1. Maybe someone else has given you comfort, but also gave a consolation warning, but never knows how much your heart is in your heart. So no matter how many grievances, how uncomfortable, remember whether you can cure yourself or yourself.
    2. Because I was hurt, I became more cautious about my feelings. It was because I was hurt that I missed more time between them. So, feelings make people grow, and it is easy for people to become Fear and timid, all we can do is grasp the moment and cherish the eyes.
    3, the road ahead is still very far, you may cry, but must go, must not stop. Half of life is in the hands of God, and the other half is in your own hands. The real success is to win half of the hands of God with half of your hands.
    4. The luck of life comes from hard work. There is nothing in the world to get something for nothing. Others can drive for you, but they can't walk for you; they can do things for you, but they can't feel for you. Today is another new day, work hard!
    5, self-improvement in the face of suffering , will certainly win success and happiness ... people's life will inevitably suffer a lot of suffering, whether it is born with the incomplete, or the misfortune of life. But as long as you are brave enough to face suffering and self-improvement, you will certainly win applause, win success and win happiness.
    6. Life is so full of big ups and turns, you will never know what will happen next, and you will not understand why fate treats you like this. Only after you have experienced all kinds of changes in life will you fade away from the initial glitz and look at the world in a humble manner.
    7. When people and people just met, they are always used to presenting the best side to each other. After getting along for a long time, various shortcomings are gradually exposed. One day you don't have to wear it, it's not so tired, it should be dry, and the other person sees you through, but still does not deny you, that is true love.