The National Day was gone, but it brought joy; the long holiday was gone, but it brought luck. It was finished in seven days, but it brought happiness. When I went to work, I sent a warm heart. I wish you: I will never bother to work, never go to work. Tired forever and comfortable, always go to work forever!
  At the end of the National Day holiday, I have to go to work. On the way to work after the holiday, if you meet Li Jiaxin and Lin Daiyu at the same time, which one do you want? I hope you: I want Jiaxin (to raise the salary), not Lin Daiyu (zero treatment). Oh, I wish you a happy day after work, promotion and salary increase!
  National Day three-day tour: a home, two places, three places of interest and monuments; three dreams after the holiday: a dream money, two dreams, three dream friends. I hope that the autumn wind after the holiday will blow away the troubles of your work, and will bring you the joy of the festival and wish you all the best.
  After the National Day , you will receive one get one free, take back your play, take care of your work, take back your carelessness, and give you a peace of mind! I wish you a smooth work after the holiday, everything goes well!
  Say goodbye to the refreshing joy that the big holiday has gone, and to pursue the pursuit of returning to the post after the fake; to hold the big vacation and relax, to be happy and happy, to put on the post and return to the post and strive for the pursuit; I wish you a happy return after the holiday, and you will be happy with you. No worries!
  The National Day holiday, gently come, gently walk, wave a sleeve, a word of worship, do not take a trace of nostalgia; I hope you take the joy of the holiday, after returning to the post, continue to encourage, come on! I hope that you will realize your dreams as soon as possible , and you will have a good time!
  On the 7th National Day, everything went to work, and when I started working, I was powerless. Dear friends, I sent a text message to you, and I will give you a job. I wish you a job, a promotion, and a salary increase!
  National Day seven days of music unlimited, I will be happy to hide the heart, after the festival will pass it, really let go of music, I hope that you work with your heart, I hope that your life is happy, learning and progress is super joy, all things are happy, happy every day!
  On the first day after the festival, don't be a god, happy time, and strive to start from the beginning, the holiday syndrome, all are sick, all to be eliminated, daily needs to advance, success in beckoning, struggle hand in hand!
  Put away the wonderful holidays, meet new pressures, compress your tiredness and release your vitality. Are you ready to practice for seven days? Send a greeting to you, cheer for you!
  National Day holiday, quietly over, clean up the mood to go to work, relaxed and happy to stay at the bottom, busy sneak peeks at you, may you worry about disappearing into the air, fatigue becomes the driving force, work is smooth and happy, I wish you peace and smooth!
  One second before the holiday, the work is thrown quickly. One second after returning to work, the speed of work is fast. There are throwing cockroaches, relaxation, and work to a higher level. Returning from a long vacation, I wish you a smooth and smooth career and a prosperous career.
  I know that I am warm and cold, and I am in charge of everything. National Day to work warm tips, adjust the biological clock, eliminate the phobia of work, give yourself a small pressure, and work hard to add oil. The leader praised him and wished his friend a brilliant career. His salary was higher than one year.
  The National Day is over, but happiness is left; the long vacation is gone, but happiness is coming; seven days have passed, but good fortune has come; the work has begun, so the blessing has arrived. Wish: Happy holidays!
  What I want to say the most on the first day of work: I have been released for seven days. Do you still care about these two days? The most wanted thing: I have no time to sleep in seven days, can I sleep for a while? The person who wants to see the most: the person who owes you money, and also pays for food. I wish you all the best and work well!
  The country waits for us not to be thin, and gives us a seven-day holiday; God treats us not thin, and when we go to work, it is full of sunshine; we can't wait for ourselves to be thin, go to work to be happy, easy!
  The holiday is over, the work is endless, and today I have to go to work again. But health is the cost, the body can not be cumbersome, may you go through the eleventh holiday to recharge your spirits and rejuvenate to meet the challenges of work. I wish you a happy job like a holiday, and a happy life!
  Holidays, rushing through; gatherings, sloping; lazy, come to an end; loose, put into the refrigerator; aftertaste, long holidays; fly, dreams. The holiday is over, pack your mood and start a new journey!
  The happiness that has been stored in the big holiday, the state that has been raised, the energy that has been added, the mentality that has been repaired; the mentality of returning to the post after the long holiday, I hope that you will be refreshed and go to work, happy and happy, and easy Song success!
  Not for the sake of salary, but for life, work brings happiness, can also bring remuneration, do not want too much mediocrity, and only seek achievements. The National Day holiday has passed, and people who are on the move should tighten their clockwork and cheer for their dreams!
  On the 8th of October, a good day, along the way, the scenery is good, go to work and push the window to open the window, look far and wide, and work in the hands to grasp, the end of the year can be advanced. After the holiday, I will work as a sesame flower.
  Happy and happy to take a break, Shenma Guoqing became a cloud, learning the most important, motivated to the class, the boss saw a smile, happy to go to work, the monthly salary increase does not work. May you work happily and have a happy life!
  Common symptoms after the holiday: staring at the computer, looking at the file panic, watching the phone stupid, mad at work, the good medicine to deal with these symptoms, is a message blessed by friends, I hope you will be happy after the holiday!
  National Day holiday, accompanied by post-holiday syndrome, to get rid of him, you exercise more, get up, inhale, exhale, regulate emotions, work as beautiful after fake!