1. I am still waiting for you, but you have forgotten to have been here.
  2. Tears are gifts that you mailed to me. The address is not so happy.
  3, I heard that happiness is very simple, simple to the time to rush to dilute.
  4. When you think of you, it falls on the body like snow, never left.
  5, Altman your mother told you to go home to repair the nuclear power plant.
  6. A person’s loneliness is not terrible. The most terrible thing is the loneliness after having a partner.
  7. Know that you are not doing well, I am relieved.
  8, the most lonely and most helpless time is always a person alone!
  9. I hide in the corner of your life and pretend that you missed me.
  10. If there is an afterlife, I expect to stop meeting you again.
  11, you grow so much, attracting countless scorpions to compete.
  12, the original growth is a pain of the soldiers.
  13. Later, some things didn’t happen without meaning. You and I didn’t mention it anymore.
  14. Don't let me feel, yes, we are all following the rolling of the earth. Rolling farther and farther.
  15. Do you want to forget the past? Oath to lie, one person is quiet? No longer worrying.
  16, I am very low-key, I want a low-key world to know that I am very low-key!
  17. For you, I am a wound that cannot be said in words.
  18, heartache, tired, lonely, kneel down, hug yourself.
  19, the picture becomes blurred, and you become no longer love me.
  20, the flowers of the motherland, open a flower I step on.
  21, forgive my cranky thoughts.
  22, can not find someone who can accompany me in the same boat, then I will go.
  23. You all left, leaving me alone.
  24, who is right and who is wrong, and then unable to distinguish; who is right and wrong, can not see clearly.
  25, thank you for hurting my body, let me see the false love .
  26, turning his face faster than flipping a book is not terrible. She is still turning over and over.
  27. Why do I always feel unhappy, is it that when happiness comes knocking, I am not at home.
  28, I am not a superman, why do you fight the world for you?
  29, I think I am not because of the loneliness of nature, but stubbornly believe that I can stand the loneliness.
  30, improper white horse, not a dark horse, so it became a zebra.
  31, don't discharge me, my mom has a caller ID.
  32, you have the wisdom of Baidu, the speed of Thunder, the safety of Jinshan, but unfortunately the use of QQ.
  33, the weather turned sharp and sunny, just like we are far and near.
  34. If you use a beautiful child, I will count it.
  35. Knowing that you are not mine, I still remain as dead as ever.
  36. Everything is short-lived. Only remembering and losing is long.
  37. Two people who are very close, have become very far, even farther than before.
  38. Everything I see in my eyes, but I didn’t say anything.
  39, but I still want to wait, wait for an impossible possibility.
  40. Now, everything around me is new, but I miss the old one.
  41. After you left, your heart began to panic, and you began to regret it. If you have already gone, you will only touch the air.
  42. I am not a saint. I don’t care much about the idea of ​​everyone.
  43. I am not familiar with Wu Yi. His brother is very familiar with me.
  44. If everything can still be done from scratch, I still have no reservations and give everything to you.
  45, you are ugly, it doesn't matter, you can be confident , but you have the pride of Fengjie, which is really disgusting.
  46, I can not eat for you, then you can not drink water for me.
  47, the world is so big to know you, I feel so unfortunate
  48. If the two are in a long time, it is a romantic thing to have a big eye and a small eye.
  49. I will be alone with you and I will be forgotten in the journey.
  50. I sang the song you liked over and over again, but my heart cried.
  51. Now where are you in your arms, my shoulders and your temperature?
  52, has been looking for, even if the results are scarred, even if nothing.
  53. The sun is too warm, but the heart is cool.
  54. Maybe one day, I will really forget you; maybe one day, there will be another one around me to replace you.
  55, just a small wound, but why do you feel pain at any time?
  56, who has not met with the time of the year, you give this blank less old people!
  57. The left eye jumps and the right eye jumps. I jumped in both eyes. Does it mean that I am about to fall into a big pit filled with banknotes?
  58. Who knows that I was brilliant in the past, who knows how to end today.
  59, you have a very personality, "not high, the character is still so bad"
  60. Your commitment to me, time to make it a journey that can't go back.
  61, knowing that I still care about you, why should I leave?
  62. Since the change of space music, I found that there are fewer and fewer people running the hall.
  63. No one is waiting for a person, one person is waiting for no one.
  64. In fact, we are all children. Why do we have to be so strong in disguise, we have suffered ourselves, tired ourselves, and hurt ourselves...
  65, life has never died since ancient times, early death is not the same death!
  66, youth, like a grand and gorgeous play, we have different masks, play different roles, perform different experiences, but have the same sorrow.
  67, you have to get used to the cold and heat of anyone, but also to see anyone drifting away.
  68, the most attractive person is Master Kong has thousands of people every day to soak him.
  69, looking for the original love, has long been lost in the wind, although there are thousands of words to talk about.
  70, dust, precipitated me and the memories you once proud of.
  71, you said that you will always love me, but you are holding other women to sleep.
  72, I don’t want to be cold-eyed with you, you know, I care about you.
  73. People who can see when they close their eyes, that is your favorite person.
  74. At the same time as friends defending Xiaosan, Xiaosi is also busy there.
  75, please do not be disappointed, ordinary is for the most beautiful sigh.
  76. When you want to pick up the red envelope, open it and write another package.
  77, forgot, forgot everything that was once, and I am no longer the one.
  78. The feeling of ending without ending is always over; those who cannot have will always forget.
  79. If I leave, I can fulfill your love. I am willing to escape from this bitter sea.
  80. I thought that I could work hard, but I only remembered it.
  81. I like to be quiet in a dark corner and sing a song we share.
  82. Watching you play with others, your face is a smile that I haven't seen for a long time.
  83. My love is cheap, and I won’t be discounted for you.
  84. If one day I go down. Remember, I will come up to find you.
  85, I don't like memories, but you just left a lot of memories for me.
  86. The love words you said to me are just lie by chance.
  87. I wanted to turn around gorgeously, but I didn’t expect a low-key wall.
  88. I hope that someone can be as warm as the sun and I melt my uneasiness.
  89. If the general really loves his wife, there will be no story of the general and the monk.
  90, I am a little hooligan in thought, a good guy in life
  91, please your bad excuse, but want to be free, OK, I will let you go now.
  92. In this city of reinforced concrete, it is useless to hold the cry of love that has passed away.
  93. The world is coming to an end. There is something I have been holding you all the time. In fact, I am Altman.
  94. I am willing to give up the whole forest and I don't want to hang on this dead tree.
  95, not my unrequited love, but you do not know how much painful loss of heartbreaking.
  96. The same text message, how many times have I edited it, and how many times I deleted it?
  97. There are more and more monsters in the world, and there are fewer and fewer Tang Yan.
  98. Because I am a Jinkou jade tooth, I don’t speak easily.
  99, don't want too much, it must be that I made a mistake and got it wrong.
  100, do not harass, I am harassing others.
  101, inner loneliness nowhere to tell, who cares about why.
  102, tied my eyes, tears can not fall, I am still happy.
  103, it’s not time to go fast, it’s too close to the end.
  104, secret love is a pantomime, it is a tragedy!
  105, sometimes I feel that I am really stupid, obviously feel unhappy, but still so unrequited
  106, now think of it, or kindergarten is mixed.
  107, I am sorry, you can only use my future to repay
  108, sadness flows into the river, who I am for everything...
  109. I used to care for our love, but I was crushed by you.
  110, that period of unrelenting and madness, love you all over the body
  111. Pretending to look up at the beauty of the sky, I just don’t want tears to flow out.
  112, you made me like this, I don’t blame you.
  113. I want to forget the past, but there are people in the past who don't want to forget.
  114, today's points and seconds, who will you be with?
  115, the man's promise, just like a woman said to lose weight, always said never realized.
  116, even a simple smile was taken away by the betrayal of Seoul
  117. So deadly, do you really want to leave?
  118. The distance between people and people is too close to tie people, too far will hurt people.
  119. I gently closed the door and hid the scars in the corner.
  120, look forward to, disappoint, look forward to, then disappoint
  121. There is only one road, abbreviation, and one dead road.
  122, the world of lights, I only want to spend with black and white.
  123. Happiness is a cinema. There is no single seat. To stand side by side, you can watch the show.