2018 latest sad sentence
  1. No one cares how you cry in the middle of the night, and no one cares that you have tossing and turning a few autumns. Outsiders only look at the results and stand by themselves. When we all understand this truth, we will no longer be pre-existing in people, and we will complain about it in order to be comforted.
  2, confidence, perseverance, courage are all prepared, then the world has not done anything.
  3, life is based on time, wasting someone else's time is equal to murdering money; wasting your own time is equal to chronic suicide.
  4, no matter how strong love , can not withstand the erosion of busy.
  5, in the gorgeous language is just exaggerated, for me, silently smirking at me, or gently plucking me into the person in my arms, is my favorite.
  6, people will be hypocritical and fickle, this second is no longer this second, we must learn to habitual reality
  7, faint thoughts, you can't hear the sound.
  8. This earth will not change his natural laws because a person is completely hurt. The sun will still rise tomorrow, and life will continue.
  9. God usually answers the people who have paid in three ways: he nods to give you what he wants; he shakes his head to give you better; he lets you wait, and then gives you the best.
  10. There is a kind of power that is concealed. There is a kind of silence that is actually a shocking confession.
  11. Now that I am finally going to be separated, he is going ahead of me, but I feel a little gratified. Such sorrow , sooner or later, will allow one of us to experience it alone, let me take it.
  12. If we are all children, we can stay in the same place of time, sit down and listen to those stories that never go old and slowly decapitate.
  13. I would rather have a fight with you every day. I don't want to break up with you for a long time.
  14. As long as you always let a smile accompany you, no matter how difficult, how sad things can be passed, this is the attitude of life!
  15. The boy stands on the left side of the girl because it can be closer to her heart. 63. Success is probabilistic. The key is whether you can stick to the moment when success begins to appear.
  16. Recall that if this thing smells, it is the fragrance of camphor, sweet and steady, like remembering the distinct happiness, sweet and awkward, like the sorrow of forgetting.
  17. If you can't help, then the simpler the better, the more you don't leave room, the illusion of the other party, and no reason. Explain the reason for a long time, I am sorry because this is because it is clear that others are asking for themselves, but instead make themselves owe.
  18, awkward cities, just do not have their own place to stay.
  19, tears blur my vision, forgetting sadness is not that simple.
  20, I am just a passenger, I don't have to give up all of it.
  21. Survival is the first priority of mankind, and happiness is the only principle of survival. Happiness is the satisfaction of one's heart and spirit, and is the purest and noblest enjoyment.
  22. No matter what kind of blows and failures come, a truly strong person can calmly deal with it and be safe. When the storm comes, the weak people succumb, and the really strong people are calm and confident.
  23, everything I do is silent, bitter and sweet, more is chewing heartache.
  24. There is some love, we don't need to show it. Turn it into a blessing and wish you a happy life. Looking at you in silence is also a kind of love.
  25, know that the sea will not dry, the stone will not be rotten, the land will not be old, the sky will not be deserted.
  26, the real mature person grabs a handful of salt to the wound, but also smiles and says no pain.
  27, the rainy air, tired and sad, the fairy tale in my memory has slowly melted.
  28, the most exciting thing in life is not the moment of success, but looking back, that period of darkness seems to have no end, painstaking process. In fact, I am only very concerned about, in the heart of the people I care about, where I am.
  29, I thought that the courage of a person is to delete his mobile phone number, QQ number and so on, and try to keep a distance with him. Waiting for one day, I used to miss him, and I used to be away from him. I used to spend time cleaning his figure in my memory. And now, the epiphany. The real release is to keep all his contact information, but no longer expect him to come and go, but it is just the most common one in my mobile phone book.
  30. The children who used to be on the top of the text were never happy. Their happiness was like a playful child. They wandered to the sky and wandered to the sky but refused to come back.
  31, the wings of youth, scratching the memory of pain; yesterday's tears, provoked the embarrassment of the heart.
  32. I am sure that you will be someone I will never forget, even if your heart belongs to others.
  33. Never be curious about things that may be bad, or you may have to kill your life. Never make a decision when you are in pain, or you will regret it later.
  34. Let the corals escape the erosion of the stormy waves? That is no different than burying their beauty.
  35, the enemy that can make you angry, shows that you have no grasp of his victory; a friend who can make you angry, indicating that you still care about his friendship.
  36. If you want to hold your hand, you give me a reason not to be happy, loosen all of us.
  37. I look at you smile, silence, smug, and loss as I am now, so I am happy with you and follow you, but I have been standing now and you are always there.
  38. It is not a pity for the climbers to lose their past footprints. It is dangerous to lose the direction before they continue.
  39. No one hates love, but everyone is tired of waiting, guessing, apologizing and hurting, and unfulfilled promises.
  40. Love is just a piece of white paper full of handwriting. If you tear it away, you will never be able to return to the original look. Some things are suitable for your heart. Many things have passed and more are unwilling. Complaining has also become a story.
  41. The only true love that can last is to accept everything, to accept all disappointments, all failures, and all betrayal. Even accepting such a sad fact, in the end, the deepest desire is simply a companionship.
  42. There is always a feeling that I am lonely, and my mood is floating down.
  43. If I become addicted that day, remember that I used to be a special one for love.
  44. Sometimes forgive a person because he cares too much, so let him let it go; sometimes it is because he doesn’t want to argue, because he can’t bear it.
  45, I don't understand, the haze of the sky, is your wound or my sorrow?
  46. ​​Some people will always be engraved in memory, even if they forget his voice, forget his smile, and forget his face, but the feeling when he thinks about him will never change.
  47. There is a story in one's heart that cannot be said. In fact, many stories don't have to be said to everyone. As a memory, sadness is also beautiful.
  48. Missing someone who doesn't love you is to wait for someone who loves you. You don't have to worry about who you love, and believe that those who truly love you will make you fall in love with ta. This is the power of true love.
  49. In the long process, after all the patience was precipitated, there was only confusion, and it was vowed to call it "going with nature."
  50, unless the time can go backwards, otherwise, no one will know who will accompany who to the end.
  51. Do a good job of not busy work, and live a wonderful life without saltiness.
  52. Stop here, you are all in sight, all your smiles.
  53. Time will gradually precipitate, and some people will slowly blur in your heart. Learn to let go, your happiness needs your own fulfillment.
  54, no one can predict the next moment, so don't have to insist that it is not so stubborn. Go with the natural boat to the bridge head naturally straight. It’s like an umbrella when it rains, and a quilt when it’s cold. When you are happy, you will cry when you are sad. It’s a simple truth. If you don’t love me, I will love myself.
  55, life, sometimes slowly grow up in constant choices.
  56, the infatuated side is destined to the deepest injury, since the ancient infatuation eventually became empty.
  57. Because of me, no matter how far away you are, you will not be alone; because of you, no matter how simple, I will not be lonely.
  58. Winter, with silk chill, silk Xu Xiaolai late, morning light, the cool sunshine, bloom at this moment, turned into that faint sorrow and thoughts.
  59. Some people have promoted life to see each other, mutual guessing and mutual damage, while others have released their lives in the earth for long days and distant mountains and seas.
  60. Think of hard work as the inevitability of life, even if there is no hope of harvesting, it will continue with peace of mind.
  61. Being alone is not born, but the moment you fall in love with someone.
  62. It is normal to have negative emotions, but you must know that you must understand that this is only a small part of your life. In the rest of the time, try to calm your emotions.
  63. If people do not have integrity, even if they have the ability to be smart, they will always be a dangerous person.
  64. Complaints, in addition to making yourself a bad attitude towards others, will make you do nothing.
  65, a mask, I completely pretend that no one is willing to take my mask off.
  66. Regardless of whether the front is a raging sea or a deep abyss, I will not hesitate to go forward!
  67. Memories are nothing but a bowl of soup made by Meng Posu. The old wounds that have passed through the intestines have hurt the liver and intestines.
  68. Those loves carved in the back of the chair will be like the flowers on the cement, and the lonely forest without wind.
  69, you have not experienced my life, what qualifications do you have to comment on me.
  70. All stories have an ending. But fortunately, in our lives, every ending will become a new beginning.
  71. Obstacles and failures are the most stable stepping stones for success. If you study and use them, you can cultivate success from failure.
  72. Too many people mistakenly understand naiveness as pure. If you have experienced the sacred field, you still insist on you, that is pure; if you have seen too few worlds, you think that you are, that is innocent.
  73, you are unable to reach the light, can not quit the imagination, can not give up the like.
  74. You are the dream that I care about, but I can't get close to it.
  75, happy people on the face to see, and the pain in my heart can anyone feel.
  76. If you fall in love, carry your hand to the old one; if you miss it, protect her.
  77. There is a kind of tacit understanding called ignorance; there is a feeling called wonderful; there is a kind of happiness called with you; there is a kind of thought called eye-seeking.
  78. Sometimes, you don't like that one, you can be with ta. The reason why we don't have the courage to say more is because we don't have the courage to face the few that we have lost.
  79. Happiness can be obtained through learning, even though it is not our native language.
  80. When our love is dyed with dust, we will wait for a baptism of a storm. Some people, some things, are you really forgetting if you want to forget? The most painful thing is that if something disappears, it will never disappear. It will never come back again, but it will leave a thin and pointed needle, which will always be inserted into your heart, and it will never be pulled. I want to hurt you, you have to hurt. Love is a bet that can't be returned if it is thrown out. I don't say, you don't understand, this is the distance.
  81. Because the eucalyptus is rooted in the deep soil, the green shade of life will be longer and the more lush the scorpion enjoys the same treatment as the seedlings, but it is not the grain ear.
  82. Each of us lives in our own past. People will spend a minute to get to know a person, spend an hour to like someone, and spend a day to fall in love with someone. To the end, It takes a lifetime to forget a person.
  83. The children who used to be on the top of the text were never happy. Their happiness was like a playful child. They wandered into the sky and wandered to the sky but still refused to come back.