1. After you have separated, forget about it.
  2. Since I have withdrawn my life , why not take the past away from my memory.
  3, will slowly get used to it, friends do not necessarily have to be him
  4, playing silly is to make you happy, you think I am really funny.
  5, for you, I have exhausted my life's strength.
  6, you are like a star in the night sky, far away, but let me love it.
  7. When you understand that you can't do anything, say nothing too pale.
  8, the laneway has not been our figure at that time
  9, the separation is not the right person
  10. I am a loved one, never a person I love.
  11, to be a flower unbeaten woman, as strong as a cactus .
  12, you said that you want to be free, you can't have me in freedom.
  13, I know, I can cry, but I can't lose ()
  14, I am not stubborn, just too tired
  15. Maybe you are not handsome enough, maybe you are not gentle enough, maybe there is still a lot of it, I choose you, just because it is you.
  16, obviously like you are not a day or two, but it ends the relationship with two seconds
  17. Once, you said that you love me. That moment, I thought it was forever.
  18, when we were young, we cried and cried and laughed. When we grew up, we cried and smiled and cried.
  19. I always wanted to give you the best, but I have the worst.
  20, I think you are tired, but it is better than loving you.
  21, the fairy tale is over, forgetting is happiness. Believe what is not good, believe in love.
  22, behind the turn, you can not see the tears I have left for you, walking alone.
  23, the wrong person, even if you are infatuated, there will be no result.
  24, suddenly miss, suddenly heartache, sudden confusion, suddenly want to see you.
  25, is it that I am a good person to do too long, you feel that I have no temper?
  26. You are like a shadow, you can’t get it.
  27. I was looking for a face that I had never met before I met you unexpectedly.
  28, the door does not come out, the second door does not step, this is my living state.
  29, leaving behind the shadow of the shadow, take away the sprout of Acacia grass, only the green postal road, carrying the missing thoughts.
  30. If the flowers are beautiful, it seems like the water is flowing, and the past is back, and it can't be returned.
  31, every day, every day is repeating all this, all helpless
  32. No matter how much effort I put into you, you will never see it.
  33, I envy others happiness all the time, who will come with me to envy others.
  34, quarrels really hurt feelings, my heart's thoughts, no matter how good or bad, sometimes it is not a good idea to have a good policy. I am afraid that it will be farther and farther. I am afraid that I will be farther and farther away. So I will cherish my doubts about my values.
  35, the dark clouds cover the moon, the traces of people are gone, can not tell the loneliness.
  36. Facing this reality, I want to escape
  37, my heart is sore, I am sore, I don’t bleed, I always tell others that I am fine.
  38. Even if you are separated, I hope you can have a good life.
  39, for you, I lost everything. In the end you even lost!
  40. Even the pain of death is still thinking about you. It turns out that he is really my medicine.
  41. This kind of thing, I feel hard when I hear it, about the experience, I am too tired.
  42. TV series and we really want to, but the ending is too much too much
  43. I feel tired and unclear.
  44, the still water is deep, and the songs are sung; the three yin and yin are lacking, and the sorrows and joys are separated.
  45. Even if you are gorgeous, you will only get a lonely situation.
  46. ​​Look down at the money and look up. You can only look ahead if you look at the money.
  47. You are the beautiful scenery that I passed, and it is also the scenery that other people have passed.
  48. Legend, after the fall is a rebirth, and it is an epiphany.
  49, the root cause of breaking up is not enough love
  50. Your world is crowded and you can't find me.
  51, I will not cherish it at a glance, after all, who has a bad temper
  52, some people, always forget, like some people, always can not remember.
  53. One of the turning points of a certain day, I promise you, no longer love you, but forgot to promise myself.
  54. Rape in bed. The joy is finally caught, and the sadness is really caught.
  55. Those flying memories are slowly being eroded by the years.
  56, the monotonous and dull air suffocated my young mind, wrapped around my flying wings.
  57, I am not afraid that you fall in love with others, I am afraid that you will stay with me after falling in love with others.
  58. Since we all accept the reasons for separation, then say goodbye.
  59, learned to accept the reverse, learned to be insensitive, love makes me pain is not painful!
  60, lover, it walks quietly, waved a hand without a trace of retention!
  61, in fact, I am very tired, I can't think of you, because I will be more tired
  62, grow up slowly, you know to accept or reject with silence
  63, it used to be beautiful, it’s just once
  64, you have to know that feelings are barely coming, letting nature just be powerless
  65. Since it cannot be recovered, let it go.
  66, I feel so tired, but I know that I am not alone.
  67, now I can't accept another person, too tired
  68. When a friend ignores you, don't be sad. Everyone has their own life. No one can accompany you all the time.
  69. I thought that the incomparably prosperous soft time was originally a self-love.
  70, I am waiting for someone, a person who can accompany me for a long time.
  71. I also thought that I could, when I was heartbroken, turned and strode away.
  72, heartbeat hidden in the drawer, see the sputum, will not be distracted.
  73. There are many things in life, the ones that can be forgotten are called the past, and the ones that can't be forgotten are called memories.
  74. If you fall in love with someone, please don't tell me, I am not as brave as you think.
  75. Who is innocent in life? When you are drinking, you also use wine to pour. The water from the knife is broken, and the water is more sloppy.
  76. Waiting hard, there is no me in your return.
  77. Do what you like and do what you think is worthwhile. Living for myself, I want to be more exciting than you.
  78, the most helpless two things, inexplicable loneliness and hopeless love
  79, obviously want to wait for you, but you are not in my direction.
  80. Actually, I am only a passer in your life.
  81, such a void love , I have no strength to continue
  82, points are divided, I am tired, every time I take the initiative, I am also yours.
  83, standing in your own corner, pretending to be a passer.
  84, the breakup between girls and boys is always too different
  85, no one will pay attention to your pain, but everyone will pay attention to your mistakes.
  86. Don't wait until I fall in love with you, and say that we are not suitable.
  87, no fate, is the decision you easily give us
  88, finally, you left me
  89. At the end of the heart, all the good things have been left.
  90, sad, don't tell others, just stay with yourself.
  91, but I still hope that you can be happy, see this you are happy to live each day.
  92, you left, but also took my smile
  93. At the beginning, we will know that there will always be a closing.
  94. Try to let go, is it that I can only do now?
  95, I can't always try to figure you out, I used to work hard to embrace your indifference.
  96, love is two things, I don't like your doubts.
  97. From then on, no more temptation, no sincerity; from then on, the world of flowers, no longer take it seriously.
  98, love is a kind of experience, even heartbreak will feel sweet.
  99, do not love me, I absolutely do not love, I am a good man, why bother planted in a hopeless love.
  100. I don't allow people I care about to leave me for any reason.
  101, memories are always our most powerful enemy, because it is full of beautiful
  102. Some people, some things, can come back without missing them.
  103, you are gone, I cried.
  104, love is like a dandelion blown away by the wind
  105, wrote one sad word after another, how can not write their own mood.
  106. In the past, the torment I have suffered for you is the one that is now being laughed at.
  107, obviously like it, but can't be together
  108. I was embarrassed when I saw you as a person.
  109, that time, the unforgettable promise, the moment when the sound of the rain.
  110, love is in a rogue helpless
  111, break up and break up, said those nonsense nonsense
  112, just because of love, the beginning will hurt
  113. Now I have to talk about the previous one , as if I am reading another.
  114, later, we also forgot about the rivers and lakes
  115. When you look up, you will become glaring, and your dreams will be imprisoned in the whitish cockroaches.
  116, I want to sleep like this, sleep until the old days
  117, in the buddy list, you are no longer there.
  118. Life has always been simple, but we have never been able to make it complicated.
  119. I hope that I am still a child, because the knees that rub the skin are easier to heal than the broken heart.
  120. The most uncomfortable thing is to listen to the people you like and talk about the people he likes.
  121. Can you give me a song and tighten the hug forever?
  122, too close, love will become a negative thing
  123. Sleep is an art, and no one can stop me from pursuing art.
  124, slowly start, tired of today's life
  125, I will always remember you, but even if I remember how I can
  126, I hate who is always very obvious, and who I like is disguised.
  127, the memory just wants the slides to flash one by one, this life is too tired
  128, I used to be your life, but now you have no life.
  129, love, hurt, cry, only know, not mine, I should not.
  130. I would rather be hurt by a stranger, and I can't stand the smashing of a familiar person.
  131, paying for the heart but only for tears, really helpless
  132, I am very good, why should I love you?
  133. The reason for separation is that if you fall in love with others, don’t regret it.
  134, I can give up everything for you, you can not tolerate a trace for me.
  135. Anyone who knows me badly knows that my good is only my own understanding.
  136, although the body is here, but the heart is dead, you are still, but not in love.
  137. Those who do not sleep late at night have more or less loneliness in their hearts.
  138. Maybe, waiting for you is just my wishful thinking.
  139, he once again walked into my life, once again made my heart confused.
  140, after all, youth is to use the parting to break the field
  141. Don't be in front of others, talk to your predicament and reveal your vulnerability.
  142. You don't have to feel that you are guilty. I am saddened to be myself.
  143. How come so fast in four years. This season of graduation, this season of sadness, this parting season is reluctant.
  144, can't blame you for leaving, just blame yourself for not keeping you
  145, memory becomes fragmentation, it is because it is filled with heartbreak.
  146, the wait of the millennium, but only exchanged one sentence: my love is no longer there.
  147. One-way journey of one person, one person’s dynasty, one person’s ambition.
  148. Some people find out that it is so important because they are gone.
  149, every day has to be strong and laugh , too tired
  150, it seems to you that I have used up all my enthusiasm, making me become tepid
  After 151, I realized that we are all forced to helpless.
  152. You used to be all of me, but you broke free from the shackles of love.
  153. It is better to be arrogant to mold, and not to hang around to humble.