1. Everyone's starting line is the same. The key is to use different means of transportation.
  2. People are defeated by themselves, and they first defeat their emotions. A person who can't control his emotions, a word from someone else, in one sentence , you can sleepless all night.
  3. Is there a person you want to see, but you can't see it; there is no one, you want to love, but you don't dare to love; there is no one, you want to forget, but you don't forget
  4. If a person is important to you, then the distance is no longer important to you.
  5. You will always lose to a person, even if you never admit it.
  6, lonely acquaintance, love, happiness, quarrel, break up, no time
  7, I want to let people all over the world know that I love you, love is so unforgettable.
  8. Maybe in one place, there will be another me. Do what I dare not do, live the life I want
  9. The promise you give is like a star, so much, but I will never get it!
  10. The saddest thing in life is that you love someone very much, but you can never be together.
  11. The saddest thing in the world is not that the person you love doesn't love you, but that he loves you and finally does not love you.
  12. The things that are used for the ancients are called cultural relics. Nowadays, people usually use waste.
  13, in fact, the most concerned about you, is always the one who loves you.
  14. You are the one who can say that you like when I am not blind, but I am the one who can let go if you don’t lift your head.
  15. There are always individuals who have said that they will always guard you, but in the end they are around others.
  16. The voice of heartache, you can't hear, what are I waiting for in ignorance?
  17. The person I love deeply has already died in time.
  18, close your eyes, I saw that you do not care
  19, I also want to be loved by one person, one love is a lifetime.
  20. Many times we think that love goes away from ourselves. But I don’t know, in fact, love is in our own hands.
  21, I think I am still not mature enough, I can't take the helm of my impetuous heart.
  22, put down the pressure, tired and not tired, depending on the state of mind; put down troubles, happiness is actually very simple; let go of inferiority, remove inferiority from the dictionary; let go of laziness, struggle to change the fate; let go of negative, despair to the left, hope to the right Put down the complaints. Instead of complaining, it is better to work hard; let go of hesitation, act immediately, succeed infinitely; let go of narrowness. The heart is wide, the heavens and the earth are wide!
  23, life is too long, you are just a landscape!
  24, don't feel that you are nothing, not good enough, because in a person's eyes, you are good.
  25, some people, forget to forget, people do not care about you, why bother to grieve yourself? How hurts, how sad it is, people can't see it, and they won't feel bad about you. Who are you sad to see? - I just can't help but think about your mood.
  26, when you have seriously talked about a relationship, but finally broke up, then you will have a hard time to like others, you do not want to spend time, do not want to understand. It's like writing an article is almost finished, but the teacher said that your words are too sloppy, tearing off the homework and letting you rewrite it. Although you remember the beginning and the content, you are too lazy to write. Because an article has spent all your energy, only one end, you have to start from the beginning.
  27, deep in my heart, there is your unexpected pain, how long it can last, still keep my strongest smile.
  28, our memories are not wrinkled, but we must use to leave the next period.
  29, some words we said but can not do, it is that we are still young, some things we did not say, it is gradually matured
  30. Please be sure to be happy than me.
  31. This road of love is hard to walk, but as long as you are firm, I am more brave than you.
  32. Leave you, I won't cry because you didn't cherish me...
  33. Even if he has a thousand bad things, I still love him.
  34. When we are a minority, we can test our courage; when we are the majority, we can test our tolerance.
  35, life is a one-way ticket, no back road, no return!
  36. There is always someone who, in a period of time, has been the god of another person.
  37, I have always believed that you have me in my heart, the most stupid thing I have ever done.
  38. The person who can make you live the most like yourself is bound to be the one who loves you the most and your favorite.
  39, I am not vulnerable, let alone what is hurt, anyway, love is not the case.
  40. No one cares about everything you do, only you will care.
  41. See him and his loved girl so happy, I should bless, choose to leave.
  42. Time always keeps the best people to the end. After all, likes to be like a gust of wind and love is a long stream.
  43. I don't love you very much. I only love you for 60 seconds in a minute.
  44. Stay with you, my life has only one possibility, that is pain. But leaving you, my life has 10,000 possibilities!
  45. We admit defeat, don't be so sad.
  46. ​​Don't expect anyone to accompany you for a lifetime. When there is no light, even the shadow will not accompany you.
  47. One day, you will smile at the pain of the past. You will thank the person who left you, he is not worthy of your love, your good, your infatuation. He is not the person who is destined after all. Fortunately, he is not
  48. In the years of reluctance to call the curtain, let love open the flowers of the old days.
  49. Many people are not isolated, but have social choices in principle. And a lot of people who like it, and other people don’t mention it.
  50, then we still split hands, your world will let you own, do not disturb is my last gentle
  51. Because I loved it, I will not be an enemy. Because I have been hurt, I will not be friends.
  52. When and where, you must understand that you are living for yourself. Don't take too much attention from others' evaluations. If you have nothing in your heart, you don't have to worry too much. Those superficial praises are the dust in the sun, confusing your vision; those dissatisfaction and curse are also poisons that anesthetize you, and will eventually make you mess up your mind. No matter how dangerous the road is, you can't passively change yourself. Only then can you be different.
  53. Love you, so don't want to fall asleep, because reality is more beautiful than dreams.
  54. I have not drunk the strongest wine, but I gave up my favorite person.
  55, often in the qq chat with crazy people, seeing the face usually do not speak. People who are crazy together in life basically do not speak on qq.
  56. In this world, no one can truly feel the pain of another person. You are eager to wear your heart, you are not wanting to live, it is just a matter of your own, others may sympathize, may sigh, but will never know where your wounds are festering.
  57. I am not a strong person, but sometimes I have no choice but to be strong.
  58. You wake up from a deep sleep, and you can overcome everything that hurts you with a glance.
  59. How can two people not quarrel together? Don’t say that you want to have a sweet love all the time because you are not the one who can dream. The last time you stay with you must be no matter how fierce you cry. Separate person
  60. Don’t get into the world that you can’t walk in. It’s hard to make yourself for others.
  61. In the years when you need to struggle the most, you should love someone who can give you motivation, not someone who can exhaust you.
  62. Time will tell me how I came over during that difficult time. Time will tell you how you lost someone who is willing to love you with your life.
  63. I haven’t experienced a few unforgettable experiences. No one will have a self-conscious idea.
  64. In this world, no one deserves my cry, because the person who deserves my cry will not let me cry.
  65. Those who can't come back, I have to pretend that I have never owned it.
  66, "Why are you still single? I used to like someone before, and now I like one person."
  67. Day after day, I learned to use the same heart to miss different people.
  68. I only do it myself. I don’t care if I say it to others.
  69, I have thought about becoming very good and excellent, and then appearing in front of you to mad at you, let you regret that I did not cherish me at first, but really began to become excellent, I feel that such an idea is naive, the meaning of persistence is Make yourself better, meet better people, and better people, not you.
  70. I watched my youth on the other side of the river, and I saw calm and sad.
  71. If you are doing well now, will you think of me occasionally, and then you will smile.
  72. As long as you are happy and happy, it doesn't matter who you are with.
  73. After breaking up, I have a thousand kinds of 10,000 kinds of reasons to see you, but I have lost one to see you.
  74. How much love is like this, the beginning of the story: I will give you happiness; the ending of the story: I wish you happiness
  75. The softest part of these chests, the wounds that have been hurt by the lover, are far more sharp than those suffered by the limbs, and only time can cure.
  76, girls must learn to drink, but can not be drunk at any time.
  77. This world is most afraid of hurting feelings. Once the relationship has a twist, it is difficult to recover. Even if the surface is in harmony, the memory in the bottom of my heart will never be eliminated. We can only blindly go forward
  78. Some people in life have rubbed their shoulders with us, but they have no time to meet them; when they meet, they have no time to meet each other; they have met each other, but they are too late to be familiar; if they are familiar, they still have to say goodbye. Be good to yourself, because life is not long; good for those around you, because the next life may not be met.
  79. These years, I have the love for you, just like a thief hiding the stolen goods, I will never see the day, no one knows that I have always loved you.
  80, love is the first second of the vows, the next second is the opposite.
  81. How much you have been hurt, there will always be a person who will forgive you for all the martyrdom of life before you.
  82. If you don't work hard today, don't work hard tomorrow, then your life is just repeating.
  83. There is a lack of cloudy and sunny gardens in the month. People have joys and sorrows and clutches.
  84, life is so short, the world is so chaotic, I don't want to argue, don't want the cold war, don't want to have a second regret with you.
  85. I learned to swallow a big paragraph and all the emotions, just use um to express all my thoughts.
  86. Give up if you can't get it. Do you want to think about your heart every day?
  87, gently, do not want to bother you. Unfortunately, I still encountered a memory that made me hurt!
  88. You can't wake up a person who sleeps, nor can you touch someone who doesn't love you.
  89. The real good partner is the kind of time when you are looking at each other. There is always no reason to laugh.
  90. The place in my heart is only that big. When someone comes in, there must be someone to leave!
  91. I can't hide my secrets, and I can't hide my sorrow. Just as I can't hide the joy of loving you, I can't hide the embarrassment of separation. I am so calm, you are willing to hurt, you will hurt
  92. The best thing a father can do for his children is to love his mother!
  93. If you don't ask for results, don't ask for it, just ask to meet you in my best years.
  94. I like to sleep under the clear sky after the rain. The moist air is mixed with the smell of the earth and the flowers. The soft sunshine is pouring into my face. I feel that my life is too long.
  95. The meaning of living is not to say: "I'm sorry," but to say: "It doesn't matter."
  96, probably all the luck is spent in meeting you, so that you can not accompany you to the end.
  97, single to know how lonely a person, late at night to know how lonely a person.
  98. Maybe one day, I will forget even your name, as if in my world, you have never seen it before.
  99, said that girls should not be too strong, otherwise no one will hurt. But who knows if I am not self-reliant and not strong, who can give me warm when I need my shoulders? Many times, I am not really strong, I am forced to be strong. Who doesn't know, there is always a wound in the heart of a strong girl? No pain does not mean that you have not been injured. If you understand, please don't see her smile, you have to see the tears in her heart.
  100, why do you want to come, no matter what I don't mind; why do you want to go, whether I want it or not.
  101, used to your indifference, sudden concern will make me feel overwhelmed!
  102. There are many things in this world that I can't do, such as being old and sick, like passing away, for example, you don't love me. we loved before, it hurts when think about it.
  103, live well, don't drink, don't be hungry, don't come to me again
  104, maybe I am not mature enough, but maybe it is because you are too young...
  105, good for my girlfriend because she will recognize her existence to others, no one will be good to her again
  106, age is not a gap, height is not a distance.
  107, don't stay up late, even if you sleep late, people who don't want to find you will still not find you.
  108. After you leave, I like you is my own business, and has nothing to do with you.
  109, nostalgia is not necessarily to meet, like not necessarily together, you have to believe that each distance has its meaning
  110. If one day, you said that you missed me, I will tell you: late...
  111, the tears that you have fallen, now I will help you come; the pain you have experienced, now I am coming for you.
  112, except for anyone else is not credible, more terrible than the ghosts and gods!
  113, like to chase, break up to save, quarrel to reconcile, love does not need face.
  114, I choose to wait, because, I don't want to, alone, set foot on the journey.
  115, love a person, not love his looks, but the feeling of loving him.
  116, when I was young, smile was a kind of mood; when I grew up, smile was an expression.
  117. Bring your full name note and roll back to your public group.
  118, "Report teacher, can you go to class first? Because, my wife is hungry." That day, I was touched by this sentence.
  119. What I think is the deepest love. After I have separated, I will live my life.
  120. We are far away, sometimes we can't see it, and sometimes we can't see it.
  121. Sometimes, the most direct feelings in the heart are often the most difficult to say.
  122, you said to accompany me to the end of the drama, but only accompanied me to the play.
  123. Whenever night falls, I can't miss you.
  124. The best thing in life is to find someone who knows all your mistakes and shortcomings but still thinks you are very good.
  125, many people do not need to see you again, because it is just passing by. Forgetting is the best memory we give to each other
  126, I really overestimated my position in your heart. Sorry, I lost my bet.
  127. Every time you watch a Korean drama, there will be one more male god. You can't stop it. This is a disease, it is cured!
  128, you are clearly there, but this life has nothing to do with me anymore.
  129, love the wrong person, every day is April Fool's Day; love is right, every day is Valentine's Day.
  130. I thought that it was only the plot that the novel would appear. Why do you have to torture each other and clearly love each other.
  131. Do you know that I love jealousy and can't do anything that makes me jealous.
  132, when I was young, I didn't know how to use it. I like to suck the flesh on my arm. When I grow up, I know that it is called a strawberry.
  133. From the moment you endure hurting me, I know that my feelings, you must never think about it.
  134, the years of gold, like the years of water, with your departure, I have ruined my years, do you understand?
  135. The most precious words in life are “forgiveness”!
  136. It is not love, but habit. What can be gained over time is not emotion but emotion. So love is a gift for a moment, there is, there is no. But on the other hand, love and marriage are not the same thing. Not all love is married, nor is it true that all marriages have love.
  137, you have to believe that many girls would rather miss or take the initiative.
  138. Later, we are not meeting each other, no longer remember each other, no longer owe each other.
  139. If a person loves you, then he will not have many demands on you. The only thing he wants is that you also love him.
  140. Each of us is almost unhappy. The business is successful and says that the work is stressful. The work is free to say that this line has no future. If you don’t have a family, you can’t meet the right person. Happiness kicks and kicks like a football, and troubles can't be like a trophy. In fact, what we have is our own happiness. We are fighting for hope, losing only memory, and happiness is from the heart...
  141. Anything worth having is definitely worth waiting for.
  142. One day, you will be grateful to the person who abandoned you, thank you who you have loved but who you care about. His giving up prompted you to find a better next one. Remember, never waste a minute or a second for someone who doesn't love you.
  143. If you fall in love, you will go to marry, don't gamble on love with youth. The longer the time, the younger the love, the less youthful, the more gambling love with youth, the loser.
  144. There are many things in life, no is to get or lose. Maybe I have lost a lot, but there must be income!
  145, I envy her, I have you who I can't get again in my life.
  146, it’s not that I don’t care about you, but what you call care that I can’t afford it...