1. If the memory can be like a memory card, after formatting, it will not be remembered.
  2. The children who used to be on the top of the text were never happy. Their happiness was like a playful child. They wandered into the sky and wandered to the sky but refused to come back.
  3, I am afraid that I miss the accumulated tears will drown you.
  4. I look at you smile, silence, triumph, and loss as I am now, so I am happy with you and follow you, but I have been standing now and you are always there.
  5, the lover who can't get it is the wind. If you stay strong for thousands of times, you will eventually leave.
  6, hate yourself for being unwilling to be ordinary, but not working hard
  7, I finally silenced, I was imagining
  8, a person is lonely, even listening to songs feel noisy.
  9, the past page, can not turn over, do not turn over, turn off the dust will blind your eyes.
  10, the bottle can fall, the love letter can be destroyed, the wind can stop, you can also go.
  11. Success is a probability distribution. The key is whether you can stick to the moment when success begins to appear.
  12, look back, afraid of weakness, look forward to fear of falling.
  13. I hate why I can't be as chic as you are.
  14. The mind of a person is like a dust, falling in the past and drifting into the future. When I fell into my eyes, I shed tears.
  15. I am so afraid of getting used to who is good, and then being ruthlessly abandoned.
  16. I can tell you that I am very proud when I am wronged to death.
  17. If we are all children, we can stay in the same place of time, sit together and listen to those stories that never go old and slowly decapitate.
  18, waiting is like a vain wandering, can not find the direction.
  19, winter, with silk Xu chill, silk Xu Yan late, morning light, the cool sunshine, bloom at this moment, turned into that faint sorrow and miss.
  20. Listen to the time in the name of nostalgia.
  21. In the long process, after all the patience was precipitated, there was only confusion, and it was vowed to call it "go with nature."
  22, do not want to climb, do not want to compare, just want to love yourself.
  23, knowing that you will not care about me, but I still can't help but cry.
  24, I don't want to contact you, but the feeling you give me, like I am bothering you.
  25, forgiveness, only related to the depth of love, how much love, how much forgiveness.
  26, people will be hypocritical and changeable, this second is no longer this second, we must learn to habitual reality
  27. When I miss you, I will be inexplicably broken.
  28, time is amber, tears are locked.
  29, is it only, remember the world to enjoy, happy eyes.
  30. Recently, the mood has increased, and the expression is obviously not enough.
  31, you have not experienced my life, what qualifications do you have to comment on me.
  32, time will slowly precipitate, some people will slowly blur in your heart. Learn to let go, your happiness needs your own fulfillment.
  33, I like you, nothing to do with the wind. I wish you good, even if you have nothing to do with me.
  34, your every move has touched my mood.
  35. When I am lonely, I feel that the world is laughing at me.
  36. If you recall this thing if it smells, it is the fragrance of camphor, sweet and steady, like remembering the happy happiness, sweet and awkward, like the sorrow of forgetting.
  37. There is a kind of power that is hidden. There is a kind of silence that is actually a shocking confession.
  38. I am sure that you will be someone I will never forget, even if your heart belongs to others.
  39. I still don't dare to mention that you dare not think about you. I am afraid that memories are too crowded.
  40, time tells you what is aging, memories tell you what is childish.
  41. I lost my favorite person in the most naive way.
  42. Some people will always be engraved in memory, even if they forget his voice, forget his smile, forget his face, but the feeling when he thinks about him will never change.
  43, I am a dream home, dream no more when the rest of the homesick.
  44, your smile, let my heart beat, your happiness, let me distract, your love for me, I will not deteriorate from then on.
  45, you never try to figure out my mind, but also blame me for being difficult to understand.
  46. ​​Wait, I am not expecting you to come back. Just, find an excuse and don't leave.
  47. Forgive me for being expressionless but loving you.
  48, there is a tacit understanding called tacit; there is a feeling called wonderful; there is a kind of happiness called you accompanied; there is a kind of thought is called eye to wear.
  49. Nothing is said to be ours. Nothing can be said to be our ending.
  50, a person's night, very beautiful, a little sad , there is you in your thoughts.
  51. Don't hand over your heart too easily. When you take it back, you will know the pain when you are scarred.
  52. I tried to disappear and I was never asked.
  53. The only true love that can last is to accept everything, to accept all disappointments, all failures, all betrayal. Even accepting such a sad fact, in the end, the deepest desire is simply a companionship.
  54. The infatuated side is destined to be the deepest in injury, and has become empty since ancient times.
  55. I really don't have the ability to keep everyone I don't want to lose.
  56, unintentionally touched the excitement of others, but more lining up their own shape alone
  57. I admit that I am not so strong , but I am stubborn again and again.
  58. Although there are thousands of reasons to see you, none of them see you.
  59. Everything I do is silent, bitter and sweet, and more is chewing on my heart.
  60. Current status: I am wasting my time, I am spending my time, I am blurring now, I am afraid of the future.
  61, obviously very simple, but it is powerless
  62. I know that this is the end, but I still believe that I am still lucky.
  63, you cry very sad, but I laugh very artificially.
  64. In the winter, I miss the summer and I am so fickle to the season.
  65, unless time can go backwards, otherwise, no one will know who will accompany who to the end.
  66, the last lesson in the third day, the teacher said that you will read the book and I will see you again.
  67, fate will not move to miss three days of autumn.
  68. Maybe one day, you are turning back, but I am already there, not at that intersection.
  69. Know that the sea will not dry, the stone will not be rotten, the land will not be old, and the sky will not be abandoned.
  70, like the night of the water, there is a breeze, that is my thoughts on the blasphemy.
  71. Untie yourself at this moment and no longer have any illusions about you.
  72. In the end, we only met the old days. See you again at a glance.
  73. I pretend that it doesn't matter, but I find that you really don't care.
  74, I want to be quiet and hiding in the corner, no one should bother me.
  75, the original youth is so painful, but it is so sweet.
  76, the enemy that can make you angry, shows that you have no grasp of his victory; a friend who can make you angry, indicating that you still care about his friendship.
  77. Sometimes, you go through a fire for a person, do everything, but you can't do anything less than others.
  78, I think we all got a disease - mobile phone dependence.
  79, deep to the pain of the bone marrow, there is no way to let me go back.
  80, I miss you very much, but in the end I can only deceive myself.
  81. After being separated from you, there are two me in the world: one pretending to be happy, one really sad.
  82. Being alone is not born, but the moment you fall in love with someone.
  83. Those loves carved in the back of the chair will be like the flowers on the cement, and the lonely forest without wind.
  84. I don't know when to start, the expression on our face is just to cope with his talent changes.
  85, long distance love is really hard, but for our love, I will insist.
  86, once the unforgettable, how it has become irrelevant now.
  87, the depths of love, talent alone can understand that love is redemption.
  88, the story is not long, it is not difficult to talk about, the four words overview, love can not.
  89, a mask, I completely pretend that no one is willing to take my mask off.
  90. Music is the exit I escaped.
  91. Many things are like Fengyi. Although they can't be touched, they can feel it.
  92. If you want to hold your hand, you give me a reason not to be happy, and let go of all of us.
  93, happy people on the face to see, and who can feel the pain in my heart.
  94. This city is surging, who can I embrace.