1, people and people can not get along with passengers!
  2, hard work and not lazy, Feng also like, owe also like.
  3, to do everything to the extreme, so that others can not learn.
  4, memories always make people relive the happiness, but also open the scars when smiling.
  5, if you don't get what you love, you will love what you get.
  6. If you envy others, then you will work hard, and the dark emotions will only make you worse.
  7. Work hard every day to make every day shine.
  8. Tell yourself once a day, "I am really good."
  9. Life can't be as good as you think, but it won't be as bad as you think.
  10. I believe that there is always someone in the city who will make you remember for a lifetime.
  11, some people say that the pain is the ultimate, it is not crying, only sour, in the chest cavity.
  12, can lose money is a realm of being a human being , is a kind of wisdom.
  13. Study hard , correct shortcomings, carry forward the advantages, and put your academic achievements up.
  14. The most beautiful thing in the sky is the stars. The most beautiful thing in the world is the true feelings.
  15. I found that I seem to have changed. It turns out that whenever people grow up, they will change.
  16. The success or failure of life is often between one thought, but most of them are the difference between one thought.
  17. The sun is new every day. Are you working hard every day?
  18, learn to look down on some people and things, this is the best protection for yourself.
  19. If a person wants self-confidence , perseverance and courage, then the world has nothing to do.
  20. If the matter is over, it is over. Don't go back to your next goal.
  21, men do not show up the wind, empty and natural eight feet.
  22, the state employs people, when morality is the foundation, talent is the end.
  23. Once a thing has it, it will depreciate immediately.
  24. I traveled because I decided to go, not because of the interest in the scenery.
  25. Once upon a time, I thought I found the happiness I wanted, but when I paid for nothing, I found out that it was always my wishful thinking.
  26, life is a song, suffering and have fun, life is a cup of wine, there are sweet and awkward. In the deepest part of everyone's mind, there will always be a gentle space for some past events, those that have never been forgotten. Sometimes crying is not because of loss, but the regret that has to be left. Some things have been missed, and I have missed it all my life.
  27, not bitter or tired, the third day is boring; not fighting, not equal to white.
  28, read more, exercise more, make your heart full and wise, cheerful and optimistic . Life needs to be colorful, don't let the boring sky occupy the soul. On the way forward, there are not only birds and flowers, but also wind and rain. It depends on who is better than ourselves. What we need is true happiness and warmth.
  29, efforts do not necessarily change life, but change life must work hard.
  30, the treasure can be found lost, lost time can never be found.
  31. Be a sunflower and plant it in the palm of the Sunshine.
  32. There are no ugly women in the world, only women who will not use Mito Xiuxiu!
  33. Because of being young, I am confident; because of my self-confidence, I am young.
  34. Transfer to your beloved woman: Remember to dress up every day and go out because you never know who you will meet today. No matter how old you are, how many books you read, if you are beautiful, you have to be a beautiful girl who is gleaming. Be nice when you are happy, be beautiful when you are not happy! If you have a secret, then it is: love yourself!
  35. In fact, the world does not feel the same thing, and the needle does not stab others, they do not know how much pain.
  36. The golden age is in front of us and not behind us.
  37. Inexplicable world, struggle is king.
  38. Everyone will die, but not everyone has really lived.
  39. For the rest of my life, the snow is yours, the plain is you, the poor is you, the glory is you, the gentleness of the heart is you, the gaze is also you.
  40. In the end, I just want to forget you. In the end, I just want to cry in my dreams.
  41, do not mess with the heart, not trapped in love. Fear of the future, do not read in the past. So, very good.
  42. Just like the ocean, only the strong-willed person can reach the other side.
  43. If you have yourself, you will not be left to live.
  44, time washed away the traces of your smile, but can not erase my memories of you.
  45. If it is a small grass, even in the best companies, you will not grow into a big tree.
  46. ​​Efforts are not necessarily successful. If you don't work hard, you will not succeed. Have I worked hard?
  47. Those who become major events are not shameful; those who make great contributions are not forgiven.
  48. Success is the sun of the day, so the short text is the star in the night.
  49. The sunshine has been given to me in the local area. I have the greetings from you in the rain. I have my favorite partner in the local area where the text message can arrive. Good morning! I wish you happiness every day, happy forever. !
  50. If you can't cope with my worst side, then you don't deserve to have my best side.
  51. If you can't squeeze into the world, don't squeeze it, it will hinder the eyes of others and your heart will be exhausted.
  52, Yang is innocent in the sky, leaning on the ground, between the pitching, innocent in this life.
  53. I am just a small character. Not an artist. In my country. Free to think.
  54. If you dare not say it, you can only rot in your heart; those who cannot love can only be in your heart.
  55, I can't do it in one step, but I can move forward slowly.
  56, someone asked me, how to describe the feeling of losing the favorite person, how to say it, presumably, in the sea of ​​people also feel lonely, watching comedy will cry.
  57. Please don't burst into tears in front of him. He can't give you care and concern. At most, it's just a little sympathy.
  58. In those short years when you have loved me, I may be the happiest person in the world, but those days are gone, and I have to stay and stay.
  59. Life is not dominated by the environment, but is intimidated by the habits of its own habits.
  60, shouting is a must, even if no one hears in this life, the echo will be a long time.
  61, there is no fate between you and me, relying on my death support, I know, you do not lack me, how can I dare to support you.
  62. Opportunity has a special affinity for the prepared mind.
  63. Love is a happy experience, not a worry and suffering.
  64, I have never changed, just learned to disguise. Stumbled, passed the most gloomy moments of life, the most difficult times.
  65. If it is not suitable, don't do it. Will, will only disgust yourself and delay others. Did not find a suitable, do not fall in love, continue to cool down. Don't panic, don't worry about being married, manage yourself, cherish the moment, and everything will come. What are you afraid of, the years are long, your heart is kind, and there will be one person to accompany you on horseback riding and drinking.
  66. Illumination is not a patent of the sun, I can also shine.
  67. The size of the fun of life depends on how much we care about life.
  68. When I was desperate, I looked up and the light of hope actually existed.
  69. Only you can make me smile the most, cry the most thoroughly, remember the most profound.
  70. The colorfulness of life is experienced by too many alternating cold and warm. If you think that you are happy, you will look for it. There will be many people in our life who come into our sights, maybe leave an inscription, but we all understand that some people just Passers on the road, because they can't hold too much, will eventually leave their journeys. Life is simple and fascinating, people are simple and happy; learning to be simple is not easy.
  71. This life must be cherished, the spring flowers will be opened again, and the love will never come back. Love songs can sing to the old and will not get bored, but the desire to handle can be rubbed shoulders. Don't miss the back of spring in this life. The most beautiful face in the back is your appointment. You smile in the bush. I am the smiling flower picker. I walked over to you and I was shocked by the red bursts around the king.
  72. How can I break the broken string? I feel that you can't hear it. Your transformation is like a broken string. How to make a sound is not right. I can distinguish your change.
  73. If I can, I want to know you again, starting with my name, and in the future, I will never fall in love with you.
  74. Whoever thinks about the future has the meaning and purpose of life.
  75. I put down my dignity, put down my personality, and put down my stubbornness, just because I can't let you down.
  76, used to it, is a very powerful word, can replace all the words difficult.
  77. Life is like an anvil. The more you are beaten, the more sparks you can make.
  78. Learning is an extremely cherished thing, and it is shameful to absorb it from any source.
  79. How much love is like this. I started to give you happiness at the beginning, but I ended up wishing you happiness.
  80. Give the opportunity to others at the right time. This is a wise investment.
  81. Privately, the opinion is called to replenish the Taiwanese.
  82, the delicate rose is the protection of the spike, the softness of life is the tempering of life.
  83, remember to read more books. On days when you don't study, your thoughts will stop. Over time, you will rust.
  84, I always envy others, why are you happy than me.
  85. If you are not afraid of material scarcity, you will be afraid of the lack of the soul. If you are not afraid of material wealth, you will not be afraid of the spirit. It is a rich life to be willing to pay for nothing, but to be a poor life.
  86. Give yourself a goal and let life burn for it.
  87. Only by experiencing the most painful persistence can we deserve to have the most permanent happiness.
  88, no matter how you think about it, you can't contact you anymore. I want to look down and look a little lighter until I can't see it.
  89. Misbehavior when young, there must be no interest in adulthood.
  90. The most sad thing in spring is the lack of harvest; the most sad thing in life is the loss of loneliness.
  91. I thought I could wait, but now you don't even give me the opportunity to wait.
  92. Let yourself mature while looking for opportunities. When the time is ripe, the ideal can be achieved.
  93. You drink your tea, I taste my spirits, and since then you and I have different ways, no longer meet in life.
  94. Maybe I am just a passer in your life, but you will not meet the second one.
  95. If you don't think clearly, it will become a burden. You must take the time to think about it.
  96. When you are tired of yourself, “change” is the best choice. Many people and things are blindly seeking formal changes and forgetting the actual scrutiny. If you don't change, you just wait for death, and you can't make a clear change. “Change” is not “becoming different from the past” but “becoming better than before”.
  97. When you are proud of the spring breeze, leave some blank space for thinking, don't let your mind stunned; when you are in pain, leave a blank for comfort, don't let the pain suffocate the soul; when you are upset, leave some blank for happiness, worry It will be a cloud; when you are alone, leave a blank for friendship, a sincere friendship is the second self; when you are lost, leave a blank for hope, hope is your guiding light.
  98, time will dilute a person's memory, but there is no way to kill a person's grief.
  99, people should learn to take their own path, but should master the compass in their hands.
  100, ideal refers to the road light. Without ideals, there is no direction, and without direction, there is no life.
  101, the tree has no skin, it must die! People have no face, the world is invincible! That is to say you!
  102, the paper has come to the end, I feel that this matter must be carried out.
  103. Whether it is success or failure, it is tied to oneself.
  104, when, I was wronged, I didn't want to cry, but as long as someone asked you what happened, I couldn't help but shed tears.
  105. During the flowering season, life began to show beautiful brilliance. In the colorful dreams, I am looking forward to my world, the sky is blue and green, and the clouds are clear. The world is big, and I only need a small home, not too luxurious, as long as it is warm enough to accommodate my waywardness and loneliness.
  106, able to sing alone, one person drinking coffee, one person graffiti, one person traveling, one person walking the street, one person walking in the rain, one person listening to music, one person talking to himself, one person in a daze, one person dancing One person watches TV, one person flips a magazine... Only love is something that one cannot do alone.
  107. Because there is nothing to do, it goes with the flow. Because the heart relies on nothing, so go with the flow.
  108. I can accept failure, but I cannot accept myself who have never struggled.
  109, some stories, not one must be told to everyone; some sad, not necessarily everyone will understand.
  110. The rain falls because the sky can't bear its weight, and the tears fall because the heart can no longer bear such pain.