1. Her smile is sunshine, but my sunshine is experiencing heavy downpour.
  2. I was afraid of death, and now I am afraid of survival.
  3, love to the end is to let go, yes, I think this is the case, why do you have to mention the word breakup? The goal is clear, and the heart is not so painful.
  4, I am like a self-directed self-directed clown, behind the smile is the endless sadness.
  5. I am afraid that when I let go, this person will disappear from my world.
  6. The heart that is already dead can no longer be recovered. I don’t want to say anything more, and leave silently.
  7. Although you betrayed me, I always remember the one who sheltered me from the wind.
  8. The reason why love is hypocritical is because of the indulgence of desire.
  9. The only constant in the world is that everything is changing.
  10, we are sometimes like a fish in a fish tank, want to say a lot, an opening will be turned into a series of ellipsis.
  11, I hope that those who break up and good things can happen to me, but she already has someone who loves.
  12, facing the sea to stand still, let the sunset shine on the face, slowly close your eyes, let the nature infiltrate the body and mind, open your arms and take a deep breath.
  13. Waiting while waiting. One minute and one second is so long.
  14. Although my eyes don't look at you, my attention to you has remained the same.
  15, when the light color of the silence, you opened a purchase shop, waiting for the forgotten Cape Skylight.
  16. Whenever I pay the phone bill, I know how expensive my words are.
  17, a broken hug, suitable for hiding, not suitable for deep immersion.
  18, like, your smile, my rainy day is shined by you, like, you are hugged warm and subtle.
  19. If everyone around me will leave me after all, then I would rather I have never had it.
  20, let my love, grow up with you; with my love, has been silently guarded by your side.
  21, staying up late is a habit to develop, people who know know too difficult to quit.
  22, sometimes, do not want to be too careful, do not want to be a too sensitive person.
  23, even if the heart is overwhelming, it will pretend to be a light look.
  24, so quietly accompany you, do not expect to be with you.
  25, withered is the most real, blooming is just a past.
  26, don't tell others that you are uncomfortable today, don't say anything to others, because it is useless.
  27, can not see, can not hear, why bother to find trouble. I don’t want to be noisy, I don
  28, you can try to close your eyes, because you can not see those painful people and things.
  29, do not live in the mouth of others, do not live in the eyes of others, only live here.
  30. Waiting is the first old man in his life. Some things turn around for a lifetime.
  31. The original happiness is to hide your own injuries, even if you are crying, you must laugh.
  32, Chunmian does not know, yawned to find, can not sleep at night, can not wake up during the day.
  33. My heart is a bird in the wilderness. I saw the sky in your eyes.
  34, the love is so turbulent, in the end it is still crying and telling the treasure.
  35, the truth of your heart is naked, I am not afraid.
  36, others are better, but also others. I am even more uncomfortable, and I am myself and unique. As long as you work hard to be the best you can, you will be full of life.
  37. Don't let people get you easily, or you will be easily forgotten.
  38, I want to hide alone and slowly sad, I am afraid that you are sorry for me.
  39, the most beautiful heartbreak, but, you met me, I met you, then, waved, say goodbye.
  40, the process is not important, the important thing is the quality of the results.
  41, some tired, body and mind. I don't know where the fatigue comes from.
  42. I can't imagine that you embrace others and do what we have done.
  43. I am self-sufficient, but I can't even get the people I love.
  44. In the summer vacation, I have to go all the way north to the strange city.
  45. I thought that as long as you can accept me, I will be able to melt you.
  46, God, you ask if Cupid is breaking my arrow.
  47, often the most concerned. Most concerned. It’s “indifferent” to the lips.
  48. Instead of looking for an excuse everywhere, it is better to say something directly that I don't love it.
  49, who understands my original intention, irritability is also a dream, but I really hurt.
  50. His pleasure just seemed to be a deflated balloon, and he went home with a dejected look.
  51. Sitting on the carousel, you can't find your figure.
  52, now is my own, please do not compare me to others.
  53. The past is like a river on the sunset. I pick up the glittering treasure in my heart.
  54. Everyone who talks about it has a certain mood to convey to someone, but unfortunately someone does not understand.
  55. No matter how you think about me, I will smile.
  56, want to turn into blood to your body, but I am not your life after all.
  57. People are two days away, why not forget, He Xiao is amazing.
  58. Some things are not worth remembering all the time; some people do not have to pursue them all the time.
  59. With many years of heart knots have been cut, nothing can stop me.
  60, I only have to leave your reluctance, but after all, have not forgotten your strength.
  61. The novel can be turned around, but life is hard to make everything clear.
  62, the taste of rain climbing on the face is as embarrassing as tears.
  63, want to be dull?? Live? And not willing to be ordinary, so you do not know, how tired I am.
  64. For your emotions, you can only bury yourself in your heart.
  65, gentle, but not compromise. We must be quiet, strong and unhurried.
  66, dear, don't be too far away from me, give me a response to love, okay? You know that I will be sad and go crazy.
  67. In the end, I dare not give up, or I can't help myself.
  68, life is not destined, who is qualified to create life.
  69, I have been secretly like you, just afraid that you know that even friends have not done.
  70, winter you are my good music, summer you are my popsicle.
  71. Count those memories and leave the pain in the deepest part of your heart.
  72, distance, never separate two hearts that really care about each other.
  73. Give yourself a little more confidence and give the other party some trust, better than anything else.
  74, heart broken no trace, I am moved by the sky is not moving you.
  75. I am your puppy. You are my little bone. Even if I fall into the smelly ditch, I will walk back and forth.
  76, just simply believe that there are some sorrows in the bones , some unspeakable calm.
  77. I lost my bamboo horse. From then on, there is no more green plum in the world.
  78, you suddenly wake me up, our acquaintance can be calculated in years, you find what you love, and I, still in the same place.
  79. Don't put too much hope on one person. Because once they leave, you will have nothing.
  80, life is a mobile person, death is a moving soul, it is impossible for me to die with Unicom.
  81, three years, so fast. Recalling the bits and pieces of the past. Sisters, we are always sisters.
  82. No one told me how to do it is not difficult.
  83. I laugh very happy in front of others. When I am alone, I am very deserted.
  84, slowly see your hypocrisy, I regret that I once loved you so sincerely.
  85. Teach me to be strong , and taught me to be ruthless. Later, you said that I missed my original appearance.
  86, even if you are sad, you have to be in your heart, because he does not care.
  87. It is said that people who have not invaded the poison have been saved without medicine.
  88. When another woman appeared, the oath became a nonsense.
  89. If you don't love me, please speak bravely. I don't want to live in your deception.
  90, I thought that with the record can be eternal, so very careful to write.
  91, you dare not use my heart to me, my sad reminder can not help.
  92. Life is a string of happy times; we are not just living for survival.
  93. Loneliness is God telling you that you should enrich yourself.
  94, 30. The most memorable thing is that it has never been remembered, but it will never be forgetful.
  95. If separation is a relief for you, why don't you say it earlier?
  96. In the dark tunnel, the passage time is too long, and the light is closer to an illusion.
  97. The faint sky, who can understand its pain.
  98, all deep love is a secret, so affection is only for you.
  99, 30. May 1 It is gone, June 1 it is coming, it should be scattered in July.
  100, miss, is a line of vines in memory, a pull will hurt.
  101. Lose the pain of suffocation like drowning and the bitterness of the cone heart and then the bitter despair.
  102, in fact, you and I understand that no one is dependent on who.
  103. Why do I always have eyelids in my eyes? That is my deep love for sleep.
  104. Maybe, I am destined to be just a passer in your life , your memories.
  105. How sad it is from the lover to the enemy, only knowing it.
  106. We all say that we are the flowers of the motherland. Why are the injured people all me?
  107. The feeling of loss is so strong, and I have nothing at the end.
  108. I like to listen to love songs as before, but now I feel so sad.
  109, even if the heart hurts, the heart is still that person, this is love.
  110, some roads you don't go down, you won't know how beautiful the scenery there is.
  111, time like a stupid thief to break the glass, leaving the debris is sad.
  112, I can't see my spring, just like I can't see my future.
  113, watching others are insisting one by one , so they began to shake.
  114, those intoxicating sweetness, how can become an eternal memory.
  115. Thoughts such as drills must be concentrated in a little bit to gain strength.
  116, the mind is blank, I do not know how to piece together those words.
  117. The so-called threshold, the past is the door, and if you don’t go, it becomes awkward.
  118. Say no more to cry for love, but sometimes heartache and heartache.
  119. If you are strong, you will be hurt. If you are optimistic, you will feel bad.
  120, maybe I put it down, maybe not yet, maybe even I don't know.
  121. If I forget you, remember not to wake me up.
  122, with you, after another year, the company will meet again, the streamer can not catch up.
  123, owe a glass of wine, owe a goodbye, owe a hysterical cry to send you off.
  124. When a person is a long time, it will become more and more rational and more and more realistic.
  125, "Harmony" "Forget it" "Why" "Is there someone in my heart" "Who?" "You were before."
  126. When you have a crush on a person, you always feel that person likes you too.
  127, please don't think how unforgettable you are, I just didn't find a way to forget you.
  128. If I see the ending at the beginning, I still choose to make you happy.
  129, I can only look at you from afar, in this era of deliberate laughter, secret love is just a secret.
  130. The smile after letting go is just to cover up the scars of pain.
  131. It’s snowing. If we don’t keep the umbrella, can we go all the way to the whitehead?
  132. When the tears fall from the gorgeous eyes, it means that the sorrow has been overloaded.
  133. The past is over, the important thing is to be happy.
  134. Our love and flowers together withered at the end of the season.
  135, know that you will not hurt me, so I am afraid that it will hurt you.
  136. The most urgent thing to go is the most beautiful scenery; the deepest hurt is always the most true feelings.
  137. If time is a circle, I look forward to reuniting with you again.
  138. When you finally admit that he is a passer in your life, you can continue to walk your way and stop staying. A lot of things, just because we don't want to admit it. Unwilling to admit the cruel, unacceptable facts!
  139, I miss you, I miss you, find a painter to paint you, put you in a cup, drink water every day to kiss you.