1. Time is like an invisible river, it flows silently around everyone; time is like a fair judge, it treats everyone right and wrong fairly; time is like a brush, it can be in people The face is painted with vicissitudes; time is like a brush, it can brush the pain of people's hearts.
  2. If time can stay at this moment, it will be a beautiful landscape painting. In the face of thick clouds, surrounded by mountains, turbulent water comes from the mist and goes from the mist. A few early-earning birds, scattered and scattered, screamed in the mist and rang through the valley, perhaps it was the most wonderful first song of the morning.
  3, grass reeds and red white purple wildflowers, steamed by a hot sun hanging high in the sky, the air is full of sweet breath.
  4, maturity is a bright and not dazzling brilliance, a kind of mellow but not greasy sound, a kind of calmness that does not need to look at others, a kind of atmosphere that finally stops appealing to the surrounding, a kind Ignore the noisy smile, a kind of brushless apathy, a thick, no steepness.
  5, the year of singing, the flowers are silent, in the past years, I have seen the early rise of the early sun, I have seen the sunset, the flowers have been seen, the flowers have withered, the pace of time, always Wandering in the steps we don't notice, the shadow of the reincarnation is always in every corner of our side.
  6, there is no cloud in the air, there is no wind, a round of hot sun on the top of the head, all the trees are loneliness to stand there.
  7, the sunset seems to roll in the golden red color of the clouds, and then sink behind the dark horizon. The red fireball gilded and smashed two or three hot sparks, so the faint silhouette of the distant forest suddenly emerged with continuous light blue lines.
  8. The snow and ice melt, the vegetation sprouts, and all kinds of flowers are open.
  9. On a quiet evening, when people are dreaming in bed, they suddenly make a loud noise, and then they hear the sound of dripping water in front of them. The rhythm of the drip is like a lullaby, and it keeps ringing. Fast, I seem to be hypnotized, and I fell asleep.
  10. The world of feelings has never been right or wrong. Some emotions, standing on the banks of reason, can only suppress the feelings of growth. Not love, but powerless. Some encounters, so rare, a little bit of consonance, difficult to give up, difficult to divide, so will not give up easily. Perhaps, some emotions, sincerity and warmth to the vision are enough. A feeling, indeed, is hard to come by, and can only be cherished.
  11, don't wait for someone who shouldn't wait, don't hurt the heart that should hurt. Some people are destined to be passing passengers in life ; some things often make us very helpless. Instead of crying sadly, it is better to face it calmly. Loneliness is not necessarily unhappy; getting, not necessarily long-lasting; losing does not necessarily have to be. When you are in love, let him be free; when you are not in love, let love be free. Look a little lighter, the injury will be less!
  12, full of red clouds, full of gold waves, red sun like a boiling molten steel, sprayed out, golden light dazzling.
  13, after the snow, the white snow is decorated with the world, Qiongzhi jade leaves, powdered jade, all in one color, is really a gratifying scene of Ruixue Fengnian.
  14. When you are in the warm air, the birds and flowers, the green mountains and the green waters, and the spring scenery of the fertile fields, you will be intoxicated; when you face the golden autumn, such as gold and silver, you will be delighted. Have you ever thought that the fascinating spring is the heroic after the baptism of the cold, and the beauty of the golden autumn is the crystallization of the smelting after the heat.
  15. When the sun reaches autumn, it will scatter its light to the world. Oh, the fields are golden, the venue is golden, and the mountains are golden.
  16. The sun has already turned to the top of the west. The bleak light illuminates the blood on the snow, and it illuminates the wilderness of the mountains. The mountains are white and there is no trace of the road.
  17, the wind whistling, the snow fluttering, this is the winter scenery; the snow melts, everything recovers, this is the breath of spring; joy is like an invisible bird, everywhere, laughter like a ray of sunshine, slowly melting ice and snow And knowledge is like a source, inexhaustible, inexhaustible.
  18, walked through a sea of ​​mulberry fields, the years of tempering in our old face, but did not lose their own soul. Stepping through an ordinary day, the road ahead is still extending in front, unloading heavy thoughts, throwing away unnecessary emotions, smiling and facing your own life. Look back, the years are no trace; look forward, the sun is shining.
  19, the wonderful sunset glows like a fire, bright like a yang, beautiful like a picture.
  20, idle mood, idle walk, idle worry-free, idle and relaxed, before the trip, seeing the two are kicking the scorpion, can not help but join their ranks, we kicked the scorpion in the afterglow of the snow, The faint glow is like a dream, and the dancing is like a butterfly, and there is a slight breeze sweeping across the cheeks, softening her rare delicateness.
  21, the clear moonlight attracted me, so the cloak went out, stepping on the moonlight like water, slowly walking into the garden, gardenia bathed in the moonlight, cold condensation with dew, such as a dream of Qingyuan. The bamboo shadow dances with the rhyme, as the water moonlight gently passes through, reflecting the Qinghui of the bright moon. Everything is abundance in the moonlight. The hustle and bustle of the world, hesitation and jealousy are melted in this moonlight. Suddenly realized, suddenly and cheerfully.
  22, Hengshui Lake can not see the side, the sky is connected to the water, the water is connected to the sky, the water meets. The water in Hengshui Lake is really quiet, so you can't feel the flow of it; the water in Hengshui Lake is really clear, you can see the small fish and water plants at the bottom of the water; the water in Hengshui Lake is really green, green is like It is an innocent jade. There is a layer of fog on the lake, adding a few mysteries to Hengshui Lake. The small fish in the water are free to play, and the algae dances in a mood, forming a harmonious scene.
  23, love is a winter sun, people who use hunger and cold to feel the warmth of the world; love is a clear spring in the desert, the use of the right to the desperate people to see the hope of life; love is sprinkled on the long dry land A kind of rain, so that the lonely and helpless people immediately receive the comfort of the soul,
  24, the sun slowly through the clouds, revealing the already swollen face, like a shy little girl looking at the earth.
  25, the sails of the years, gradually drifting away from the eyes of the memories, the melody of the life of the "Full Life" suddenly provoked an inexplicable desire in my heart. Gently open the curtains, a spring rain, wet the flowers that are sincerely cherished, many memories are like the flowers of the rain, the warmth of the hidden dreams, the mood of the moment, let the wandering The flowers and the spring breeze will drunk me, and I will not wake up.
  26, sincerity is a fine wine, the longer the year, the more mellow and strong; sincerely is the fireworks, the more beautiful it blooms in the heights; the sincerity is the flowers, and the fragrance is sent to the hands. A lonely heart needs the moisture of love; a cold heart needs the warmth of friendship; a desperate heart needs the support of power.
  27. Warm sunshine, shining through a window in a corner of the house. The faint floral fragrance, the blue sky, the white clouds, and the sly birds are not stopped; the sun is shining with a cloud of clouds. Everyone has a memory of their own feelings, perhaps sweet, perhaps sad , but regardless of the taste, it will always be the burden that you can never bear in your heart.
  28, stepping through a sea, using the knowledge of knowledge to stir up a piece of micro-small; picking a bunch of flowers, being sent to the smart bumps to clear the nose; no dream, decided to start from there.
  29, the wind is over, flying a few pieces, swaying the youthful dance; after the wind, it evokes a string of love, leaving a few scent of fragrance in the old spring and autumn months; just, on the way of fate, How many passengers are leaving halfway? How many stories have not been adorned with an ideal ending?
  30. When Chun girl was still walking in the small river in her hometown and watching the beautiful scenery, Xia’s younger brother jumped into the river to drink water, causing the spring girl to be angry, and a dress and a float.
  31. The wind, so gentle, drives the small trees and grass to dance together. When a breeze comes, like the mother's hand gently touches his face, I like that feeling, with a sense of coolness, makes people feel relaxed and happy. To enjoy life, you don't have to have a mountain and seafood flavor, and nature is the most precious thing God has given to mankind.
  32. The years are like a river. The left bank is an unforgettable memory. The right bank is a youthful year worthy of grasp. The middle of it is fast flowing, it is a young and faint sadness. There are many wonderful things in the world, but not many of them belong to themselves. Before the court, the flower blossoms and falls, the honor and disgrace are not shocked, and the sky is clouded and clouded, and it is unintentional. In this tumultuous world, it is also a realm to learn to treat everything around you with a normal heart!
  33, sand can not understand the vastness of the sea, the sky can not understand the rain, not every love must have a result. Smoke can not understand the loneliness of the hand, wine can not understand the sustenance of the throat, tears can not understand the fragility of the eye, not everyone will be happy. The heart has no material desire, that is, the autumn sky and the sea, sitting on the piano book, it will become a stone room Danqiu, humiliating and insulting, leisurely watching the flowers in front of the court, leaving unintentional, with the sky outside the clouds and tired clouds.
  34, endurance, is a kind of obstinacy that does not show the mountains and rocks dew; is a kind of perseverance that does not fear the wind and does not fear the rain; it is a kind of loyalty that does not have a name.
  35, the wind and air blew through. One year has passed. In the coming year, it will be like this. I don't know whether there is frustration behind the stability, or whether there is stability in frustration. Just us, can't find it. So we chose to wait, waiting for the time is so long, but it is so beautiful, in retrospect, it is like the art of solidification, fascinating.
  36. Weak people are afraid of loneliness, and rational people know how to enjoy loneliness.
  37. The sky is filled with soft, transparent, clear, tidal air.
  38. The years are filled with sorrows , a scent of ink, a slap in the face, a long love, but I can no longer write the land that you promised. If you can, please allow me some time, I am still waiting for what you said. Those who have been for a long time, I am willing to use your life's gaze, for you to look back, I will wait for a lifetime to wait for you to be gentle;
  39. The hot sun is hanging high, the red light hits the ground like a rocket, and the ground is on fire, reflecting the flame of the oil boiling.
  40, nature is very wonderful, giving us countless beautiful scenery. Here are some beautiful landscape sentences prepared by Xiaobian for everyone. Welcome everyone to see, I hope everyone likes it.
  41, love you, but can not say, think of you, but alone heartache, read you, but can only send words in the wind, dream you, but can not find your shadow, waiting for you, but dare not face your eyes.
  42. The really painful person, behind the smiling face, has tears that others cannot know. In life, we laugh more than anyone else, but when all the crowds are gone, we are more than anyone else.
  43. Let us wave a heavy hammer! Every time we are in the most immature part, when youth is gone, those parts will give birth to a thick sun, and eventually become a solid stone, supporting us no longer young but certain Beautiful life.
  44. There are sunshine and rain dew here, and there are silent figures.
  45. Life is like a mountain. What matters is not its height, but its spiritual show. Life is like a rain. What matters is not its size, but its timeliness.
  46. ​​The grass gives green to the spring, making its life wonderful; the spring, the flow of its sweetness into the heart of the thirsty, makes its life wonderful; the red day, the warmth of its transmission to the cold The midwinter makes its life wonderful. Flowers are not for the sake of fading, but for the result, and the result is not for the end, but for the sake of life.
  47. If you want to harvest the fruit in the golden autumn, then in the early spring of the chill intrusion, it is time to roll up the trouser legs, and unremittingly pioneer, sow, and cultivate until the day of harvest.
  48. I like the feeling of faintness, the quiet beauty of the night, the elegantness of the rain, the free and easy wind, and the lightness of the snow. At this time, the faintness is a kind of artistic conception. It is not a light and tasteless light. It is a lightness of the people. It is the tranquility after the disturbance, and it is the calmness of the water. It is such a faint feeling of a world of its own. The heart is as pure as the sky after the rain.
  49. I want to stop and indulge in a deep affection, but there is no iron anchor in the boat that I can drive. I want to go back and relive the old dream, but I have no way to return. Because the pendulum of time has never stopped, so life has given us the constant turbulence in the turbulent tide. Exquisite statement excerpts.
  50, the time is gloom, the years are like a shuttle, the life of a person is nothing more than a finger. Looking back yesterday, summing up experience has also gained a fortune; grasping today is tantamount to cherishing every development opportunity; planning tomorrow is tantamount to looking to the future and planning for the future. Therefore, as long as we can harvest yesterday, cherish today, and plan tomorrow; three days; too good, life can be described as no regrets!
  51. It turns out that it is necessary to wait until the wind and dust scented flowers have been exhausted before you can see the final wind and clear moon and spend a good month. ? No matter where you are, when we are finished, we will all get together. Everyone is a passenger. I am your passerby, you are my passerby, you and I are all passing passengers. When you look back, the person has already been drowned in the vast sea of ​​people, so we have no reason not to cherish the people around us.
  52, bursts of spring breeze, blowing clouds, the sun is happy to reveal a smile, the warmth and glory of the lake.
  53. Strive hard , the sky is still beautiful, the dream is still pure, let go of yourself, bravely fly in the sky of dreams, I believe that I must do better.
  54. I remember the old tears falling, I hope that my dreams will laugh.
  55. The beauty of life is always manifested in her enterprising; just like the beauty of a big tree, it is manifested in the thriving vitality of its negative momentum; like the beauty of an eagle, it is manifested in its temper The rain is like the soaring of the heavenly soul; like the beauty of the river, it is manifested in the torrent of its turbulent waves.
  56, the years of the rain, smashed the flowers, vicissitudes of life, buried the ancient and modern loneliness. The end of the thoughts is sad, the end of the wait is despair, the bustling to the extreme is dying, once the sea, suddenly look back, has changed the world. That red love is a desolate dream that can never be salvaged in life. Some desolate pasts have gradually become a strange road in my memory, and write eternal sorrow.
  57. Under the trenches, the staggered wounds are hidden. It is a belief that is not dead. I want this wind to slap your name and level all the dangers. Let all things craving for your pity, and bow down to you. I want the world to listen to your command, and the heavens and the earth are your royal court. Step by step to the guarded city-state, look up with all the loyalty. The scarlet cloak is lightly behind me, and the blood-colored pavilion unfolds the glory of life and engraves your brand.
  58. I like to indulge in the beautiful Tang poetry and Song poetry, and taste the elegant poems of the sentence; I like to linger in the old scrolls of history, appreciate the beautiful pages of that page; like to integrate into the music songs of the rogue, I feel That sound is long and long; I like to put it in my own context, and the ink stains the scenes and the years are thin; I am willing to seek a pure land in the chaotic world, and use my kindness to write on the pages of the year. Light time.
  59. The willows stretched out the branches of the yellow and green leaves, gently twitching in the slight spring breeze, just like a group of fairies dressed in green costumes dancing. The peach trees sandwiched between the willow trees also have bright flowers, green willows and red flowers. It is so beautiful!
  60. If you work hard to find beauty, you will find you; if you try to respect others, you will also be respected by others; if you work hard to help others, you will also get help from others. Life is like an echo, what do you send it back, what do you plant,
  61. Tolerance lubricates the relationship with each other, eliminates the gap between each other, clears the scruples of each other, and enhances mutual understanding.
  62. In the summer, on the lake surface of the West Lake, lotus leaves are squeezed. The most striking thing is that the lotus flower, which is as white as jade, is quiet and clean. It is really "out of the sludge and not stained." The lotus leaf holds the crystal dew-like dewdrops, and guards the slim lotus and the fat flower bones. It is simply a beautiful landscape with a picture of a big painter.
  63. Life is like a book. It should have more wonderful details and less boring words. Life is like a song. It should have more high-pitched melody and less sad notes. Life is like a painting, it should have more bright colors. Less gray shades.
  64. There is no ideal person. His life is like a desolate Gobi. It is cold and clear, and has no vitality. Without ideal people, his life is like a rudderless ship, bumpy, no direction; no ideal person, his life. Such as the long dark night, dark and dark, no light; no ideal person, his life is like a broken kite, swinging, not knowing the destination.
  65, late autumn, the sun hangs in the sky lazily, like a husband showing a smile on his face.
  66, the mountain wind is rolling with pine waves, like the arrogance of the ocean, with a scary sound, rolling from the distance to the Dutch land, bursting with the cliff head blowing the tree, hitting the wall and hitting the door, making a horrible person The loud noise. Sometimes it raises sharp sorrows, like the monsters in the mountains are parading outside.
  67. How perfect is the bird's wings, if you don't rely on the air, the bird will never fly high. The imagination is the wings, and the objective reality is the air. Only when the two aspects are closely combined can we achieve remarkable results.
  68. Life is like the sea, tolerance is a boat, boating is in the sea, and the sea is wide; life is like a mountain, tolerance is a path, mountaineering is a path, and the mountain is high; life is like a song, tolerance is a song, and songs are songs, and the songs of the songs are heard. .
  69, a person always has to take a strange road, look at strange scenery, listen to strange songs, and then in a casual moment, you will find that what was originally trying to forget is really so forgotten.
  70. With persistence, the loneliness on the journey of life can be paved into a blue sky; with perseverance, loneliness can be interpreted into a row of swan geese; with perseverance, joy can bloom into full-flowers.
  71. Nothing is more fascinating than the green hills after the spring rain bathing. The entire hillside is full of green and green. The mist that has not come out is like a light silk, wrapped around its waist, and the sun shines each piece. The raindrops on the leaves have turned into colorful pearls.
  72, maternal love is a drop of nectar, kiss the dry soil, it uses the warmth of drizzle, with the determination of diamonds, looking forward to the fertile ground of shattered light; maternal love is not a freezing point in life, but a flowing river, This river has created a beautiful scene of emotion in our lives.
  73. Maternal love is the sun that warms the soul; maternal love is the rain that nourishes the soul; maternal love is the fertile ground for irrigate the soul; maternal love is the rainbow that beautifies the soul.
  74. Feel the helplessness and injury of a piece of tidbits falling in the water, touch the romantic crystal of a white snow melting between the fingers, enjoy a spring breeze and float the passionate red rhyme from the flowers, taste the wonders and illusions It is quiet under the moonlight. Suddenly scattered into the poetry of the fallen, write down the pure beauty of the season, light and fragrant, as clear as the wind, like a cloud of smoke!
  75, outside the window, colorful, heart, sunny, love days, full of green eyes. I will meet and collect, with the rhythm of no regrets, licking the faint ink, writing the most beautiful love poems in the world, let the walk in the lines between the words, the plain color of the paper will become a gentle warmth. I don't know how many flowers will bloom in this spring, and I just want to be the most elegant one in your heart, not to mention the long days, not to say long, just to rejoice in the eyebrows, your smile, Put it in the softest place in your heart, take a heart, pass your sorrows and joys, and let your time be a calm, as if you are frosty.
  76, the heart is like a butterfly dance, the feelings follow the flowers, the mind stranded the face, only for the red bean tree of Acacia, now it is a tree full of shades, often put its vigorous branches into my window I used the lush foliage to build a nest of Acacia in my dreams, waiting for the return of the tired and tired firebirds.
  77, out of the hole, a few steps to the iron alley. The iron hutongs are quiet and narrow, and the narrow stone steps are between the cliffs of several tens of feet high. The narrow sky and the left and right stone walls with the width of the head are like a knife-cut straight, and the feet are stepped on the slippery mossy stone. On the order, the breeze wiped away from the ear leisurely, and the sweet blue grass fragrance of Shixi came. The sun shines through the oak forest and sprinkles a mottled light and shadow.
  78. When the sun just showed my face, I walked along the river to the village. So the faint clear mist, the moist and moist mud smell, slammed into my face and got into my nose.
  79. The infinite love that awakens in the distant whistle, ignites the spring curtain of the peach-red willow on the cheek! Shake the mind at midnight into a lonely lily, and fill the tears of the stars with warmth, and then keep the horizon.
  80. The bright sunshine passes through the gap between the leaves, and through the early fog, it slams the campus.
  81. High "Pagoda"... I really admire the gardening workers. They use their hard-working hands to create this beautiful scenery and dress our mountain city colorful.
  82, misty rain, drizzle, Jiangnan spring rain and fog. The mountain is not seen, the road is not present, the head is the riverside, and the side is cold and smoke. A burst of spring breeze, no one at the ferry, I can ask. The river is long and smoky, so it’s going to go through the years. The man has gone, the boat has been abandoned, and he looks up at the green hills. One boat carries a boat far away, and a million mu of Jiangnan can meet each other.
  83. Every spring, the red kapok is so hot that the powder is like a peony flower, and the white rose is like a jade flower. Some of them have full blooms, some contain sputum, and some are proud. A burst of heart-warming floral scent attracted a lot of little bees, singing and dancing.
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  85, the blood is getting cold in the waiting for burning, little by little, white hair is as new as the world. The black and white strings alternate in the moonlight, there is no dawn, look up to the chaos of high-altitude fireworks, use the tip of the tongue to build the next spring blossom, vaguely remember your eyebrows, in the dream of a breath.
  86, what to gain, what you get when you give it.
  87, summer night, the stars sparkle with sparkling light, one point, two points, flickering, like a naive, () yet intelligent eyes. They seem to have seen us, and they have played with us to catch cats and cats. Their dexterous body, hiding from the west - hiding, when the time is hidden, makes us dazzled. Suddenly, a meteor flew, attracting our gaze, and a blink of an eye, it concealed from our gaze.
  88. Maternal love is a ray of sunshine, so that your heart can feel warm as spring even in the cold winter; maternal love is a clear spring, so that your emotions will remain pure and clear even if the weather is over the years.
  89. Standing here and looking at it, it’s strange that the mountains have changed. Their shapes are very different from those in the plains or the mountains. They become very cluttered, majestic and peculiar. Looking up, the mountain is the sky, the sky is also the mountain, and the mountains are left and right, as if your nose can touch the mountain at any time.
  90, comfort; a pale heart needs sincere help; a door full of guards is closed, how much is the need to open this key!
  91. The sun in the late autumn is covered with an orange-colored lampshade, emitting soft light, and the face is warm and warm.
  92. I see green hills changing green and feel the power of vitality; I see the sunset over the Yangtze River and feel the beauty of the majestic beauty; I see the bridge flowing and feel the beauty of poetry and painting; I see the eagle hit the sky and feel the power of fighting. I look at the shallow bottom of the fish and feel the freedom of freedom; I look at the willow sprouts and feel the beauty of life.
  93. In the case of water, it is a tea, it is for giving; Ye Yun tea is like a ring, it is for the ring; Thinking is for the sake of perfection; and respecting the silence, the taste of tea is the same, it is for meditation; the convenience of the law, the countless people, is wisdom. Zen tea. Tea heart Buddha heart, what is different? Talking with friends about the drug case, the less calm. Tea, to cherish my heart.
  94, quiet summer night, the moon is clear, always give me a feeling of calm and quiet. The clear, soft water-like moonlight is pouring, the light is flowing, and the meaning is Ningrong. The moonlight is soft and transparent, light and elegant.
  95, the lotus is in a variety of poses, white and flawless, as pure as crystal. Some have just grown a blue-and-white flower bud, shy and swearing, and want to let it go; some only open half, some petals are scattered in the water, others are next to the flower, like a beautiful woman And some of them are all open, like a girl dressed in white clothes, dancing. It’s really pleasing to the eye. I was so intoxicated that I felt that the lotus in front of me became a graceful lotus fairy.
  96. Life is a small path that lingers in the mountains. It is bumpy and uneven, and the cliff is on the side. Falling down, crying when you cry, afraid of anything, not pretentious! This is straightforward, not weak, because crying does not affect the road, but can add a bit of caution. The flowers are beautiful and the scenery is pleasant. If you are intoxicated, you can laugh and laugh. You are not willing to be reserved! This is straightforward, not proud, because laughing once does not affect the way, but can add a confidence.
  97, taste life, improve humanity. Being is an opportunity, thinking can be improved. People need to constantly break themselves, and they should reassemble themselves.
  98. The ocean of life is not like the blue lake of Xizi Lake. With the flow of time, it is sometimes as calm as a mirror, sometimes a splash of water, sometimes a huge wave... People will become stronger after being tested by the wind and waves. .
  99, on the road of dust, prosperous, a scene of Yanhua, converge on the sun. How many times I was gazing at the distant rain, and I was looking forward to it, and the tears of the two eyes looked at the city, only for the fate of the past. Tang poetry and Song dynasty, rhythm, you come from the bleak melancholy of the ancient times, deeply branded in my heart, at that moment, my dusty heart smashed into the sea.
  100. No matter how bright the streetlight is, no matter how beautiful the night is, I always feel that it is not as good as the home. I like the quiet night in the late autumn in my hometown. A bright moon shines on the whole village. The autumn wind is slowly mixed with the silk. The coolness of the silk, a shit will wake up the entire village. For decades, like a generation, the ancestors of the ancestors are guarding this quiet night, and inheriting the stories one by one in the autumn night.
  101. The bud clusters of the cedar branches are quite fat and tender, reflecting the sky shining, do you say that spring will be far behind?
  102, maternal love is a landscape painting, wash away the lead carvings, leaving a fresh and natural; maternal love is like a soulful song, mellow melodious, scorn and sing; maternal love is a gust of wind, blowing off the snow, with The spring is infinite.
  103, love is a lamp, the distance in the dark illuminates the distance; love is a poem, the cold and warmth of the atrium; love is the summer wind, the winter sun, the spring rain, the autumn Fruit.
  104, spring is coming! Look, the melting ice water wakes up the stream. "Ding Dong Ding Dong", it is like a magical singer of nature, singing a sweet and sweet song, rushing forward.
  105, the sky was stained with blood red by the setting sun, the pink clouds reflected on the flowing water, the entire river surface turned purple, and the sky seemed to ignite a fire.
  106, life is a large encyclopedia, all-encompassing; life is a ukulele, playing a variety of wonderful melody: life is a Pegasus brand clock, tightening the clockwork, it will make people get concentrated life.
  107. The scenery of life, what kind of brush and ink to describe, what kind of gaze to look at, what kind of soul to accommodate? Life is not always as beautiful as imagined: there is a lot of helpless sorrow and pain in life. Luke is the same road, just care about how you go. The road to life is like this. This time you cry, the next time you look back at life, you will smile.
  108. Respect is a spring breeze, a clear spring, a warming Shuxin pill, a potent invigorating agent.
  109, spring, the sun is warm, it stretches out the warm hand, and the Capricorn is full of comfort.
  110, in the midsummer, the sky is so hot that even dare to fly against the shade of the tree, as if afraid of the sun hurt his wings.
  111. The sun is lower, the blood is red, and a broad wave of light shining from the edge of the ocean extends straight from the edge of the ocean to the edge of the boat.
  112, the years are like a river, the left bank is an unforgettable memory, the right bank is a youthful year worthy of grasp, the middle of the fast flowing, is the sadness of young sorrow. There are many wonderful things in the world, but not many of them belong to themselves. Before the court, the flower blossoms and falls, the honor and disgrace are not shocked, and the sky is clouded and clouded, and it is unintentional.
  113. With the sunshine and the rain, the fresh, with the flowers, and the time to drink, with the wind and the smile of the past; with the lotus's bleak and easy to meet, in the spring and autumn, the years are quiet, go through the high mountains The water is long, and we are willing to taste the fireworks, we can still use a dust-free heart to watch the beauty of life.
  114, I have always wanted to let others know their feelings, those heavy, those sad and desolation that can't be told, but how do I draw all my life wheels on you on shallow paper? How can I make you understand? Forget it, stop, you think I am a farce, you because I am happy, close the door, each has their own happiness or tears.
  115, life is like a bunch of flowers, watch it carefully, you can see its beauty; life is like a cup of tea, taste, in order to appreciate the true taste. We should taste the philosophy of life from failure, from success, and from life.
  116, forgive, but not forgotten. Being a man is a bit innocent and keeps some chivalrous feelings for friends. Be happy, be cheerful, be tough, and be warm. This has nothing to do with personality. I hope that in the next cycle of life, I can still wait for you, love you, and wait for you. When a season blooms, when you meet love, it is complete. Looking back once, when you meet you, you are happy.
  117, summer night, the sky is encrusted with sparkling stars, like a glistening quicksand paved with a galaxy lying on the blue sky. The earth is already asleep.
  118, spring flowers will open! If you have experienced winter, then you will have spring! If you have faith, then spring will be far away; if you are paying, then one day you will have flowers full circle.
  119, life is like a dream, the bustling turn to empty. How many times in the past life, I only remembered to pass this life and pass by, rushed, and if I passed away, who remembered the original surprise? We are just a stranger, and the cooperation between heaven and earth is only an episode of broken strings. ;; Long red dust, who is who forever?
  120, the opportunity to fight on their own, destiny needs to grasp, life is their own staff, deterrence, do not personally play it?
  121. Warmth is the spring rain that is floating and floating; warmth is the smile on the face; warmth is the response of no hesitation; warmth is a meticulous cooperation.
  122. If I am a night walker who travels thousands of miles, my mother must be a gentle light in the night, far away for me, to call my hesitant footsteps; if I am only complaining about the lame actor, my mother must be The warm applause calls for self-confidence and spurs me to work hard; if I am a playful little fish, my mother must be the green lake, and when I am tolerant of my naughty, I will also be happy. A circle has spread.
  123, all the way to enjoy the view of the pool, you will find that there are many large and small flower beds scattered around, the altar has tall palms, there are low thatched; there are long thorns of the rose, there are also soft white chrysanthemums... Planted a few plums, all seasons, the season is fragrant. There is a small urinal on the side of the pool with a lot of colorful fitness equipment. On the hot afternoon, many old people lead the children to play, some sit by the pool and watch the fish and flowers in the water; some are in the square. Sprinkle the corn kernels for the pigeons; more naughty little boys holding bamboo poles, chasing the pigeons to eat... a lively scene!
  124, I like to use the moonlight to precipitate the mood, such as the moonlight, can drink. Pushing open the window, letting the moonlight quietly linger on the skin, the light and elegant rhythm, the fresh and embellished mood naturally flows in the heart. If the moon is like a practice, the mood will become clear and soft in the moonlight, and all kinds of moving and beautiful in the life will be floating.
  125. The sky is near dusk, and the sun slowly drills into the thin clouds and turns into a red ball. The west side of the sky appeared more red than the fat doll's face but also delicate pink.
  126, warmth is the spring rain that is floating; warmth is the smile on the face; warmth is the response of no return; warmth is a meticulous cooperation.
  127, summer night, more mosquitoes, they will shake with a fan sitting under the banyan tree, seeing the little blue sky from the seams.
  128. At midnight, in the long and dark night, thousands of thoughts, like the rhythm of the flow, will accidentally play the notes of the night without disturbing in the depths of the soul, but still can't open the thoughtful feelings. A language written in a piece of paper carries a loneliness that waits on the edge of a dream and rushes in the dark.
  129. Even if you are in love with the narcissus that is open in the water, don't forget the lonely corner of the valley, the wild lily also has spring.