1. If you are unhappy in life, don’t expect that one or two is you.
    2, to do things for others, to see if it is broken, is a great wisdom.
    3. Whose life is not running while wiping his tears? we are the same.
    4, people, always old, don't be sad , live well, better than anything.
    5, friends are not much, it is true, three or two enough.
    6. If your heart is too soft, you will be bullied. If your heart is too hard, you will be rejected.
    7. Don't evaluate other people's lives. Your task is to make your life better.
    8. If you want to know me, don't listen to it from someone else's mouth.
    9, no work is not wronged, want to open a little, at the very least is the guarantee of your survival.
    10, people, always know how to cherish after losing, but can not get it after losing.
    11, the success before, do not tell others, if you do not succeed, but be subject to ridicule.
    12, don't lose your three hearts: curiosity, enterprising, perfect heart.
    13, is yours is yours, not your strong demand, strong can not come true.
    14, people are alive, the body can be tired, but the heart can not be tired, the heart is really tired.
    15. Don't look down on anyone, don't let anyone look down.
    16. You remember that only you can abandon yourself, no one else can.