1. I don’t know if I don’t know how to use my own fat.
  2, sometimes feel that you are ugly, take out your ID card, you will find that you really want more.
  3, the wind is great, blowing my hair, blowing off your wig.
  4, the buddy's psychological quality is good, just like no psychological quality.
  5, I came to your city, but you did not ask me to eat.
  6, acne nothing, that is cute to bubbling.
  7, men, like the food in the cafeteria, although it is difficult to eat, but it is still late.
  8, hard work will not necessarily be how, but give up must be very comfortable.
  9. Do you know what I hate most about you? I hate you a little more.
  10. If something is doomed to happen, it will still happen if you sleep for a week. If some people are destined to appear, you will still meet with him if you turn 18.
  11, the girl who loves to eat will not be too bad, because "food to run".
  12, the girl is sincere and expensive, the young woman is more expensive, if there is a rich woman, both can be thrown.
  13. If you have nothing to do, think about how to get rich. Don't always hurt the spring in the world of feelings. The money in your palm is always more solid than the one you can't grasp.
  14, there are many things you can't figure out at the time, don't worry, after a while you think about it, you can't think of it.
  15, do not have to cross the ocean to see me, put your six months of savings on my Alipay.
  16, even someone said that I painted my eyeshadow, it is simply insulting my dark circles.
  17, once you see the sea like you know, you must also like the waves.
  18. There was a man who wanted to finish his homework and eat again. Later he starved to death.
  19, tell you a secret, do not sleep the night before the exam, or else, can not sleep when the exam.
  20, the sense of security is not given by others, it depends on how much you love yourself, eat and wear warm, mobile phone has electricity, the wallet will never be flat.
  21, the winter is the most rogue, always like to freeze my hands and feet.
  22, this weather, so cold that even a fart can be used to dry hands.
  23. What is the bus that you have been riding the most? "" It was just passing by, but it was squeezed into the car.
  24, I want to buy things when I am angry, I have to spend money to buy things, I will lose money when I spend money, I will be angry when I have less money.
  25, I hope that everyone will not be a trick, because the door will be bad!
  26, Confucius said, no sleep at noon, collapse in the afternoon; Mencius, Confucius said right.
  27, to have good eyesight, first use Shu Shubao.
  28, the happiest thing in the world is to eat, the second happy is to eat again later!
  29, there are some things in life, we do not want to happen but have to accept, do not want to understand but have to understand, like some people, we can not do without, but have to let go.
  30. Never regret anything, because it was once what you wanted.
  31. I heard that your city is raining. I don’t know if you have an umbrella. If you bring it, this rain will be white.
  32. When you see your face, you feel that your parents are not serious when making you!
  33. The person who can make you live the most like yourself will be the one who loves you the most and your favorite.
  34, Mom! The end, I put relentless here, after whom bother me learn , and I'll play with you.
  35. In fact, Kobe is reluctant to retire today, because he retired, I don’t know anyone in the NBA.
  36, you have to know: girls with small chests are intimate.
  37, I can't see how you are different from the dog, you look a little human!
  38. Is it necessary to summon the dragon in the days when I don’t talk to me?
  39. I hope someone will accompany you to rush, and I will comfortably accept the money at home.
  40, women are well mixed, clothes are worn less. The man mixed well and the hair fell backwards.
  41, do not raise cats, dogs, dogs, I only raise you, after all, pigs can get rich.
  42. People who laugh at me, trouble you to whiten the toothbrush first - there is a green vegetable.
  43. I used to use the beauty camera. I accidentally opened the camera that came with my mobile phone, and I was scared that my mobile phone was thrown out.
  44, can not be beautiful to lead you to pay tribute, ugly mad magic dance.
  45. Behind every successful man, there will be a woman who is full of nothing to do.
  46. ​​If you meet someone you like, you will be bold to chase, and you will not be afraid of anything.
  47. The teacher always teaches us to love the trees, but the teacher I want to tell you: the trees seem to have been made into papers.
  48, people's abdominal muscles are trained, my abdominal muscles are laughing.
  49, my fleshy meat is comfortable and comfortable to hold comfortably "" looking uncomfortable."
  50. At the beginning of the people, the nature is good, you are all bad guys.
  51. After all, I am so ugly, can you be beautiful?
  52. I don't dare to talk when I eat chocolate, because people will think that I am eating.
  53. Anything that confuses you enough will ruin you. The heart is soft and sick, and it is fatal.
  54. I have mastered 36 kinds of methods for hiding private money, and then I only have money.
  55. Some people say that I don't want to face. If you listen to it, you will be jealous of me. So handsome, why don't you want to be?
  56. With you, I no longer like other pigs.
  57, friend, you listen to me persuasion, if you have no money, you can earn more, so I will not pay back the money you borrowed!
  58. I recently wanted to go to the movies with my boyfriend. Let me recommend any good boyfriend to me.
  59, you have a hard wing now, it should be delicious to roast.
  60. I have something to say and say, no, don’t always say that I am cute, are you bothered?
  61. I thought the air was free until I bought the potato chips.
  62. If poverty limits your imagination, why can you think of so many ways to save money?
  63, women use silk stockings to conquer men, men use silk stockings to conquer the bank.
  64. I found that my biggest shortcoming is the shortcomings.
  65. The feelings of the original adult are not questioned, they are not explained, they are tacit, they are suddenly scattered, they are naturally reduced, and they are a cold tacit understanding.
  66, everyone cares that you fly high and not fly, tired, tired, only me, I don't care about you.
  67, kettle, why are you crying because the butt is too hot?
  68. I hate myself a bit now, even though I work hard, it is just the beauty of others.
  69, I wanted to eat a bite of sorrow, but I never thought of eating it into a meat ball.
  70, ah! Donate, please stay, girl I pinch milk, hit the lack of milk ah ~
  71. Any beautifully praised, there are traces of PS.
  72. I heard that the mobile phone has radiation on the side of the pillow. I was so scared that I quickly threw the pillow and scared me.
  73. Sanlu and Mengniu tell us a truth: animals are unreliable.
  74. Although it is easy to make a base, it is not easy to have children, and it is cherished.
  75, can not grasp the tail of youth, can only smell the youthful P.
  76. I have been unplugged before I have time to get rid of it.
  77. I thought that I was very decadent. Today I realized that I was scrapped early.
  78, fall in love should let the boyfriend everywhere, let him cook, let him wash the dishes, let him wash clothes, let him make money.
  79, October, be a simple pig, calm and persistent, modest and fearless, arch your favorite cabbage.
  80. I don’t know how to be blessed in Fu, saying that some people have already been blessed, but they pretend not to know the same.
  81. What can be said is not necessarily too concerned; what can be written can actually be put down; if there is a heart, it is the desire to stop lingering.
  82, Hello, hello, here is the express delivery someone sent you a wishful wish to sign you.
  83. I used to think that the best thing in life is to meet. Later, I realized that what is rare is the reunion.
  84, may be single for a long time, I saw a sow a few days ago I think it is eye-catching.
  85. A girl like me, can I hold my weight without weight?
  86. If you think that people you like also like you, it only shows that your imagination is very rich.
  87. Those who have no blood relationship with you and who have always been willing to treat you are all worthy of your cherish.
  88. Others laughed and I wore thick, and I laughed at others.
  89. Why is this Chinese cabbage with beauty and wisdom not having pigs to arch?
  90, so many handsome people, but I am ugly, or you will not notice me at first sight, hahahaha.
  91, I want to be a sparkling neuropathy in your life.
  92. The first time I fell was careless, the second time was stupid, and the third time was voluntary.
  93. Why do you still need to ask for high pixel pixels? Is it too clear that you are ugly?
  94. What do you need to pay attention to when selling Meng? "Pay attention to the looks."
  95. If there is something more embarrassing than confession in the world , it must remind others to pay back the money!
  96, recently fatter, smile when you call, your face can hit the hang up button.
  97, not obsessed brother, sister in law will beat you up.
  98, lonely people like late at night, passionate people like dusk. Happy people like the sun, and sad people prefer the wind and rain.
  99. I hope that you don’t feel that you are nothing, you can at least make others feel annoyed.
  100. No matter how many times you turn around, your ass is still behind you.
  101, give you a pair of wings, you should be braised...
  102. It is said that women are made of water, but the water pollution is very serious recently.
  103, it’s cold, I wake up at night, don’t forget to give my roommate a quilt.
  104. I have to go out and go. After all, such a good face is always hidden at home, which is a big loss for society.
  105, the old lady's eyes will know that you are a enchanting.
  106, what is love , love is not a color ring is a diamond ring.
  107. I seriously doubt whether the old man took my red thread to weave the long trousers.
  108, don't call me a house girl, please call me Mrs. Curie.
  109. When the real big ear scraper hits your face, and you repeatedly hit your face again and again, you will naturally wake up.
  110, people who like to be sure to confess, not to be rejected, you really are a fairy.
  111, you have love, I have desire, the small lamp is closed, let me go.
  112, the night will not treat people who sleep late, it will give you dark circles.
  113, always think of you when feeding pigs.
  114. I feel that I am not going to have a bad time in class, but I am traveling directly.