1, and strive to become your favorite kind of person, even if not successful , at least you will enjoy yourself so hard.
    2, the road that has been identified, do not wrinkle your brow again, you have to know, how difficult it is to choose your own, you are not qualified to call for pain.
    3, 4 If you don't work hard, life will not only be in front of you, but also the future!
    4, life is always ever-changing, there are always so many unsatisfactory, there are always so many dissatisfaction, as long as you stick to your own ideals, you will not be defeated, and then the big waves can not stop our direction, persistence is victory, no matter what Do not admit defeat.
    5. As long as you don't give up, there is nothing that can make you back down; as long as you are strong enough , there is nothing to fight yourself.
    6, not afraid of people blocking in front, I am afraid that they will surrender first.
    7, life is chess, I am willing to be a pawn, although the action is slow, but who has seen me step back.
    8. If you don't want to suffer for a lifetime, you have to suffer for a while. What kind of contribution do you have now, what kind of scenery will you present in your life. Every good future you expect, you must rely on a hard step to achieve.
    9, with your own efforts in exchange for success, then success will be like a slap, hit those who have looked down on you, how much louder, how cool and how cool!
    10. We all have to go through a period of time to shut up and not complain, to be able to shine, to go to a cooler place and become a cooler person.