1. I missed my heart, why bother to love it.
  2, life friends are divided into three types: a quilt, a cup, a lifetime. When you are proud, your friends have met you; when you are in trouble, you have re-acquainted with your friends.
  3, do not make pressure, we do not have to follow the time to go, just follow the mentality and ability to go, with the edge, try their best, fulfill the fate, conscience, others, handed to the sky.
  4. When you miss me, don't forget that I am missing you too.
  5. Annie Baby said: When a woman is watching the sky, she does not want to look for anything. She is just lonely.
  6. For my small heart, you represent my whole world.
  7. If you don't have it, tomorrow is not worth looking forward to. Yesterday is not worth remembering.
  8. Waiting is the best opportunity, although it can't win, but it won't be lost.
  9. I don't think that I am a child who is not loved. It is possible that she has loved me deeply, but I don't know.
  10. You deserve to let go of his glorious life.
  11, gradually changing mood, tears always slip in the silence.
  12, many people, because of loneliness and love one person, but more people, because they love one person, and lonely life.
  13. Liu Xinwu said: It is better to arm yourself than to please others; instead of escaping from reality, it is better to laugh at life; instead of listening to the wind, it is better to attack!
  14. For a person, how many people I have had a relationship with. As a result, you are gone and they are gone.
  15. If you don't like me, please stay away from me, don't affect me to find those who like me.
  16, rather than the excitement of the eye-catching, step by step, it is better to be a true natural person in the crowd, not unassuming, not illusory, always keep the position back. The heart is fixed, just focus on doing things. - Anne Baby
  17. You think that it is courage to provoke the burden of life. In fact, it takes courage to go to the life you really want.
  18. Nothing terrible, you have to believe that everything will be fine. Even if you are scared, very painful, confused, don't give up hope, you are happy in the future, waiting for you now.
  19, sometimes want to find someone to talk, so over and over the phone book in the phone, but do not know who can send a text message or make a phone call, and finally pressed "clear". In fact, I really want to find someone to talk about, but I don't know where to start. In the end, I don't say anything at all. Tell myself that tomorrow will be fine.
  20, Zhang Ailing said: smashed the red rose, over time, the red rose became a mosquito on the wall, white rose or the moonlight in front of the bed; smashed the white rose, the white rose is the clothes A piece of rice slag, red is still a cinnabar on the heart.
  21, do not belong to yourself, why bother to pay attention to care.
  22, those beautiful memories, happy moments, can no longer go back.
  23, people grow up slowly, smiles are getting more and more fake, really less and less.
  24, Yi Shu said: In any case, it is always not worthy of forgiveness for a person to fall down. The more people love, the more they love themselves.
  25, there will always be countless passes in life , not every encounter can be condensed into a phase, not every invitation can be transformed into a know. It’s so long in a lifetime, so many variables in life, sometimes the person you think will go with you forever, can only accompany you for a while. Fortunately, we always have a little extravagant hope forever, not to miss the next love .
  26, San Mao: I like others to think of me as a fool. It is much more convenient to get along with people.
  27, that faint face like a smile. Like the chilly cold, withered flowers.
  28, there is always a road, you need to go alone, then bravely walk, gorgeously finished.
  29, met the ordinary said: fate is like a book. Inadvertently, I will miss the fairy tale and read too seriously and will shed tears.
  30. No one has the obligation to remember you, just as no one is obligated to tell you the truth.
  31. We went too hurriedly, and the messy memories spilled over the ground.
  32. No matter when you start, it is important not to stop after starting; no matter when you end, it is important not to regret after the end.
  33. Younger our heart is relatively small, and a little bit of suffering is put in, it seems big. When you grow up, your heart will grow bigger. Even if the greater sorrow is put in, it can still be left indifferently and calmly forgotten. So be patient, one day our heart will grow bigger than sadness.
  34. Xue Xiaochan said: I thought that one day, I will completely forget love and forget you, but suddenly one day, I heard an old song, my tears will come down, because this song, We have heard it together.
  35, if the heart is dead, it will not hurt. If the dream is weak, it will be uneasy. If the road is lost, it will not be found. If people leave, they will not stay.
  36, this life is not long, some wonderful can only experience once, some scenery can only pass once. Don't wait, sometimes wait and wait, let wait is a habit, you will wait for the years! Don't be afraid, you can say immediately, you can do it right away, don't look forward to it, don't look forward to it, you don't do it today, Perhaps it is a permanent knot; don't regret, the road is your choice, the ones you have gone through, the ones you miss are your own wishes.
  37. The girls who chase after them are the most distressing, but they are not treasured.
  38. San Mao said: A friend is very good, two friends are a little more, and three friends are too much. You know, you can have one, it’s already very good, not too much. If you don’t have it, you still have yourself, treat yourself well, get along with yourself, be a friend,
  39. We can only love what we understand, but we can never fully understand what we don't love.
  40, Mao Yuxi: A person has a good temper, is not easy to get angry, does not go with people, not only happy for himself, but also for people around him. On the contrary, it is good to lose temper, old people to raise the bar, people who like to pick people, not only bump into life, but also people around him. This simple truth, I only came to understand in my forties.
  41. Mother, another name is waiting, waiting for the wrong child to turn back, waiting for the wandering child to go home, waiting for the disappointing child to compete, and waiting for the failed child to succeed. With confidence, patience and so on, even if you can't wait for this life, you will come to life, stand in front of the bridge to meet the children, embrace the children, and say: Come! Let us continue to work hard, you can't do it in the past, it's a mother's fault, Mom took you wrong, Mom waited for a lifetime, thought about life, finally can wait for you, say sorry to you, let us start again! - Liu Wei
  42. I don't love you. I don't love you. I don't love you. If you read it a few times, it may come true.
  43. What you feel is useless now will definitely be useful in the future. So don't be perfunctory about what you are doing now.
  44. If you meet, don't say separation easily. Cupid's love arrow does not come casually.
  45. The value of human sacrifice is more precious than life. It is truth and reputation.
  46. ​​It is a very courageous thing to leave someone you like! Because I don't have it, I won't leave.
  47, you must be happy, will be more happy than me, because I am not happy you will never be.
  48, Guo Wei said: We are always practicing smiling, and finally become a person who does not dare to cry.
  49. Don't wait for me to cry, you will understand my sorrow. Don't wait for me to disappear, you know my existence.
  50. Love is always more beautiful than reality. Meet each other. Say goodbye to it. I hope you don't mind too much.
  51, moderate to people. Don't lose your temper at will, no one owes you. It’s very painful now, and when I look back, I will find that it’s not a problem. Learn to tolerate people who hurt themselves, because they are very poor, everyone has their own difficulties, and everyone is not easy. Learn to give up, the tighter you are, the more you are suffering.
  52, I hide the storm-like love in my heart, it is to not give the other party any psychological pressure, my love is more precious, relatively, the more cherish the love of others.
  53. Your ownership belongs to me, but you are gone.
  54. I can love when I love, and how I feel when I don't love.
  55. Clench your fist and punch a punch at the chest, saying that you are too easy to get hurt.
  56. Sometimes people change because they are hurt too much.
  57. You should consider the matter with a 10-year-old mentality, and then subtract 10 years old to face the reality.
  58. If the outcome is not what I want, then give up all.
  59. Zhang Xiaoyu said: Love has always been a matter of thousands of turns. Have never been abandoned, have not been hurt, how can you know how to love someone?
  60. I often worry that I don't have enough time, but I spend a little time on the only time.
  61. The so-called commitments must be separated before they are recognized as shackles. The so-called disappointment is a romantic embarrassment.
  62, love is what you are fascinated by what you can't tell, love is the gentleness that you know others do not understand.
  63, Bo Bangni: The so-called old girl is, also like the perfume that I like when I was twenty, I still wear the amber ring when I was 20, I still wear clothes when I was 20, and I like when I was twenty. The kind of boy you like. She may be mature, but never in the world, she may be complicated, but not turbid. Always curious, always admire, expecting an adventure, dream is not a goal, it is a temperament.
  64, San Mao said: Do not be afraid to reject others, if your reasons are justified. When a person asks for a request, his mind has prepared two answers. Therefore, giving him any of the answers is expected.
  65, don't let yourself live too tired. You should learn to think open, be bearish, learn not to be strong, and learn to hide. Relax yourself at the right time, look for catharsis, and relieve the tired mind. The reason people are troubled is that they are very memorable and remember those things that should not be remembered. So remember the things that are happy and forget the things that make you sad.
  66. At the beginning, we will know that there will always be an end. I thought that love can overcome everything, who knows that she sometimes has no power. I thought that love can fill the regrets of life. However, it is love that creates more regrets.