1. Go through some things and read some people. Don't think that I am stupid, but there are some things that I see in my eyes and are buried in my heart.
    2, time to take away not only memories, but also withered childlike.
    3, all the memory of the quicksand, those lost years, washed my dust.
    4, the soul rushed in the empty wilderness, you stayed in the same place, I stood in the same place, the two of them forgot, drunk smile with the 30,000, no complaints.
    5, I used to think that persistence will make us stronger, but when we grow up, we find that what makes us strong is to let go.
    6. I won't leave anyone who tries to abandon me, just like I won't chew it again.
    7. Things that are deliberately sought are often not found. Everything in the world comes and goes, and he has his time.
    8. Don't talk when you don't understand it; don't say more when you know it; when you are in a state of confusion, say it slowly; when you have nothing, don't say it.
    9, there is a feeling called no, there is a kind of abandonment.
    10, sometimes, love is also a kind of injury, cruel people, choose to hurt others, kind people, choose to hurt themselves.
    11, you are a grand dream, dreams wake up who I can blame.
    12, you just gave the flower with your hand, but I was red-faced and wanted to spend the rest of my life.
    13. May the people you remember remember good nights with you. May you not feel lonely when you are alone.
    14, a lifetime, how many true words, said in a joke.
    15. There is no wine in your dimple, but I am drunk like a dog. People who fall in love at first sight, how can they be willing to be friends.
    16. For the missed love , we will always be stupid and unclear: it is because of regret, so it is good, or because it is beautiful, so it is regrettable.