1, or look at each other, or each side of the sky, no matter what distance, it is its meaning.
    2, in fact, I am the most free and easy way.
    3, to the Japanese party, not that people are walking tea.
    4, good and bad, are experience, are the thickness of the atrium.
    5, a lot of the beginning does not necessarily have to end, there are many endless.
    6, the world is big, struggling, not talking.
    7, the so-called can not let go, but also four glasses of spirits, three cigarettes, two tears, and one is difficult.
    8, in fact, a lot of things, nothing to do with me, nothing to do with you.
    9. I am still stubborn, but I have changed from strong to silent.
    10, when it comes to the pain, it will desperately refute.
    11, after the pain and improperly try to escape a good life.
    12, a person's feelings, the most deserted.
    13. The uncomfortable feelings in my heart are not justified.
    14, once filled with blood, turned into a breeze.
    15. People who can't stay, there is wind in the bones.
    16, one by two, each one is happy.