1. Don't look back, why not forget? Since there is no reason, why do you need to vow to plant today? There is no trace of water, and tomorrow, no matter how strange the road is.
    2, sorry, I don't have the high-heeled stockings skirt you want to confuse people.
    3, I am fine, just no longer need you.
    4, you only see my poisonous tongue full of swear words but forget the original love of you
    5, separated, no longer compound, time can not go back, feelings can not go back.
    6. Sorry, forgive me, I still love you deeply, even if you don't love me. .
    7. They all fell in love with the school when they graduated. They only want to start well at the end of the day.
    8. I like to clear the message list so that you are no longer worried about how good people are.
    9. I would rather smash in my own world and not let people enter.
    10, men always think that the red flag does not fall at home, the flags are fluttering outside
    11, my world, because of you, even the roadside scenery is very beautiful
    12. If you don’t say it, if you don’t have the courage to say it, then ruin it in your heart*
    13, the icy desk, what remains is the sadness you left for me.
    14. I am a cloud in the sky, occasionally projected on your heart – you don’t have to be surprised, you don’t have to be happy – it wipes out in a flash.
    15. Who has a story in his heart. Or sad , or happy. Or unforgettable. But no matter what, it won't touch.
    16. I know that you and I are not wrong, just letting go is better.
    17. I am more afraid that when I am used to having you, you suddenly drop me.
    18, leave me, do not comfort me, you must know that every sewing will be puncture pain!
    19, the total 惦 remember to find a good, first look at how much ass how much he wears big pants
    20. On the day you left, the sky was a bit gray. Can't see, your favorite blue sky.
    21. Some things don't make it a memory until we have the ability to do it.
    22, I used all my strength for you, but you gave all your tenderness to him.
    23, everyone feels that it will always be far away. In fact, it may be short-lived and you can’t see it.
    24, obviously you are doing something wrong, why do you pretend to be very upset.
    25, nothing cute, there is nothing sad.
    26. It is not enough for a person to have a life in this life. He should also have a poetic world.
    27. Can you give me your heart?
    28, do not say it is easy to say love, the promise is the debt owed.
    29, all kinds of care is afraid, if we are not careful, we can't even make friends.
    30. I deleted our more than 500 pages of chats. Long pain is worse than short pain