1. We can never foresee what will happen at the crossroads of fate, but we can choose to give up, or to endure the pain and go to the end of our dreams . Even without a medal for victory, dignity and pride will go with us. On the runway leading to success , there is no difference between speed and speed. To defeat the opponent is only the winner of life; to defeat yourself is the power of destiny!
  2, the wound in my heart is bleeding, the blood in my mouth is spreading
  3, first think of the following numbers in the heart, add, multiply, add, then divide, and finally lose the number that I thought at the beginning, plus, this result represents what I want to say to you. !
  4, some things can not be left, you should let go, give it freedom.
  5, love me, give me the hand, "hold the hand, and the old man"; love me, give me the heart, "heart and soul, never give up"; love me, give me sadness , "wind and rain , sad sharing";, I love you, I want to give you all the happiness in the world, let your eyes see the eternal smile of spring!
  6. It doesn't matter how long two people are together. What matters is whether you have been in this person's heart. Some people stay in their hearts for a lifetime even if they are together for a whole day; some people have not stayed in their hearts for a lifetime even if they have been together for a lifetime.
  7. Most of the people who had been in conflict with your behavior in the past, this moment is still in place, and the correct views that have been stubborn in those years have not brought any benefits to them.
  8. Maybe you are the same as me.
  9. It's rainy in summer. I want to wait for you every time it rains. The last one to accompany me is the umbrella.
  10. I had a nightmare last night. I got up with my family when I got up in the morning.
  11, very occasionally, you will find me, contact me, your sudden appearance, or will provoke my heartstrings. However, I also learned to pretend to you, and will not flow the cheap tears. Then listen to you gently say: You have changed. Yes, the past has passed.
  12, people, in fact, do not need too many things, as long as healthy living, sincere love, is also a kind of rich.
  13. No matter whether it is too late or too early, it will not stop you from becoming the person you want to be. There is no time limit for this process. You can start whenever you want.
  14, often do not contact the family will be a little miss, but a phone call has become the source of the quarrel.
  15, shredded those memories, but can not escape your dreams
  16. One day I will walk away silently from you without any sound.
  17, a shop sells chocolate, you often buy chocolate to eat.
  18. What is forever? The year of life is forever. Breaking up is not necessarily a bad thing, just proof that that person is not yours forever. On the timeline, there is someone waiting for you, and when time is up, you will meet.
  19, the edge of the edge of the scattered, you draw someone else's canoe, sailed to my confused sky, and I, but still stay with your place, reminiscent of the past sweet and sweet.
  20. If no one appreciates you, appreciate yourself; if no one wishes you, then bless yourself. Instead of remorse yesterday with tears, it is better to fight tomorrow with sweat. When the tears run out, the rest should be strong . Use your heart to touch your own sunshine and use your love to create your own time and space. Grasp today and work hard to write a wonderful tomorrow!
  21, I thought that life, just like my body, can swing freely at any time. I thought that years, like my own brush, I can freely smear writing. Slowly, I feel a lot of things, we are helpless, and gradually understand that many times we are helpless. The heart is clear in the world, the heart is the world, and the heart is the world. We can't change the world, but we can change ourselves.
  22. It doesn't matter if you don't know what you want, but be sure to remember what you don't want.
  23, looking at you, full of eyes are happy, thinking of you, full of sweetness, holding you, all face is good, guarding you, full of happiness, I love you, my heart is filled with you I love you so much, I am willing to accompany you to the whitehead!
  24, beautiful scenery, not the road you go home.
  25, I feel that the most sad thing is that I am suffering, I am difficult, I have wronged myself, I have done a lot of moving things for the other side, but I am only moved to myself.
  26, through the life of the reverse travel, the world is vicissitudes of life, who will be jealous, will be sad , there will be bitter rain and cold resentment, there will be a sadness of the moon. But the limited life does not allow us to squander the bitterness and sweetness that belongs to life. After the bitterness of the cold and haze, it will break through the sunny days. In this world, no one can truly feel the pain of another person.
  27, the world does not understand me, I also know the world. The world will never understand me, and I will always know the world. I believe that understanding the spring green, the footsteps are no longer embarrassing; understanding the spring drizzle, the thoughts are no longer yellow; understanding the fragrance of the spring, the soul is no longer embarrassed; understand the vitality of the spring Life is no longer desolate. I want to chase the world forever, no matter how the world treats me.
  28. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the wanderers in the foreign land will miss, miss the moon in the hometown and share the memory of the reunion moon cake with the family! Now Huarong will help you to complete your thoughts and send love to distant relatives!
  29, want to drink your tea, then hug your cat.
  30. People who will be together will eventually be together, just like the earth is round, no matter how it runs counter to one another, it will re-engage after going around.
  31. Who said that people must be happy, as if happiness is chosen by others.
  32. Sometimes, I feel sad because I can't retain a good time.
  33, slowly skilled acting, but forgot, that innocent.
  34. Your name is the only word in my favorite quotation. Your smile is the only image in my favorite movie. You are the only flight in the ocean of love! You are the only miss in my ordinary day!
  35, I have been looking forward to a love without results.
  36. If confession is an injury, I choose to lie. if it's hurt too by telling lies. I'll choose to keep quiet.
  37, I want to open the crowd to see you but have to give you back time.
  38, the time of the wear scars, I do not know from what time, let me learn to calm, as for some things that are not connected with me, let them dissipate and then pay attention to those relatively light things, such as text, such as Life, for example, can make your own thinking cultivate, even if you can't be perfect, you can't make yourself a mediocre woman.
  39. Learn to live alone, whether or not someone is loving.
  40. "If there is a will, there will be a fate. If there is no wish, even those who have a relationship will miss it. The reason is God's will, and the share is artificial." Whether it is shallow depth of edge, short edge of the edge, it is created. Life is too short, it is not easy, we should all cherish it.
  41, Li Li said: to be a long-lasting friend is equal to never break up feelings
  42. Life, there will always be unexpected warmth. In fact, each of us is remotely controlled by others, and remotely controls others. If one day, I become a random remote control program, I am not me. It is the shadow you create, the remote control can replace a program, but you can never change it, our life is different programs after all, you like to use the remote control, I like to use the remote control to choose.
  43. I still remember seeing your scene for the first time. I didn’t expect you to be so important to me now.
  44. Self-digesting negative emotions, rather than telling everyone about their loss, resentment, and jealousy, is the basic etiquette of adults.
  45. There are always some names that are reluctant to delete, because of the traces of the past; there are always some that have never been forgotten, stemming from the warmth of the intersection.
  46. ​​I am sad that some people have left me but they have said that they will not go.
  47, love is very simple, because everyone will say: "I love you, will give you everything!", love is difficult, because not many people have fulfilled his promise. If you really love someone, don't promise to love too; if you don't love someone, you promised to betray.
  48. Shouldn’t let go of this, let’s see everything through.
  49. In fact, in my eyes, whether life is poor or rich, living is a state of mind. To make yourself hopeful, to have a head, to make yourself feel that I am already very good. Believe that things are not worse than this. The so-called positive energy is probably the case. People need positive energy to live, and people who can bring positive energy to others.
  50, I can love the wrong three or five people scum, but I can't love a person slag three or five times. The wrong way may be bad luck, but always jumping into a pit is not high IQ.
  51, the best love, is not tied, two people live with their own posture, love is just let them snuggle together, rather than attached.
  52. Do one thing, no matter how difficult it is, whether it will have results. It doesn't matter. Even if it fails, there is nothing wrong with it. The key is whether you have the courage to get rid of the bound hands and feet, and have the courage to face it. Many times, we do not lack methods, and what we lack is the determination and courage to go forward. Don't be afraid when you start things, don't look back when things are going, only in this way, everything is possible.
  53. Don't always show your love to me. Don't always look forward to staying with me. Don't treat me as the lover of your life.
  54. Qingshan can't cover, miss often, and the festival is approaching. The thoughts of homesickness are floating. May you bring happiness and miss, bring fruit and laughter, forget the hard work and troubles of the year, and lose the year's unhappiness and confusion. Happy departure, smooth home.
  55. In the matter of breaking up, the best mentality is: no matter what step our relationship will take, I hope that we will remain honest. It doesn't matter if you really don't love it. It is your freedom. As long as it is the truth, I have the ability to bear it; as long as there is no deception, I am grateful.
  56, people who can't afford to lose, often can't win people. It is not life that determines taste, but taste determines life. There is no good or bad character. Optimism and pessimism have contributed to the world. The former invented the aircraft, and the latter invented the parachute. In the rain, the wings of the ducks are not wet; the wind is blowing, and the lights of the fireflies are not extinguished. When people are most sensible, they often have no choice.