1. I have missed my life and I don’t regret it after talking about it.
    2, don't complain, everyone is very tired, no one can live happily
    3, this relationship you lived up to me, then in the days to come, I will try to make you cry in the ground, you said that I do not choose the means, I will report it, I am such a person, I am not so.
    4, I am not familiar with you, do not need to look at your face to act.
    5. Don't yell at me, I am afraid of dogs.
    6. Unless he can make you live better than singles, you don't have to leave for anyone.
    7, you have the other half, don't forget to ask me to drink and wash away my heart, you can rest assured, I will not cry and ask why you don't love me, and will not be unwilling to curse you, I will toast Respect the spirit and accept it.
    8. When I don't love you, I am also generous and ignorant.
    9. I am not obligated to appease your emotions. You are not qualified to lose your temper.
    10, disappointing this kind of emotion, never overwhelming, will only accumulate more.
    11, I can afford, can also accept, I can be single to surprise you, but also to make you afraid, I have the most intense wine, but also gave up the favorite, I can like Playing like a madman can also work like a man.
    12, life nine games, either outstanding, or out.