1. If you always put time and experience on unhappy things, you will live very tired and life will become meaningless.
    2, the road to success : to be able to withstand loneliness, to withstand the temptation, can hold the blow, as always, never let go until success
    3, the real brave, not the person without tears, but the person running with tears.
    4. When you don't have a way out, you will never know how strong you are.
    5. Today, you only have to do things that others are not willing to do, and he may have something that others cannot have.
    6. Love is not right or wrong, only love and not love.
    7, don't say that you try your best, it is just a self-deception.
    8, life is a gamble, afraid of losing people will never win.
    9. When your talents can't support your ambitions, then you should calm down and learn .
    10. You don't have to forget the past, but you must let go of the past.
    11. As long as you keep smiling, life will smile at you!
    12. Every dissatisfied now has a hard time.
    13. Death is not terrible. The terrible thing is that most of the time in life, there is no serious living.
    14. Life is not waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain.
    15, do not have to wet the sun today because of yesterday's tears!
    16. The meaning of life is not to take a good hand, but to lay a bad hand.
    17. People will not suffer for a lifetime, but they will always suffer for a while. Many people have suffered for a lifetime in order to escape suffering for a while.
    18. A lot of people can't do it themselves because they always want to be someone else.
    19. Don't bother to say what you say behind you, because those who are stronger than you are too lazy to mention you.
    20, when life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, really do not be depressed, you take out a thousand reasons to laugh at it.