2018 most popular sentences
  1. It is not because you need you, so I love you because I love you so I need you.
  2, you found out, those who do not like you, look particularly ugly.
  3, my wish is to sleep until childhood.
  4. It is obvious that you first moved your heart, but in the end it was me. Feelings of indifference, more romance and moving, after all, all become memories.
  5, I am alone, give her all the love. go away!
  6. Those wise men who pay no return, don’t feel lost, and will be happier.
  7. The biggest difference between doing and not doing is that the latter has the right to refute the former.
  8, the night is so mysterious, it is your memory can not be erased, let me hide in the corner to cry, paralyze myself.
  9, ideal is like underwear, to have, but not everyone can prove that you have.
  10, a woman kissing a man is a kind of happiness, a man kissing a woman is a kind of good fortune.
  11, these are not broken! It is the antique I collected! Of course, if you don't like it, you can throw it away.
  12. You have no jealousy in your palm, so I won't remember you.
  13, when I am used to not you, when you do not even have a fart.
  14. You don't have to find out when you know people. Knowing people does not have to say anything, and there is no friend when you say it.
  15. Whenever I saw Wang Dadong in the ultimate class, I thought I should buy a sanitary napkin.
  16, high is high, is a straw bag; short is short, can be stepped on; thin is thin, muscle.
  17. Who do you think you are, the bottle on the kerosene lamp, think you are a light bulb.
  18. I like to receive a reply just a few seconds after I send out the message. It feels so good.
  19. Whose feelings for me can be as firm as the renminbi.
  20, higher vocational is not as good as high salary, high salary is not as good as high life, high life is not as happy.
  21, keep a good heart, say good things, do good things, get a good relationship, be good people, people have good thoughts, Heaven will bless them.
  22, friendship this thing, the more familiar you are, the more you feel the other is a fool.
  23. You are irrelevant to me, but what time is it that you owe me money?
  24. Reconfirm that love is often lost to details.
  25. Don't listen to my language, you are happy, that is, you don't understand my funny back.
  26, men's heart is soft and poor, and women's heart will steal.
  27, said that living is really tired and tired, comfortable is left to the dead.
  28, so I can only love you, run to my life .
  29, staring at your avatar for a long time, but never beaten.
  30. Since I have a mobile phone, I have never been afraid of ghosts. When I play mobile phones, I have no time to deal with those things.
  31. People are reviewing before the exam, but I am preparing for it.
  32. The geographically bad sister paper shines brightly, and the geographically bad sister paper still travels all over the world!
  33. We have all passed the age of listening to love. One day, you will not need a vigorous love. All you want is a person who will not leave you.
  34. I have a little donkey, I am riding a date, others are driving Ferrari, I am never unusual.
  35. One day you will understand that giving up a person who doesn't love you is not worthy of being sad. The effort you can't get should be just enough.
  36, beckoning the sea gull bird, see my cloud dream, how about the mustard? Chu Yue and other ears, the liver and gallbladder have a storm.
  37. If two people still care about each other, no matter how difficult, they will find a way out for love.
  38. As long as you are alive, you will surely meet delicious food.
  39. You seem to have super powers to control my emotions.
  40, people are expensive and have faith, I said that if you don't pay back, you will not pay back!
  41. It is not how much a person has, but how much a person can give you; not how good a person is, but how good he is to you.
  42. If you are bullying me, I will write your name on the underwear and kill you with a fart.
  43. Your ordinary name has affected me so much emotion.
  44, I am good, Jesus covers me, God protects me.
  45. It is your business to talk about it. It is my business to listen to it. My business, you can't control it!
  46. ​​I am like a fly on a glass. The future is bright, but I can't find a way out!
  47. Do you believe in God? I believe, I am God!
  48. Don't see one love one, love too much, your love will depreciate.
  49. I wanted to be a problem teenager, but I have lived through the rules for so many years.
  50, sometimes explain or not explain the same! As long as you love me, I love you, as long as you believe in me, I believe in you. This is enough.
  51, not the end of the story is not good, but we have too many demands on the story.
  52. Some things are not my care, but what I care about.
  53. The most splendid but most unbearable is not youth?
  54. Waiting for your suit and shoes, I will be brilliant.
  55, our height is right, I am 1,82 meters, you 1,69 meters, as long as I hold you, you can hear my heartbeat.
  56. Do what you fear, fear that nature will disappear.
  57. Appearance determines whether it is possible to be together. Personality determines whether it is suitable for being together. Whether material decisions can be stabilized together, and whether trust determines whether they can be together for a long time.
  58. Water stickers are destined to travel alone, and there is no way to vomit and laugh at the road.
  59, I will look at you in the classroom, you will let me go to the podium to do the problem.
  60, boys playing games makes people worry? Boys who don't play games save money.
  61, I am a passer in your life, and you are the eternal freeze of my life.
  62. Make the circle smaller, slow down the speed of speech, relax the heart, and make life easier.
  63, this year the monk is also lonely, every day to visit the family nunnery.
  64, men can not cry in front of women, or you can not give her a sense of security.
  65, long-term low-cost acquisition of all kinds of idle girls, model is not limited, details are negotiable.
  66, I hope that you can take a bag of snacks to my face, it is such a simple and rude friendship.
  67. Youth is a constant intoxication, a sensible fanatic.
  68. As soon as I see you, my good wishes are awakened in my heart. When I think of you, my blood is boiling in the blood vessels.
  69, a fierce look at you is not good, a closer look is not as good as a fierce look...
  70, I have no personality, I am urinary, it is a drawback.
  71. The temper is the same as the fart, and it will be sent out, otherwise it will ruin the body.
  72. No one likes loneliness, but loneliness makes people more practical than disappointment, assault, and the vertical and horizontal after the alternating hot and cold.
  73. Knowing how to care for others is the real beginning of growth.
  74, others are going to see the meteor shower together, it is better to go see the thunderstorm!
  75. There are many ways to destroy friendship. The most thorough one is to borrow money.
  76. If there is a fire in the sky, the person who burns the sky will be me.
  77, bad love is, with you, I can throw away the whole world; good love is, with you, so I love the whole world.
  78. I would rather be like a child. I don’t want to watch too many things. I don’t listen too much, just for a lifetime.
  79, life can not live by the mood, but rely on the state of mind to live. Learn to be calm, you have learned to face all the pain and learn to cherish all happiness.
  80, we should learn to be grateful , he has come, I have loved, it is enough.
  81. When I change your remarks back to normal names, you are really no longer special.
  82, some people rely on strength, some people rely on eyesight, Nima I test by imagination!
  83, the boss, come to two pounds of true love, take home to feed the dog.
  84, my future is not a dream, my future is a nightmare!
  85. If you can drink alcohol, you can make a hangover in the past.
  86. Even if the whole world says that I am beautiful, but you say that I am not beautiful, then I am not beautiful.
  87. Don't think that it is a pet.
  88. If it is not suitable, don't do it. Will, will only disgust yourself and delay others.
  89, throw a hard pen, go to the Internet on the front, the opposite is to sleep, set up to go to work.
  90, when there is no money, wife and secretary; when there is money, secretary and wife.
  91. Can't you really be close? I won't be holding you anymore, I will take you.
  92, the world is too small, wherever you can meet boring people.
  93, all kinds of jokes are open, people from all walks of life are very embarrassed.
  94. After being separated from you, there are two me in the world: one pretending to be happy, one really sad.
  95. Do you understand why I can't come to a trip that says I will leave? Because you are poor.
  96, wait, when the wind has not blown, you have not been here, I have not loved.
  97, the person I love, I am willing to use my life to taste the joys and sorrows you give.
  98. If you don't laugh, I will give you a unique love song in the world.
  99. I used to be honest and tell my friends that I have you, but I really have no confidence now.
  100, quickly fleeing Shijiazhuang. This strange city.
  101. Every three thousand pounds of fat during the festive season, take a closer look at three kilograms.
  102, eat when you are hungry, sleep when you are sleepy, stop when you are tired, cry out when you are wronged. Kindness is gentle as you, let you lose, because God thinks you deserve better.
  103. Everyone is born with originality. Sadly, many people have gradually become pirated.
  104. I don't like to use my time to prove myself. I prefer to explain my time and prove myself.
  105. The past is like a paper clip. It fixes the page of youth and then turns it into a book that is not published.
  106, even if you want to cry, you have to smile and say: Your uncle!
  107. When someone is cool, the sister will bow her head, not the sister is shy, the sister is looking for bricks!
  108, beautiful can only provide eye for others, but not necessarily for happiness.
  109, housing prices are getting higher and higher, so, there are fewer and fewer good men.
  110. Don't think that you are playing other people's feelings. Your opponent may be taller than you.
  111, I am not wrong to love this, but I love the wrong person.
  112. Looking at the size of a school depends first on the number and type of condoms in the hospital.
  113. Your appearance has broken through the imagination of human beings, and it has a post-modern art level and a bloodline of Transformers.
  114, when I was a child, I was a genius. After more than 20 years of education, I was finally successfully cultivated into a mediocrity!
  115. I never flatter anyone, my mouth is not sweet enough, but you have to disappoint me, I have the capital to make you desperate.
  116. We always like to use the “following the nature” to perfuse the thorns on the road of life, but seldom admit that the true convenience of nature is actually not to force after the best efforts, rather than the inaction of both hands. .
  117. Those who do not have high faith are like the same pool of stagnant water, and they will never sway the magnificent waves.
  118. Women who don't eat may have several in this world. Women who are not jealous have not even one.
  119. To save water, try to take a shower with your girlfriend.
  120. What I can do is love you. I love you without any reservation before you hurt me.
  121. There are only people in the world who can't figure out what to do. There is no way to go.
  122, because of love, so compassion; because of understanding, so tolerance.
  123. Women like men with a sense of security; men are often attracted to women who are insecure.
  124, marriage is a happy thing, the premise is to marry someone who will take you as a treasure.
  125, Dear users Tips: You have not been in contact with your little sweetheart for a few hours.
  126. The black man went to see the horror film and ended up scaring his face.
  127, Huai Cai is like a pregnancy, it will take a long time for people to see it.
  128, don't despise me, give you a number plate, queue first, and then despise when you arrive.
  129. Those memories, in the evolution of the years, are depressed and can not be said to hurt.
  130, eat grass, squeeze out is acne want to pollute a place there are two ways: use garbage, or use banknotes!
  131. When I was born, God asked me if I want to remember well, or to be handsome. I have forgotten how to answer it at that time.
  132. Don't ask me how about the final exam. I can only say that it is scorched.
  133. Without love, life will not exist; without love, life will be pain, and life will be a punishment.
  134. Many people don't need to see each other because they just pass by. Forgetting is the best memory we give to each other.
  135. It is not because you forget, but because you remember, some people even if they are in a hurry, even if they pass by, they can give you the feeling that no one else can give.
  136. Why do women always live longer than men? Because women don't have to live with women.
  137. No matter how unhappy you are, we all have the responsibility to eat a good meal first, sleep well, and dress ourselves up. A lot of troubles, in fact, no big deal, just in that situation, in that mood, mediocrity is self-interested. So no matter what happens, be kind to yourself first, and when time passes, it will naturally become better.
  138, you have to care about me, I will never be generous. You have to be especially generous, I am definitely brighter than you. Your heart is changing my heart, really sincere.
  139, the school tyrants almost got it, don't take it too far from the masses.
  140. Don't explain yourself to anyone. People who love you don't mind, people who hate you don't believe.
  141. When you can't see the shortcomings of others, you can get unlimited wisdom from other people's behaviors, language, and thoughts.
  142, I am a dumb, usually speaking is disguised.
  143. Finally, I know that the suggestion box of the school is always empty, and the opposite is monitoring.
  144. I made a wish for the meteor. I didn't expect it to be a gray machine.
  145. No need to seek merits, no effort is merit. No need to feel the virtues, no complaints are virtue.
  146, there is a me in your eyes, there is a pig in my eyes.
  147. Don't come back when you roll it. I am not collecting garbage, no matter love or friendship.
  148. Please don't appear when I am eating. I am afraid that I will spit you.
  149, I can not say that your brain is sick, the premise of the brain is sick must have a brain! I can cover you at a glance.
  150. If you can't see my gorgeous sky, why should I explain my difference?
  151. At first glance, if you look at your long, unremarkable, it’s better to take a look at it!
  152. A person who does not know how to cherish you, more words are still so weak.
  153, my dual character, I always stay up all night, I slowly like those old songs, I will suddenly feel inexplicably bad, I do not like sadness but no way to suppress, I am polite to strangers, I am also very cool.
  154. Don't always think that the world  doesn't want you. In fact, the world simply has no time to take care of you.
  155. Don't lose your temper because you are in a bad mood. No one owes you anything. If you live hard, don't lose your faith , because goodness will be tomorrow.
  156, everything should be active, for example, you can climb the wall and wait for the red apricot.