1. Be considerate of the feelings of others. If you laugh at it, you will lose more than it will, and it may cause unexpected harm.
  2, the fragmented memory, piece together not to return to happiness.
  3, cling to the belief , seize every opportunity to bloom the most beautiful one.
  4, the pain of separation and disappointment, has not made a sound.
  5, our first aging is never the appearance but the desperate enthusiasm.
  6. In the history of the world, every great and noble moment is a kind of passionate victory.
  7, girlfriends, is to die to death, but also let your heart beautiful.
  8. What I want is not that I love you, I raise you, but, together, I am old.
  9, happy flowers, after all, one day fell into mud to nourish sadness .
  10, anything in order to achieve success , must be willing to make an effort, and there persist in the end perseverance.
  11. Memories have detained me in the sad past, so that I can't see the happiness of the present.
  12. If a person is brave, he is his best friend.
  13, there is always a group of people, called my nickname every day.
  14. A noble goal is achieved by mean means, and it is not a noble act.
  15. You are not me, how can you know the tremor of my heartbreaking heart.
  16. She is not a sister, not a friend, not a heterosexual, but a trustworthy girlfriend in your life.
  17. Enrich every day and watch every day happily.
  18, can love, can hate, can not be careless.
  19. There are no terrible things in life, only things to be understood.
  20, adversity to hone people. Adversity is a teacher. The bitterness of adversity can be sweet.
  21, waiting for love, have the most painful hope, and the sweetest despair.
  22, I am kneeling in the corner, burned by your happiness.
  23, do not think too complicated, the hand is too tight, things will be broken, the hand will hurt.
  24, [Sometimes no one will stay up late until late,]
  25. For everything about me, do you disdain to know.
  26, for those who are hypocritical, I really want to slap a slap in the face of her hypocritical heart.
  27, I am infatuated with the infatuation of you, but we can not shine the spark of love.
  28, your misunderstanding, my silence, the last heartache.
  29. I am a single-core Pentium, but I will exude my enthusiasm.
  30. Life is like riding a bicycle. To maintain balance, you have to move forward.
  31. In your memory, your smile can be dyed green throughout the summer to warm the whole winter.
  32. Those extra happiness is not necessarily what I want.
  33. Looking back at my entrepreneurial journey, I am constantly looking for a process of constant correction.
  34, a long life, to be happy with interesting people.
  35. Love will fade as time goes by, but love will accumulate as time goes by.
  36. Going to greed and simplifying, the soul can be incomparably quiet and free.
  37. Time can change everything, but it can't change the ending that has already been destined.
  38. Think of difficulties as opportunities and smile in adversity.
  39. If you pay more attention to others, you will have less effort to reflect on yourself.
  40. In the dynamics of friends, I am always the extra one.
  41, the reality is so cruel, cruel is a bit sad.
  42. Love more, you can never forget. If you hate more, you can do it.
  43. Life is a flight, and you can't sit still.
  44. Even if time goes by, we are no longer the ones we were.
  45. A person is proud to live, and a humble existence.
  46. ​​In the confrontation between the hard worker and the smart person, the effortr will eventually gain the upper hand.
  47. There is always one person in a lifetime who wants to lose control.
  48, you don't have to be so tired, because you don't have a lot of audience.
  49, time gave me a perfect love , but also took away my youth years.
  50. How far is it forever? No one knows, because when you know it is no longer forever.
  51, Huan someone, does not have to be a lover, can be a friend is enough.
  52. Some people exist to protect their happiness, and others leave in order to fulfill their true love.
  53. I just miss it, but I will remember it inadvertently.
  54. Be confident and grasp your future.
  55. Things you can solve don't worry; things that can't be solved are useless.
  56. Thank you to those who worked patiently to make me laugh when I was crying.
  57. When you go, others are running. When you play, others are learning.
  58. Our dreams are different, but we have the same direction, help the youth dreams, and cheer for the Chinese dream!
  59. Don't wait until you miss it before you regret it. Don't wait until you lose it before you want to save it.
  60. Looking at the scene outside the window, there was a scene that flashed like a slide.
  61. Love is either mature or degrading.
  62. Every time something happens, the heart will be calm, and the god will be quiet.
  63. Who will give me the reason for giving up, the courage to move forward.
  64, do not care, my heart is like a knife cut.
  65, everyone will fall only to continue to squat or stand up.
  66. The biggest motivation for hard work is that you can choose the life you want, not the choice of life.
  67. The greatest happiness in life is that you can't rest for a minute.
  68. Regardless of whether there are rice grains on the face of others, please take care of the mirror first.
  69. The pursuit of truth is more valuable than the possession of truth.
  70. Every kind of love has a tragic component. With love, there is sacrifice.
  71. Those who have no goals will always work for those who have goals.
  72. Dreams are used to be chased, not to be fantasized.
  73. You are too far away, I am afraid I can't catch up.
  74. At that moment, I discovered that happiness is just a false alarm. Love is nothing at all.
  75. As long as you work hard, you can become the person you want to be.
  76, being able to control yourself is your guarantee of future success.
  77. If the early bird does not eat the worm, it will be eaten by other birds.
  78. This land has nurtured me. I will use my hands to make this land fruitful.
  79. It is a hero who shows it, it is a talent that is manifested, and it is stupid to show it.
  80. Don't always fall in love with the past. Yesterday's sun will never dry today's clothes.
  81, your ordinary name, but it affects so many emotions.
  82, time to use busy to refuse, let the fight to success.
  83. No one can go all the way to the end, but remember, don't forget the original one.
  84. I don't know where I will go in the future, but I know that I am already on the road.
  85, I don't want to love you, I love to forget myself, so I chose to let you go.
  86. The degree to which a person is fully realized is exactly the depth of his suffering.
  87. Who hurts me, maybe myself.
  88, the road of your choice, even if you are squatting, you have to finish it.
  89. Ordinary is a blessing. It is a sin not to be enterprising. Falling is equal to sin plus sin.
  90. Happiness has been separated from me for a whole century, and it is a distant place that I will never touch.
  91, right and wrong, have become gray.
  92. Our memories are buried in time.
  93. I actually like it from beginning to end, but I can't say that I love you.
  94. Even if the tears break off the bank, blocking the face should let others hear your laughter.
  95, will you miss my little complaints occasionally?
  96. If it is not implemented, the best idea is futile.
  97. Heaven will never fall off the rose. If you want more roses, you must plant it yourself.
  98. Even if everyone forgets me, I still have me.
  99. Learning Buddha is not a kind of sustenance for death, but it is living and surpassing at the moment.
  100, no love, no hate, no mind, no attachment.
  101. No one is sorry who, no one knows who to cherish.
  102, love me not to go, a simple sentence.
  103. In the vast sea of ​​people, look for a familiar figure.
  104, the boat of genius, set off in the river of sweat.
  105, time, one second and one second, I don't know how long I can believe.
  106. If everything doesn't always be as I like, I will laugh at everything and be able to bear with me.
  107. Some people say that the parallel line is the most terrible, but I think the most terrible thing is the intersection line.
  108. All passing roads are the only way to go.
  109. I am working hard on the way to your heart, insisting, looking at it.
  110, give yourself a micro laugh, said that he is very good! You are your own god!
  111. When you want to give up, think about why you started.