1, the night and half dreams of young things, only dreams of idle people do not dream.
  ——The original sentence is from Bai Juyi’s “Minhang” (night dreams, youth, dreams, tears, tears, red and dry.)
  2, you are so good at comforting others, you must have spent a lot of time to comfort yourself.
  ——Chen Yahao
  3. When he left, only Starlight sent him.
  - "There is only the starlight to send him when the man walks."
  4. We can't go back.
  - "Half-Life"
  5, the dream does not know the body is a guest, a greedy joy.
  ——Li Wei
  6, the mother is old, walking on the wall, has not stepped out of footsteps.
  ——Mao Xiaojun
  7, the tree wants to be quiet and the wind is not endless, the child wants to raise and does not wait.
  - " Confucius Family Language, Volume II, Thinking for the Eighth"
  8, the so-called father and son mother and daughter, only means that you and his fate, that is, this life and the present is constantly watching his back gradually drifting away. You stand at this end of the path and watch him disappear into the corner of the path. He silently told you with his back, don't have to chase.
  ——Long Yingtai
  9. I am very lonely in English, "I Love You"
  ———— Zhou Xingchi
  10. The vast majority of their lives must be spent drifting alone on the cold ocean.
  - Description of polar bears in the BBC documentary
  11. At that time we had dreams, about literature, about love , about traveling through the world. Nowadays, we drink late at night, and the cups come together, and they are all broken dreams.
  - North Island "Polish visitors"
  12. The fellows, we Chinese have surrendered, and China?
  ——Anti-Japanese hero Yang Jingyu
  13. I often say "I am very happy to see you" to others, even though I am not happy at all.
  --"Catcher in the Rye"
  14, the rain screams, like living by the stream, prefer to rain every day, thinking that you are not raining.
  - "Little Reunion"
  15. Never been, is it right?
  - "Madman's Diary"
  16. Crossing the hills, I found no one waiting.
  - "The Hill"
  17. You don't know how to ask for shame, accept it without gratitude.
  - "Wald's Prison"
  18, Zhou Yiruo sneered: "We used to have a marriage contract, my husband is dying at this moment, and today I did not hurt your life, others will say that I still have your old feelings. If you invite you to help, the world heroes Everyone wants to swear that I don't know shame and watery poppies." Zhang Wuji hurriedly said: "We just have to ask innocent people, others to speak, what do you care about?" Zhou Yiruo said: "If I ask what is wrong?"
  - "Eternal Dragon and Dragon Sword"
  19. The fall is short, no, you and I are too short to look back.
  - "Feng Tang Shi Bai Shu"
  20. When you like someone the most, it is often the time when you don't know him the least.
  - "Dragons"
  21, is eager to teach me what is mean and kneeling.
  - "Nan Yin"
  22, one day, you have no reason to think of a person, she has let you have expectations for tomorrow, but it does not appear in your tomorrow.
  - "Goodbye Jinhua Station"
  23, always forget more things, but do not forget the love.
  - "Occasionally sent to the Lang"
  24, unsatisfactory things often eighty-nine, can be said to have no two.
  - "Different Commander"
  25, one by two, the whole life is happy.
  - "Tang Dynasty wife's agreement"
  26, want to buy osmanthus with the wine, the end is not like, juvenile tour.
  - "Tang Duo Ling · Lu Ye Man Ting Chau"
  27. I am a person who often laughs, but I am not a person who is always happy.
  28, the college entrance examination was a point worse, but separated by 166 people. These 166 people are 1900KM distance, 1000 tickets, three hours of flight time, four years of missing and a lifetime of regret.
  29. The only way to stay healthy is to eat something you don't want to eat, drink something you don't want to drink, and do something you don't want to do.
  --Mark Twain
  30, when I was five years old, my mother told me that the key to life is happiness. After school, people asked me what I was going to do when I grew up. I wrote "Happy." They told me that I understood the wrong topic and I told them that they understood the wrong life.
  --John Lennon