1. There are some people who will not be together in this life, but there is a feeling that they can hide in their hearts and keep their lives forever.
    2, laughing, because you can't cry; living because you can't die. I wear a fake skin because I don't want to see my true self.
    3, time can make people forget everything. But I can't learn your free and easy after all. I still stand in the same place and go paranoid to pursue the memories of the past, always ignoring the happiness of the neighborhood.
    4, the years owed, have been those who have good memory and are old-fashioned.
    5, no matter how beautiful and can not forget, and then sadness can not meet the time.
    6, some pain, can not say, can only endure, until you can slowly forget.
    7. Why important things are always lost when they are perceived.
    8. A person has lived for a long time, and when he meets a warmth, the pretending arrogant heart will collapse.
    9. You are very sad about the jokes. I am very sad to say sad.
    10, you have been understatement, but it is my unforgettable unforgettable in this life.
    11, the end of the smile is indifferent, or painful.
    12. When we were young, we always had no idea at the beginning, and at the end we were deeply saddened. When we grow up, we may avoid childish injuries, but we also miss the courage to start.
    13, not that he does not like you, he just does not love you enough; not that he does not want to change, but you are not enough for him to change for you.
    14, waiting is not terrible, terrible is not knowing when is the end.
    15. We really didn't think that we had lost the right to fight for something we had not had time to fight for.
    16, sometimes, not forgetting, not necessarily love , but their own memories and persistence, put down two words, too simple and too difficult.