1. I knew that this was the world of looking at the face. I used the money I went to school to make a facelift.
    2, the mirror in the school stairs is to tell you that people should read more ugly.
    3, women like men who are bad, not like men who have broken up.
    4, you say you, no diploma, but also learn to be ugly parents, not smart and still learn to be bald.
    5, after calculating the increase in wages and then calculate the pork, you will find yourself even worse than the pig!
    6, Lei Feng did a good job without leaving a name, but everything is recorded in the diary.
    7, I used to pass a number of times with a person, the clothes were rubbed, and did not spark.
    8, I smiled from the horizontal knife to the sky, I went to sleep after laughing!
    9, hey, this person has to be a shape, even the headache is partial.
    10, parents flicker children called education, children flickering parents called deception, mutual flicker called generation gap.
    11, people are iron, Fan is steel, one day is not pretending to panic.
    12, handsome has a fart! In the end, it was not eaten by the pawn!
    13, I am young, need your guidance, but do not need you to point.
    14. If happiness is not on the road, it must be at the end of the road.
    15. When you feel that the whole world has turned away from you, please believe that she just turned her back and brewed a more beautiful hug.
    16, to mix in the rivers and lakes, it is best to be bachelor!
    17, the core of the grassroots meal is rice, the core of the elite dinner is the bureau, the core of the celebrity dinner is the celebrity.
    18, take your own path, let others take a taxi.