1. Some people are such people who don't know the loneliness, so they don't know enough happiness.
    2, the voice of the mouth said to love me, but it does not match your behavior, you say ridiculous.
    3, it is your greeting, bring me a smile, when I cry.
    4. Maybe now memories are the most beautiful commemoration in my heart.
    5. I don’t have the courage to live in the past, but I still haven’t died yet.
    6. Sometimes it is a kind of happiness, simple and ordinary.
    7. We are so familiar with the familiarity that we can only form a stranger.
    8. If you love each other, please continue to love it, or you will be tortured to the end.
    9. Love never existed in my world, even if we were together.
    10. In the face of love, the more you lose, the more you pay.
    11, how many simple things, let us think of a thing that can not be solved.
    12, knowing that love is really not easy, and will not give up easily in the future.
    13. I accidentally fell in love with you and hurt myself so thoroughly.
    14. The only constant thing in the world is that it is changing from time to time.
    15. Time has changed our love and made it a wonderful story.
    16. I can't tell you what you have, but you are used to your existence.
    17. When I left, I found it difficult to loosen your hand.
    18, the man of the mantra will say that the heart is difficult to repair.
    19. When you have no time to rest, it is time for you to rest.
    20, buried memories, this life is not.