1. "Month is the hometown of Ming". At the beginning, this poem of Du Lao was floating, just five words. After experiencing countless identical moons tonight, I realized that the drops are all blood and tears! The month of my hometown always affects the heart of a wanderer. The white is heartbreaking and the heart is heartbreaking. But in this ups and downs, this pain is my eternal comfort!
    2, bustling cities, strange skies, strangers, strange dialects, strange environments, like the walls of the iron wall to isolate me from the city, I will not go in. In the bustling city, there is always a group of lonely people. The fall of the hustle and bustle is incompatible with the surroundings. If you want to get in, you find that there is a distance between the city and the city. How does the world seem to be so busy, what does it have to do with me, or something else? I also don't want to pursue it.
    3. The one who makes you cry is the one you love the most; the one who knows your tears is the one who loves you the most; the one who wipes your tears for you is the one who finally stands by you. I hope so much, these three people are you.
    4, don't deliberately forget someone or something, the result of this can only be counterproductive - not only forget, but also always think of, add trouble to yourself. Don't force yourself, don't give yourself too much pressure, people should always look forward, the way they have traveled, the people they love, they will not come back in the past, and they are not the original mood of the original scenery. So why bother to be so persistent?
    5, in fact, I am very clear that as long as you meet the heart of the people will not have me anymore, there is no need to reluctantly, do not pretend to forget but still remember.
    6, some people do not cherish, but feel that it is not worth it, so give up; some love does not care, but full of concern for the response. Sitting in your heart the most expensive location, but you humble no turning back; you earn the most valuable in the eyes of tears, but you insist on mental and physical exhaustion.
    7. When we were young, we all thought that when we grow up, we can truly be with you forever, so we will grow hard at all costs. But when I really grew up enough to say goodbye to youth, I suddenly realized that growing up would only let us separate.
    8. No matter how much wronged, I only have my heart in my heart. I don't want to say it, I just don't know what to say, who can I say. The most embarrassing thing is that each time you overestimate your position in the hearts of others.
    9. In the simple and enthusiastic pattern of the years, I simply don't understand the solemnity of marriage, and how to fear. The ignorant is fearless, and more, may be the determination of happiness in the future. The self-righteous thought of holding a face is rushing forward, thinking that you will be able to win the victory after five passes, but life will always silently, one by one, take your initial courage and let you finally bow down. Call the minister.
    10. Whether you are young and youthful, you are only on the road, but you are not going to leave. Or maybe, too much love, we are all on the road of growth, blindly looking for no direction, stumbling and rushing to the distance. A encounter has been as cool as the fall of the smoke, and a beautiful opening is the end of the opening.
    11, we are extremely convinced that the wind and snow are cold, and the winter is long, can not stop the return of warmth. But all people have forgotten, warm and happy, spring is approaching, and it is impossible to stop the next winter.
    12, feelings, blazing feelings are like a fire in the face, but you are afraid, you flash and then flash, once extinct and then extinguish, until the fire is extinguished, empty ash, you feel cold and cold and empty Now, what is the use of this ash to ignite?
    13. I am waiting for you, I have been waiting for you. I am here waiting for you, in fact, just to be disappointed, to be able to convince yourself to quit all illusions about you. Perhaps, not contacting, is our best relationship; not disturbing, it is my last gentleness; mutual forgetting is our best destination...
    14, stupid looking out the window, drizzle, thinking in her mind that she is passionate about her, remember what she likes, things she doesn't like, things she likes to do, things she doesn't like to do; like blue Color, do not like green. I remember every word she had said , every expression of her manners; she remembered that she had such a bright smile and dazzled her future.
    15. In the days of swaying, messy, helpless; where the fingertips touch, cold, chilly. Vaguely remember, you said that the red dust has its own place. For a moment I forgot the confusion and the cold, and insisted on finding the place to go, but no one told me how the world should roll, stumbled into the labyrinth of the reincarnation, still do not understand who the flowers are for. In the face of chaotic people coming and going, I don't want to believe that this is just a lie, just to stay away from my dependence and get rid of my concerns.
    16, is the field secret love does not have to reluctantly, do not pretend to forget but still remember.
    17. When you are quiet, you will think of you, you will remember what you said before, the way you walked together, everything together, one will smirk, then the heartache.
    18, finally one day inadvertently looking back, found that the road has long been lost. It’s hard to be self-solving in a hundred thousand turns. What did you catch blindly? How much has it lost? If time can stay for a while, can you allow yourself to have a quiet corner, deeply pondering, and why is vanity? What is the joy of sorrow? The Chinese dying water, how old it was, the journey was hurried, mottled for many years, asked the wind, the wind was speechless, asked the clouds, the rain slipped, only the old song sang in the dust.
    19, Acacia tears deep, the end of the world is far away. A glimpse of the leaves fell in the autumn wind. The bitter sea is boundless, how can it be the shore? How can I look back when I have gone through thousands of sails? Empty and sad. Looking far away from the millennium, obsessed with the deep memories, can you not say goodbye to the end of the cycle?
    20, the world of youth is like a wonderful movie. Every time we read it, we are very excited. Afterwards, I think it is really sad. Why can't we imprint those legends in our minds, leaving only one paragraph to say but not to say Regret.
    21, the world is very big, the individual is very small, there is no need to see some things so important, pain, sad, who will have, in the process of life, there is always misfortune, there is always sad, like sunset, flower decline, Some things, the more you care, the more severe the pain, let go, look down, and slowly fade.