1. The best friend is that when people all over the world think that I am doing a big problem, she knows why I cry so hysterically.
  2. What is a friend? A friend is an idiot who is still standing by me when I make an unforgivable mistake.
  3, this love , is not the beginning is wrong, for what, everyone stubbornly insisted , in exchange for only pain.
  4. The silence on your phone still makes me feel bad. When you say, miss me but let my tears fall.
  5, like a person is not wrong, the wrong is wrong like a person who does not like himself.
  6. It seems that the sea once made me forget how to live, the life is gone, the pillars have fallen, the two sides are facing each other, the twinkling of the evening wind, the sad evening wind, the heart that broke my land, how can I look down, the road Unfinished, but the heart has reached the end of the earth, the fog in your eyes is all your reflection.
  7, your words, like the coldest last arrow, I looked, heart broken into pieces.
  8, old songs are strong, old friends are deep, life is hard, life is loved.
  9, good friends are chats forever without a period, the road is not a smile but a manual foot, there is no lower limit for each other.
  10, is not a breakup, do not exaggerate the loneliness.
  11, the brother is the sky, the brother is the land, the brothers can stand on the ground.
  12, there is in my heart, there is no heart
  13, you are unrequited, I am out of justice, from then on, the line is always parallel.
  14, some memories, some melody, you can remember without memories , the happiest of you in my life .
  15. Sweet ones are left for me to taste. The bitter ones will only be self-defeating. When you encounter the ups and downs, you will hide me in your clothes.
  16, strong for too long, written on the face is silent. The river that has passed through the years, life is like a ripe fruit, and it is getting lower and lower. The low-key nature of the reaction is that you don't like to say it, just like to do it practically. Once those difficult years like ice skates, stabbed in my heart, cold and painful. Every story is an unforgettable experience or lesson. After hardships, it will become silent. Say, everyone will, but everyone knows that the light can never reach the other side.
  17. Anyway, there are two kinds of people who can play with me. One is someone who can endure my neurosis, and the other is a person who is as neuropathic as me.
  18. Do you smile when your lover doesn't love it?
  19. As long as you are simple, how can I have the heart to play with you?
  20, maturity is for strangers to see, silly is for the buddies to see.
  21, I just want to be an audience, because I don't want to infect too many worlds.
  22, this damn summer vacation, friendship, love, haha, I have no, no.
  23. Don't take my heart and soul to you as a capital that you don't care about, okay?
  24, love is a lamp, friendship is a shadow, when the lights are gone, I will find that I am surrounded by shadows. A friend is someone who gives me strength in the dark.
  25, I am desperate to let you pay attention to me, and finally found that he is too self-love.
  26, after the loss, I discovered that everyone is not a person of the world.
  27, stumbled, this love road, everyone sees only ridiculous, hard work to follow your footsteps, waiting for everyone is not happy.
  28. When the sun comes out, dry the loneliness.
  29, also want a simple hug, a person's loneliness around.
  30. I don’t know when this youth will stop? Wait until the time to find happiness and find happiness. I saw the withered flowers, the withered heart, and the dying feelings.
  31. I am not as good as I thought, but I am better than I thought.
  32, I do not regret to love you. Even if you hurt me so deep.
  33, there are some concerns in my heart, some love has to be safe in the world?
  34. When you talk about feelings with a woman, you will hurt your money. If you talk to your brother, you will hurt your feelings.
  35. I said that we are not sisters, she said that there is no more girlfriend.
  36. The most sad thing in the world is that when both of them are the most loved, they must break up.
  37, hello, you are bad, have nothing to do with me, I don't care, I won't cry, I don't have to wait for the love that doesn't belong to me.
  38. If it weren't for me, I wouldn't believe that my friends were more than a lover.
  39. Friendship is like pottery. If it is broken, it can be repaired. Love is like a mirror. Once broken, it is difficult to reunite.
  40, good friends are all want to share with me, even if he just put a fart.
  41, sad, don't tell others, because no one cares.
  42. In fact, the teacher did not really lie to us. The three years are actually very short.
  43. The passing of the year is easy, the time is easy to throw people, and I am holding my million kinds of blessings with me, all the way.
  44, a smile, you can start a friendship. A look that can save a relationship, a person, can change my life.
  45, we can quarrel, but can not affect the relationship, whether it is friendship or love.
  46. ​​I sing a song that belongs to everyone, thinking about the notes of everyone, because I love you and love you.
  47. Friendship, like love, is afraid of having a third party.
  48. Once the dream was broken, pick it up, try to piece together, then break it up, then pick it up again, until one day, it will not be put together again.
  49. Friendship Once this thing is really moving, it will be more unforgettable than love.
  50, the real friend is, see me through, and also be friends with me.
  51, born in this world, no feelings are not riddled with holes.
  52, learn to forget, know how to give up. You are so careless, why should I be infatuated.
  53. Who are you who are thinking about the pen nibs, and turn into songs in the ruins of the city.
  54. Recalling the bits and pieces of the past, the bitterness of the past has become a thing of the past, bravely facing the front and welcoming a new future.
  55. Whether it is friendship or love, I come to embrace me passionately. I am letting go.
  56, do not like intrigue, do not like to be calculated, do not like fake friendship.
  57. Let us be good friends for a lifetime, and then go on.
  58. Every youth will be old, but I hope that I have always been good in my memory.
  59, I really don't want a lot of people who are good to me, don't lose one.
  60, I love to go crazy, but also believe that I am useful to guard, whether I am awake to sleep, breathing water, crying and laughing will feel heartache.
  61. When my long skirt falls, I will match the short skirt. Later, in addition to my lover, I still have to grow old with me.
  62. It is not someone who bothers me, but I am troubled by someone’s words and deeds.
  63, do not want to cry, but crying, do not want to listen, pass the broken heart, should not, let the tears continue to pull, promised, will be good.
  64. Say goodbye, can you no longer miss, and say sorry if you can understand everything.
  65, friendship once played really, more than love.
  66. Sometimes I find myself as a dandelion. I don’t have a home. I always sway with the wind. When the wind blows, I don’t know where I will fall. Every time I stay, it’s just a good memory. I always pay for everything I want to take root in. However, I don’t know that the place where Ni stayed has already blossomed, and there is no place for him. Perhaps the goal of life is to find a destination, but every time he is full of expectations, he may have been accustomed to the sadness. In the windy days, let me fly in the wind.
  67. No matter how far the future is, I have me on the road to growth; no matter when we meet, we are friends forever.
  68. How long has it lasted for a long time? How long is forever indeed.
  69, friendship, this thing, once played really, more than love is more unforgettable.
  70. Some things, I pretend I don't know, I know, I will only make myself more heartbroken.
  71, family, friendship, love. Stay and stay, leave it and let go, why bother yourself.
  72. The familiar people are gradually becoming strangers, and strangers are getting familiar with them!
  73. God created fingerprints because he wanted people to know that everyone actually has scars.
  74. You at the other end of the phone, saying that maybe everyone should take a step back. On the other side of the phone, tears flow quietly but don't want to cry.
  75, sitting alone in the room, eyes hidden in the heart, sometimes feel that this is also very sweet, no one can see.
  76. Living with the wind, I gradually feel the cold feeling. At this time, I feel that Fenghua is a quicksand. It is a period of time, year after year, day after day, one gathering and one parting. One joy and one sadness, one couch and one couch, a dream in life.
  77. On that day, I will send you away with a heartache. Today, let me lend a glimpse of your old affectionate eyes and send me a journey. I will not warm my heart this season.
  78. The friendship of three people must be injured.
  79, I don't love you, just because I found that you don't need me.
  80. There are always a few such friends around. The first time I met, Svenwen’s, after I got used to it, I didn’t know that it was released from the mental hospital.
  81, I do not envy the love of Xie Na and Zhang Jie. What I envy is the friendship between Xie Na and He Wei.
  82, I will not cry, I said, I will not cry, because I have my own choice in the face of love.
  83, the initiative for a long time, everyone will be tired, not love, but the heart is tired.
  84, get used to a good person, get used to one person to go away, get used to a lonely smirk in the mirror.
  85. When I was at the same time, I opened up a new path for me: When I was trapped in the middle of the sea, I built a small boat for me.
  86, tears instead of kissing your face, my world suddenly snow.
  87, I hate you for ignoring me, because I was so perfect in your eyes.
  88, I lost consciousness and looked at the limit of love, I looked at the horizon sky is boundless.
  89. When a good friend has an object, there is a feeling that a pig that has been hard to raise is eaten by a person.
  90, as if the front is the abyss, but there is a smile of your allure. I will jump without hesitation if you no longer weave lies.
  91, the years of youth, everyone is involuntarily, if everything can come back, maybe I will leave with a smile.
  92. When I was at a height, my friend knew who I was; when I fell, I knew who my friend was.
  93. Many things are like the wind. Although they can't be touched, they can feel it.
  94. Who is the passer in life, who is the runner of life, the dust of the past, the wind of this world, the soul of endless sorrow.
  95. Regardless of friends or lovers, when I say "forget it", it actually contains too much disappointment.
  96, gradually know, a lot of things can be met and not available, not their own, why bother to care.
  97, thank you for your unrequited love, let me learn to die.
  98, love your heart forgot to lock up silly so that love becomes a torture.
  99, lonely days, I have no way to go, no trace can be found, inevitably drunk in the long and long pain, fell on no one to step into the corner of no one to care, let the heart and tears flow silently, shake off Desolation in one place.
  100, friendship can not believe, can you believe?
  101. A true friend never pursues my fault and never succumbs to my success.
  102, I thought that love, like hot water can be kept flowing, but like a fog, missing after squandering.
  103, night, sleep, wake up, drunk, you are still gone.
  104. Some things can't stand up again.
  105, I love to go crazy, knowing that there is no madness and no rescue, that sentence I love you, who can I tell.
  106, friendship is longer than love, like two parallel lines, never intersect but never separate!
  107, poor friendship like glass, the pain of broken bones, but it is their own soft heart and bear these.
  108. The shoulders that once relied on each other are now wandering in the sea.
  109, this time, decided to let go, this time everyone finally understood.
  110. Sometimes it is very fragile, but it is deliberately pretending to be strong. Is this the fate? Looking at a withered flower, there is still an unspoken words.
  111, please let me let you say goodbye to you first, take a deep breath, push all attachments, no one should be pitiful for me, just the end of love.
  112, tell yourself - not allowed to be emotional, not allowed to secretly miss, not allowed to look back.
  113, you don't care about me, I still don't admit defeat.
  114, everyone who passed by, has a pain that cannot be expressed.
  115, love to exhaust all efforts, are frustrations, I want to stay, can not stay after the disillusionment how to choose.
  116. Friends are a matter of life. No matter how long the years have passed, I still remember the friendship that I once shared.
  117, the love of the past, the pain of the past, the confusion of the past, who made me forget what you look like, but now it is an eternal injury.
  118. A good friend is not the one who has helped me, but it must be someone who will not laugh at me.
  119. The highest state of friends is that we are gay in the eyes of others.
  120. I only blame everyone for being too young. I think of my feelings like childhood games. I don’t cherish each other. I regret it and know that I love you very much.
  121, what is a brother, brothers are eating a piece of eating, not eating a piece of hungry.
  122, I listened, belongs to everyone's song, in the heart, there are many memories.
  123, I am not afraid of the lapse of many years, I am afraid that only the two of us met but just silly.
  124. Have fun eating and drinking. This is a friend. If you haven’t eaten or drink, you are still playing. This is a brother.
  125, good friend is, even if I miss a lot of words do not need to correct, she knows what I want to say.
  126. If love can be explained, the vows can be modified. If you and I meet, you can reschedule. Then life will be easier. If one day, I can finally forget you. However, this is not a casual story. It’s not a drama to be played tomorrow. I can’t find the manuscript and then erase you.
  127, girlfriends, is to die, I still let my heart savour two goods.
  128. The feeling of love is different. The love that is paid has no result.
  129, lonely, is a person's carnival, carnival, is a group of people alone.
  130. Use wine to paralyze your own heart, use smoke to interpret your loneliness, and use self-harm to ease your pain.
  131. Even if I am so good, I can only help me when I am in trouble.
  132, good friends will see my first tears, catch my second tears, stop my third tears.
  133, friendship needs, a little mutual help, a little sincerity, a little trust.
  134. Have you learned bravery in me, insist on my dreams, thank you, be my, safe haven.
  135. Either travel, or read, body and soul, there must be one on the road.
  136, a friend, that is, I have a day  eight hundred times, and no one else can swear.
  137, the years are long, the time is short, one waits, one waits silently, clearly destined to the sad ending, but still waiting, this is love, humblely in the dust.
  138. The original pure and simple life, the world has compiled it into a complicated script.