison the past life, and I can still be a good person in this life. How do you know that such a careful but still lost the sign of the request, and dyed an inexplicable sadness. Helpless, point an old incense, lightly turn yellow, I suddenly woke up in front of the Buddha. However, I can reach out in all directions, but I can't stop the pace of time.
  31, then another night, the emotional sentences are withered. I don't want to write anymore, just tear off the page, the original poems are separated, there can be no endings, regrets, etc., so I fold the poems.
  32. Don't rush to say that you have no choice, maybe you will meet hope at the next intersection.
  33. Whenever I recalled that day, I was happy and sad, because on that day it would not be there again, and God didn’t even leave a good story for me. Sadness is slowly tormenting me in the years, so that I can't be happy every day. Even if my mouth brings a little smile in the days to come, it is also a smile for you.
  34, the line of sight gradually clear, the light has no warm light, a river, quiet and flowing, no jubilation, a bridge, standing alone, no hope, a stone, the picture is staggered, the origins are exhausted, Sansheng III, the original has been destined... If you say Our encounter is the beginning of the mistake, then I admit that I am awake and wrong again. For love, accepting hurt is my willingness.
  35, hearing your name is first uneasy, then a heartache and then tears
  36, the process and the outcome have been entangled and even feel greedy.
  37, don't mess with clothes, buy a little, but you can buy a few very tasteful. Eat more outside, treat you when you want to eat, please, please have more dreams , more thoughtful, harder people than yourself .
  38. When you miss you, if you don't know, I will feel lonely. When I miss you, you know that I am thinking of you, and I have comfort in my heart. When I miss you, if you think about me, I will feel sweet.
  39. I think that I am no longer hurt, I refuse everyone.
  40. How much I want to see when I get up and open my eyes, the first thing you see is you.
  41. There are always some things that make you see some people inadvertently.
  42. The eyes are raining for him, but the heart is holding an umbrella for him. This is love. Some troubles, lost, and there is a chance of cloudiness. What is really important is not the years in life, but the life in the years. Sometimes you have to jump out of the window and grow wings during the fall.
  43. At that moment, I seem to see the whole world collapse in front of me. The tiles in the ruins are engraved with fresh memories, and now they are quietly attached to the earth. Even if I am careful to keep walking quiet, I will eventually discover that I am only a person who is exiled by memory.
  44, people are like this, sometimes it will be sullen, sometimes burr, sometimes feel that they are in a particularly good mood, can do anything, these two moods will have. Time is past in such repeated and repeated.
  45, dear, don't be sad! When you are in pain, it is time to grow up.
  46. ​​The moment from the smashing of the smashing, the pain of tearing off a layer of skin is thoroughly plunged into the lungs. Many butterflies are dying at the moment they break out.
  47. Some things, knowing that it is wrong, but insisting, because they are not willing; some people know that they are love, but they still have to give up, because there is no ending; sometimes, knowing that there is no way, but still before OK, because I am used to it.
  48. I sometimes want to write a lot of my emotions, but I don’t know how to organize the language.
  49. I know that at this moment, I should not write anything more. However, those sorrows that have been hidden in my heart for a long time, except for hiding with silent words, how can I still! I miss you, but I won't bother you.
  50. If you hate me, I don't mind at all. I am not living to please you.
  51. I still remember, at the beginning, your appearance, the one who made me unforgettable, but made me heartbreaking. Now, we are not as old as before, maybe time will make the wound heal.
  52. Maybe we are only willing to choose sincerity, choose kindness, choose good, choose love in all the beautiful things under the clear sky, the magnificent mountains and rivers, the bustling market.
  53. In those days when the wind is low, I always like a person, sitting silently on the wicker chair and watching the dusk. Watching the sunset gradually fall, the blush on the day, away from the glitz of the glitz, in the depths of the heart, spread a rare peace.
  54. Sometimes I feel that I am particularly stupid and immature. I don’t know how to hide emotions, emotions, emotions, and expressions on my face. But when I saw those who didn't love to cry or laugh, and kept quiet all the year round, I felt that stupidity is also stupid, and that innocence is better than being insensitive.
  55. Compared with time, we lost; just because we lost, so, let it go! The bigger the bet of life, the bigger the loss. I hope that I will not forget each other, you and I can meet each other in this life, this life is already!
  56. I don't know what I am looking for. I always feel that I have lost a lot.
  57, you will never see my most lonely time, because when I can't see you is my most lonely time!
  58. Friends are divided into four categories: one is like a flower, and when it is gorgeous, it is discarded when it is wilted. The second type is like a scale, and the weight is lower with the weight of the object. The three types are like mountains, which can be used to ascend the horizon and send the emperor.
  59. I hope to find one who is worried about losing me.
  60. Who can understand my helplessness and fragility at this time.
  61. The beautiful memories of the past have buried painful tears. In order to understand your tears, I have come and gone in your world. I have come again and again, and I don't want to leave any memories about you. I thought that our embarrassment is just a youthful encounter, thinking that we are just a passer-by and a passer-by without a story in the sea, thinking that we are just a lonely soul written in the virtual world.
  62. I stepped on my long and thin, lonely shadow, and walked on the way home, blindly watching the silent and hearty rain, sucking the fragrance of flowers in the rain.
  63, life is like a flower, the face will eventually grow old in the dust of the years. Under the sculpting knives of time, let yourself keep the morning sun-like smile, dignified and heavy, profound and introverted connotation, that will be the most precious wealth that God has given us throughout our lives.
  64. I saw a moment when my friend told me that I wanted to be strong.
  65. After graduating, I want to keep those warm days, and I am eager to invest in the torrent of life as soon as possible.
  66. Whenever the mood is low and the sorrow is wilting, it doesn't matter if the wine glasses are turbid. Drinking the sake of the sake is so painful, I can't understand the helplessness of life, the pleasant music, the night's sleeplessness, the charming smile, and how many people's lacrimal glands are stinging.
  67, friends, meeting again! Friends, cherished! The water is in a hurry, the years are in a hurry, only the feelings will last forever.
  68. Busy is a kind of happiness, so that we don't have time to experience pain; running is a kind of happiness, let us truly feel life; exhaustion is a kind of enjoyment, let us have no emptiness.
  69. I cried on the way home, and my tears collapsed again. Incompetent to walk like this, no longer dare to be proud of luxury.
  70. When the mood is lost, go to the kindergarten that was full of memories, take a deep breath, and then yell: "Ah! Alma Mater"
  71. Some small things, when you think too much, it becomes a big event. Some details, if you want to be heavy, become a tragedy. To put it bluntly, it’s all about fantasy. Therefore, people are tiring and heart-wrenching. Be a relaxed person.
  72. If the stone will also shed tears, I want to make a stone to cry in your heart, at least, you can feel your temperature.
  73. When you miss, just look at the sky. No matter how far the distance is, we are always under the same sky. Happiness is actually very simple. When I am lost, when I am sad, when I cry, you will come to me and give me a hug without hesitation.
  74, I can wait for you for a long time, I am not afraid, I am afraid I will not wait for you in the end.
  75. We will no longer be irreplaceable to each other as before; we will never be as hard as we used to, until we cry out.
  76, life is impermanent, sometimes ups and downs, hold the greatest expectations, do your best, do the worst, hold the best mentality, remember what to remember, forget what to forget, change can change, accept In fact, the sun is always new, and every day is a beautiful day.
  77. That I, I have seen you, you are sounding a wooden fish in front of the Buddha. I lighted the lamp in front of the Buddha, and I often remembered your handsome, mysterious eyes, and I have never forgotten it. I met again in this world, met a pain, the stars lit up, said that the night did not sleep, turned to turn side. Deep rain alleys linger in your shadow, come and go for a while.
  78. I thought that what I was afraid of was the moment of farewell. It turned out that I was equally afraid of reunion.
  79. You are everything when you are there. Everything is you when you are not there.
  80. There is a retreat in life, and you can’t lose anything if you lose.
  81, you are a dust in the wind, occasionally falling in my heart, leaving a string of empty foot sounds, then grow away. The wind stopped, the rain stopped, the snow melted, and the fog was gone. I am still holding a lonely umbrella, kneeling in the rain alley of love. It was just that, the night was quiet, the song was over, and the people were scattered.
  82. I saw the facts and saw you. Now I know that I will be so sad.
  83. A person walking on the street, you are so beautiful in the crowd, as if the angels came to the world. The long, black hair of the black dances in the wind. Although it is far away in dozens of steps, I feel as if I can smell it from the smell of your hair. Drunk in the soul, forgot the time, my heart beats wildly.
  84. If you open your eyes around five o'clock, the day is bright, listen quietly, and the rhythm of clear and clear ears begins to ring. With this sound, the sound of one must attract the flock of birds, sly, ridicule, The rhythm is harmonious.
  85, overdraw the tears, do not have the liver and lungs. If one day, I become indifferent, please remember that when I used to be with you, you said that you were busy. If one day, I become blind, remember, no one has put me in my heart. If one day, I don't care about you anymore, please remember that you have never heard of my thoughts. If one day, I will not smile at you anymore, please remember that you have never asked me if I am not happy.
  86. We are still tempted by the time and we are still working hard to smile. Some things, we know that it is wrong, we must also insist, because we are not willing; some people, we know that we love, we must give up, because there is no ending; sometimes, we know that there is no way, but still In the past, just because I am used to it.
  87, that is the case, how many people lost and despair.
  88. Let us be loyal to our feelings. There are tears flowing, and there is a song to fill the gap in the bottom of my heart.
  89. I don't have a road, so I don't need my eyes. When I can see it, I often lose my mind because of my self-confidence. It is better to be more beneficial to us than defects.
  90, nutrition fast line is not nutritious,  like a sponge baby is not so happy.
  91. I believe that to achieve the status of being able to get married, two people need to achieve self-centered stability: no longer want to move to the fresh opposite sex, not to be confused about the future of life, to experience or experience the feelings or other things to achieve themselves. The estimated weight, determined to rely on the peace of mind to live.